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Understanding the Intricacies of Boutique Hotel Marketing

Boutique Hotel Marketing

Boutique Hotel MarketingBoutique hotel marketing poses unique challenges and opportunities; it is vitally important to convey the right brand personality, yet you can use a great deal of creativity in how you achieve this.

Campaigns for boutique hotels require intricate, bespoke and eclectic thinking, with the personality of the brand at the forefront to sell the truly unique characteristics of the hotel.

Boutique hotel marketing factors

There are several key factors that you should keep in mind when building your boutique hotel marketing strategy:

  • Get your personality across – People are drawn to boutique hotels because they love the individual charm that you don’t get with a big hotel chain. It is therefore vital that your boutique hotel marketing emphasises your unique qualities, and make it clear that a stay in your hotel is different to what you get elsewhere.
  • Think creatively about how you market – The way you sell your brand should come across not just in your messages, but also in the channels and mechanisms you use in your marketing campaigns. Don’t be confined to the traditional marketing methods, think creatively about how you can reach your target audience.
  • Don’t over promote – While most businesses benefit from shouting far and wide about their products or services, part of the appeal of boutique hotels is that they often have an element of ‘hidden charm’, by targeting a niche audience and letting your messages spread organically you can retain an element of this. 
  • Understand your audience – A key part of successful boutique hotel marketing is having a clearly defined view of who your ideal customers are. This is something you should articulate from the outset, but you should also test and track this as you go. You may find that the hotel is popular with a demographic that is entirely different from what you intended and this could be an excellent additional source of business for you. 
  • Use high-quality media –The more customers can visualise themselves in your hotel the more likely they are to book a stay. Help them with this visualisation by including lots of high-quality images and video, both on your site and through your marketing channels.
  • Leverage third-party reviews and rewards – Your best salespeople are your happy customers. Including great reviews or positive feedback from previous customers in your boutique hotel marketing strategy provides social validation to people who are thinking of making a booking. This is particularly important for boutique hotels where the brand is less likely to be known. Equally, if you win any awards, this is definitely something you should shout about.

These are traits that we understand intimately at AsOne and we always seek to ensure that the personality of the brand is at the forefront of all marketing activity.

Boutique hotel marketing done the right way

If you’re looking for truly creative options to promote your boutique hotel, AsOne is uniquely placed to help.

We pride ourselves on being an ‘ideas’ agency and work in partnership with our clients to build digital business development strategies that match the unique characteristics of each client.

With boutique hotel marketing, finding a partner that can get across the core values of your brand is key.

If you’d like more information on how AsOne can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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