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Reap The Benefits Of Click And Collect

With customers stuck at home, and restrictions in place right up until Christmas and into January, it’s essential to implement systems now that not only leave your business in a good position under relaxed rules, but also minimise the changes you might have to go through under tighter restrictions. Futureproofing your business has never been trickier, with the social landscape changing almost monthly, but considering the benefits of click and collect stand you in fantastic stead for whatever Christmas and 2021 may bring.

benefits of click and collect

The Benefits Of Click And Collect

Click and collect is a service which has been used by large department stores and supermarkets for years – and if the behemoths are doing it, then there must be a value to it. Of course, for these stores, they actually want people spending less time in the shop, rather than more, knowing that on average, more customers shopping more quickly will outspend fewer customers shopping slowly. One of the benefits of click and collect is that you can sell products whilst keeping your shop floor relatively clear, enhancing the shopping experience of people in the store.

In other industries, click and collect is used to get people into the store – for example, in stores with leading products- such as tech dealers, where people may reserve a large item like a laptop online. Here, a click and collect service gets a user into the store whereyour staff and product layout can help to upsell accessories, such as memory cards and protective cases. One of the benefits of click and collect is its versatility in purpose, and the opportunity it brings to every business that implements it.

Of course, in these times, even when your store is allowed to open, having a click and collect service may help to protect you, your customers and your staff, reducing the number of people with whom they have prolonged contact. If you have a loyal customer base – even if it is smaller than the Sainsbury’s and the Tescos of the world – both your customers and your staff could benefit from a click and collect service.

One of the other benefits of click and collect in the current situation is that, at the time of writing, it is one of few permissible reasons to leave the house. This is important to millions of people around the country who feel cooped up indoors – generally, these are young or fitter people whose normal life involves outdoor and/or lots of sociable activities meeting new people as well as connecting with existing friends. Consider your target demographics, and if these people are likely to be your customers, they may be grateful of the chance to get out of the house, even if it is just to come to your store and collect their items, and may lead them to further purchases.

To find out more about the benefits of click and collect, and implementing the service on your ecommerce website talk to our business development experts today. We have the expertise both to assess your business needs and to build the functionality onto your website – so you won’t need to pay multiple agencies to achieve your goals.