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AsOne Bake Off ‘Marauder’s Map’

Bake Off Challenge

The third week of the AsOne Bake Off and the bakes just keep getting better and better!

This week saw Alex take on the Bake Off challenge with his amazing Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter books.

Alex made a mocha and hazelnut cake which definitely pleased the coffee lovers in our office. To get the old paper stained look Alex painted his fondant with coffee giving it a great caffeine kick.

Alex was scored on the following:

Presentation – Each person will vote on how well they believe the baker decorated their cake. This can be done with anything the baker chooses and with any theme.

Taste – Each person will vote on how good they believe the bakers cake tasted. This does not have to necessarily have to be a sweet bake.

Skill – Each person will score the baker on how much skill was required to execute the bake. For example if it is a box made cake this requires little much skill, but if everything is homemade this will be classed as more skillful.

Alex has this to say about his baking experience – “This was the first cake I’ve ever made so I decided to put my eggs in the design basket and forget about the taste. I think my inexperience shows through in me accidentally making a cake that tasted much better than it looked (after my “parchment” effect made the icing crack and my design work separate!).”

Bake Off Challenge

Alex scored the following:

Presentation: 36/45

Skill: 39/45

Taste: 35/45

Total: 110/135

Congratulations to Alex for now making it to the first place position!

Join us next week as Danielle takes on the baking challenge. Follow our Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest bakes.

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