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Why The World Loves WooCommerce


Building a website isn’t just about graphics, or about content, it’s also about how you present yourselves and by extension, how easy it is for the user to navigate and understand your products and services. In many ways, picking the best website platform for your business is as important as any branding or marketing choice you might make. While Magento and Shopify have their advantages for particular sizes of firms in specific niches – and you can read more extended comparisons of those platforms here – WooCommerce is almost always the best website platform for your ecommerce business.

First and foremost, WooCommerce is easy to use and navigate for the user. It is familiar to internet shoppers even if they don’t know it, with 22% of the top million ecommerce sites (by gross revenue) using WooCommerce for their online shop floor. With its easy integrations with payment providers, clear checkout process and easy assimilations with membership plugins and basket accounts, WooCommerce is the full package for end-users. Ultimately, the most important thing for anyone purchasing goods online is trust – and with more than 3.3 million live websites using WooCommerce, familiarity breeds trust among consumers.


Not only is WooCommerce easy to use for the user, it’s also incredibly easy to maintain without eating into your profits. The ease of managing and updating a Shopify store comes with the cost of transaction fees, punishing you for success. Indeed, if any of your products are low-margin, high-volume sellers, you’ll struggle to make a fair profit on Shopify; if your products are high-cost, low-volume, then the percentage of transaction fees will be paying will be astronomical compared to the cost of a WooCommerce site. Similarly, Magento’s approach requires you to employ several dedicated personnel just to maintain security.

WooCommerce gives you ease of management without coming at the cost of transaction fees – just as the best website platform should. With just a small amount of training – included in the price of any ecommerce site built by us – you can quickly learn to update your product offerings, promotional prices or even add in whole new ranges as your business expands.

To find out more about why we think WooCommerce is the best website platform for ecommerce, call us today to speak with an expert.


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