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Best eCommerce Platform – Finding the Solution that Fits

There are a wide array of eCommerce platforms available on the market today and choosing the best eCommerce platform can be tough. Options range from designing a custom shopping experience entirely from scratch at one end, through to using simple off the shelf WordPress plugins at the other.

Ultimately finding the best eCommerce platform for you will depend on a number of factors including:

  • BudgetIf you only have a small budget, or you’re new to eCommerce and want to gauge how successful the venture will be before investing significantly, there are options available to you. In contrast, if you have a larger budget or more aggressive plans, there are platforms that will cater to these needs.
  • ComplexityIf you plan for a high degree of customisation, or want your eCommerce platform to integrate with other systems like inventory or accounting, you will be steered towards the more premium platforms with a high degree of functionality and flexibility.
  • ScaleIf you already have established business and expect high volumes of traffic and large numbers of sales from the get go, or you are a high growth business, you will need to find a platform that is capable of handling that demand without outages, and scaling with you.

Best eCommerce Platform – What are the options?

At AsOne, we tend to recommend one of three platforms:

  • MagentoFor highly complex businesses that need a large number of integrations to other systems, Magento is usually the de facto choice. Not only does it offer complex functionality, but there is also full enterprise support available should anything go wrong. It is also able to scale to cope with significant loads and handle spikes in demand.Best eCommerce Platform
  • WooCommerceFor smaller businesses with less complex requirements, WooCommerce makes for an excellent option. It comes at a much lower price point, and integrates seamlessly with existing WordPress websites. It is therefore also a good choice for small or medium sized businesses that are looking to monetize some of their existing web traffic.
  • OpenCartIf you’re looking for a highly scalable, extendable, customisable platform that is easy to use, then OpenCart is a great choice. The open source software can be integrated with a wide range of external systems and payment providers and is therefore a good option for many projects.

eCommerce the AsOne Way

At AsOne, we’ve been building eCommerce functionality for over a decade, helping businesses to get online and create new revenue streams. We understand that eCommerce is about more than marketing and requires a holistic digital business development strategy.

We work in tandem with our clients to shape their strategy and set them up for long-term business success. Needless to say, part of that strategy will involve finding the best eCommerce platform for their specific requirements, and we guide them through that selection process to help them make an informed decision. Contact us today if you have any questions about Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, or eCommerce more generally.

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