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The Best Marketing Strategies for Seasonal Events

seasonal marketing

Using marketing to align with different events, holidays and festivals over the course of the year is a technique used by most major brands, and finding the best marketing strategies for seasonal events can be the key to a successful year. For example, the debate over which company has the best Christmas TV advert, or how early supermarkets start advertising Easter eggs, are both hot topics of discussion.

Targeted marketing can be vital to adding extra peaks of custom to your standard rate of business, and events should be explored as an opportunity to increase your revenue. With Easter fast approaching, we explore the best marketing strategies for seasonal events.

Marking Strategy Pointers

There are several steps you can follow that will help to ensure that you maximise the value of seasonal events:

  • Be organised – There is no substitute for good planning when it comes to seasonal events. If you’re not on the ball you will miss big potential opportunities. In contrast, if you have a content calendar of all the events you want to target for the year ahead, advance planning will ensure that you have sufficient time to do the campaign justice. If Easter is the perfect time of year for your product or service, ideally you’ll already be talking about it with your customers weeks or even months before, getting them excited about the big day.Best Marketing Strategies
  • Cater to your audience – By taking the time to understand your audience you can tailor your approach and message to them. This includes the special occasions that you decide to target for your campaigns. Your average customer might have more interest in St. Patrick’s Day than Mothers’ day, and therefore you’ll get a better ROI by focusing on where your customers’ interest lies.
  • Engage – By asking your customers to engage with your content you’re making them more interested and invested in your product or service, which should lead to better long term relationships. For Easter you could think about running a competition, with a prize that people can pass on to their Mums.
  • Holistic strategies – The best marketing strategies for seasonal events don’t look at one any single marketing channel in isolation, but at a combined effort. You should be talking about your campaign on your blog, your social media channels and your print material in the same tone, at the same time. This could also include the messages that you ask your staff to share with customers. This joined up, holistic approach reinforces your messages and makes sure that customers don’t miss them.

Best Marketing Strategies by AsOne

At AsOne we’ve worked with great companies from different industries for over a decade, helping them reach new audiences and increase their revenue. We know that the best marketing strategies for seasonal events develop and evolve over time, that’s why we look to form long-term partnerships with our clients to help them succeed.

If you’d like more information on how to develop a winning marketing strategy for your business don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expects. If you are located in the North East, we’re a proud provider for the NEBSF funding scheme which can offer up to 40% off your next project.