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Benefits of Blogging

Blogging benefits

Blogging benefits

Blogging benefits are numerous, they can do many great things for your site and introduce you to new clients from all over the world. Good blogging practice is essential within any businesses marketing and should play a central role in the content that you create. In this blog post we will isolate the blogging benefits and how they can be practically applied to help return on investment.

Blogging Benefits

Website traffic is very important, it is one of the main KPI’s most businesses will monitor to ensure they are targeting the correct audience at the correct time. Traffic to your website is not always easy to generate, you need to offer something of value for potential customers to click through to your offering. Blogging offers a business an incredible resource where with tailored and targeted content, you can generate traffic that has a higher chance of leading to a conversion. Blogging can also be used for content marketing which will help increase awareness and also your search rankings.

Gives your brand a voice

One of the main blogging benefits is that it gives your brand a voice. The voice of your organisation is very important as this has a direct implication on the goodwill value associated with your company. Your voice should be carefully considered before placing content into the public domain as this can have a direct effect on how you are perceived. Blogging offers you a way to interact with your customers and choose a tone and pitch that is applicable to your audience. For example TopShop, one of the UK’s leading high street retailers, understands its target market very well. They capitalise on the interest of a younger demographic audience by using topical phrases, incorporating popular culture, music, celebrity news and beauty to enhance the brand values that Topshop have carefully created. Each strategic piece of information that is published is used to enhance the aesthetics of the TopShop brand to great effect.

Great way to increase content on the site.

Quality content is king and quality blog content is a great way to increase targeted information on your website. Fresh content engages your target market, it allows them to experience something new from your unique perspective and enables them to immerse themselves deeper into your brand values. One of the main blogging benefits is that you are attracting both new and returning customers with a targeted message. Content creation through a blog can also be used to develop a strategy for a product or service you are trying to increase exposure for. Expanding content on a key business area will provide a larger target market and greater awareness for the service you offer. Associating a blog post through a WordPress integration to a product or service improves Google rankings if the blog content is targeted.


One of the main blogging benefits is the improvement of search engine ranking. Quality content will allow you explore new ways of expressing your message and reaching a new audience. SEO has changed drastically over time and now requires more than simply stuffing your content with keywords to achieve your desired search engine ranking. Today, carefully constructed content which is designed to engage and prompt action is required. Google want to ensure that your content is meeting the needs of the audience and that they find the required value inside it. With this in mind, a blogging benefit is that you are able to create bespoke content which is targeted to the required audience with little or no limits on how much is created. The use of keywords should be organic and easy to read while still playing true to your brand aesthetics.

Helps Convert Traffic into Sales Leads.

Converting targeted traffic is easier than general traffic. Case in point would be Google Pay-Per-Click, where if you have all of your keywords on broad match you will be attracting a much larger audience who may not be related to what you are advertising. With the use of broad match modifier, exact and phrase match we are able to concentrate resources on key clients who are looking for your products or services. The blogging benefits of helping convert traffic into a sales lead are possible by targeted blog content. If a potential client is engaged by your content they are more likely to be prompted into action, be that provide you with an email address, call you or any other calls to action you have placed with your content. This information is very valuable as it offers you a way of building a client database which could lead into a revenue stream.

Helps establish you as an expert in your field.

Establishing authority on Google is certainly not an exact science, it is not as clearly defined as traffic or sales leads however it is very powerful. Social media content plays a role with establishing authority for your blog. The use of social share functions allows your audience to share and engage with your content which can result in a deeper impact on your blog. One of the most crucial aspects of using social to improve your authority in your field is engagement. Social media by nature is social and should be used as such. Posting your blog content and sharing on facebook and twitter is perfectly fine, however this needs to be expanded on. Have a conversation with the wider world and connect with people of similar interests or values. Blogs perform well on social media and with the right amount of conversation, you can help direct traffic to your blog.

Here at Asone Creative Digital Marketing, we place great emphasis on understanding your business fully before developing a content strategy. We understand the complexity that is required to develop a blog and allow our clients to realise their ambitions with bespoke marketing advice.

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