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B2B Marketing Strategies for Professional Services Firms

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Digital marketing has revolutionised the way companies attract new customers, and has given rise to a whole plethora of new marketing techniques. However, many professional services firms have been slow to update their B2B marketing strategies, and are therefore not harnessing the best of what these tools have to offer.

B2B Marketing Foundations

Whether you ultimately decide to use email marketing, paid ads, SEO or something else entirely, there are several key things that you should keep in mind when crafting your B2B marketing strategies:

b2b marketing strategies
  • Be targeted – Once you’ve identified your preferred customer segments, think about how your marketing campaigns apply to each. It is better to be highly targeted towards a specific, but small group and get a high ROI, than try to reach lots of customers and not really resonate with any of them. Digital marketing allows you to run very highly targeted campaigns, focusing on specific demographics in specific regions, are you leveraging this capability to its full potential?
  • Get your tone of voice right – B2B differs from B2C marketing, and it is important that your messaging reflects the professional nature of your work. There is often a lot more riding on B2B relationships in terms of potential impact and cost, and customers rightly look for brands with a solid reputation that they can trust. 
  • Know your audience – A good understanding of your audience, the platforms and websites they use and their specific challenges will help you to make more informed decisions about your B2B marketing strategies. If you understand the topics that your potential customers are interested in, you can base your content marketing around these are demonstrate your thought-leadership. 
  • Play the long game – Many marketing strategies aim to achieve huge spikes in traffic via “one-off” offers, or creating viral content. While this might work in a B2C or eCommerce scenario, professional services firms are far better off looking at their marketing strategies over a longer-term horizon, creating a steady stream of inbound customer enquiries. 
  • Analyse and optimise – Understanding which messages attract and resonate best with your customers requires ongoing monitoring and analysis. By looking at which ads have the highest click-through rate, or which search terms you’re appearing for, you can make changes to further improve the performance of your campaigns. 

B2B Marketing Strategies by AsOne

For over a decade AsOne has worked with businesses from a range of industries, finding the most suitable digital marketing solutions to help them grow. We look to form close partnerships with our customers, and have seen that in the long-term, holistic, targeted and flexible B2B marketing strategies will always prevail.

For more information on B2B marketing strategies or digital marketing more generally, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of the team. For companies based in the North East, you may qualify for up to 40% off your first project with AsOne under the NEBSF funding scheme. Please ask for further details.

b2b marketing strategies