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E-Commerce: The Prevention And The Cure

benefits of ecommerce

Online stores, or ecommerce sites, are becoming the hallmark of a forward-thinking business that is open to global trade. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, they have become the only viable method of selling your goods and continuing to turn over revenue – but building an online shop should not be seen as a short term investment just to keep you going during a time of crisis. Indeed, the benefits of ecommerce are far greater than that, and there are a number of reasons you should be thinking about an ecommerce store.

benefits of ecommerce

Whilst a high street store means that you can sell products to people in your city, owning an ecommerce store opens your business to the world. Users from across the globe with access to the internet – which has been a UN human right since 2016 – are able to shop with you, opening you up to a much wider market. You are also able to do business with the millions of housebound individuals worldwide, who for a whole host of reasons are unable to get out to your physical locations. This increased accessibility is one of the major benefits of ecommerce stores.

Another one of the major benefits of ecommerce stores is that you are able to service your customer’s needs as and when they are relevant. Your store is triggered by user searches and proactive placements, ensuring that your brand is at the forefront of user’s minds in their times of need. Easily browsable setups, like that provided by WooCommerce, mean that gone are the days of lost shoppers wandering around your store aimlessly – online, your shoppers are much more likely to have real intent to purchase.

Part of the reason that your users are more likely to have real intent on your ecommerce store is that, once online, you can send out targeted marketing messages to users who you already know are interested in your products or services. Where in physical locations you might be relying on A-boards or the printed press, which are circulated to all people regardless of their interest in your products, digital marketing can be targeted so that only those who fit interest groups and demographics which you select are shown your brand. This leads to far higher conversion rates and far cheaper advertising, which is another one of the major benefits of ecommerce stores.

The coronavirus crisis has underlined some of the major benefits of ecommerce stores, but they’ve been a sound investment for decades and will continue to be a sound investment for years to come. To help you get online as quickly as possible, AsOne can build you an ecommerce store in three working days for just a £500 setup fee, and you won’t pay a penny more until the UK lockdown is lifted – but you’ll be free to trade in just three days.

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benefits of ecommerce