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  1. Business Blooming After eCommerce Development

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    At AsOne, we commit ourselves to helping you succeed in business, which is why we’re always on hand to help even years after you undertake work with us. Once a client, always a friend, and our commitment to digital business development means that we see ourselves as part of your business, always looking to help you grow.

    For Blue Door Flowers, an independent florist in Heaton Moor, the lockdown meant that their physical store was inaccessible to the public. It meant that their customers could not see all the delights that they had to offer, and it even meant that the store could not be opened up by its staff.

    Instead of remaining paralysed by the pandemic, however, they took steps to succeed in business. As the agency who were originally contracted to build the website 6 years ago, we were delighted to hear that the business now wanted to add eCommerce functionality to their site, embracing the imposed lockdown and adapting in order to succeed in business. Moreover, they had been receiving more enquiries for flowers in a time where people are not allowed to meet and send greetings in person, so they realised they needed better systems to be able to meet customers’ needs.

    succeed in business

    Chiefly looking to increase their capacity to fill orders for bouquets, Blue Door Flowers also wanted a site on which they could sell their other “beautiful things”, such as candles, soaps and chocolates. Our eCommerce development allows these products to be given pride of place alongside the flowers, just as they adorn opposing shelves in the physical store. Initially available only as add-ons to bouquets, discussions with AsOne during development meant that we opted to list these items as stand-alone products and even in the first week of going live we saw the value in that decision, as a number of orders came through for these items without floral accompaniments – revenue that may otherwise have been lost. This underlines the fact that our experience in the digital world is helping Blue Door Flowers succeed in business.

    succeed in business
    With such a personal product, it is vital to ensure a range of options throughout, such as size, message, and extra information.

    It’s not just our past experience that helps businesses, though, it’s also our up-to-date technical expertise. On this development, it was crucial that users could select specific days on which they wanted their flowers delivered, and we were able to build this functionality into the site.
    Equally important for this independent florist to succeed in business was the ability to stratify delivery cost by postcode, in order to avoid losing money on further journeys. We were again able to build this function into the site, illustrating that our expertise can find solutions for the pragmatic problems that the lockdown poses for businesses.

    The checkout area features a Date Picker, Variable Shipping and a Cross-Selling section.

    With over 40 orders taken in just the first week of going live, we think that the new addition to the Blue Door Flowers website has been a resounding success. If you think that AsOne could help you succeed in business too, don’t hesitate to contact us, where a member of our expert team will be on hand to help.

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    succeed in business
  2. Making the Most of Lockdown

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    Although stores are being allowed to reopen in June, it seems as though we’re looking at months, rather than weeks, before consumers are returning to stores like before. It’s clear then that in order to survive and thrive under lockdown and in the midst of the pandemic, you need a bustling eCommerce store, and a prime eCommerce marketing strategy to drive people to it.

    There are a range of decisions to make regarding your eCommerce marketing strategy – but whether you need one isn’t one of those choices. Once you’ve built your eCommerce store, having digital marketing that captures web users that match demographic or geographic criteria that you set. Employing these tools as part of your eCommerce strategy leads to huge increases in traffic and revenue on your online store, meaning that your business can continue to thrive under the social distancing laws that have seen life across the world change drastically in the last two months.

    One of the most effective tools at your disposal is PPC, which allows you to show your store to people who are searching for your services – and you can only pay for the ones who actually click on your adverts and see what you have to offer. With the furlough scheme extended to October at least, most people still have a reliable portion of their wages coming in and they are increasingly spending the disposable income that they have online, unable or cautious to get out to the non-essential shops that most products would usually be sold in.

    ecommerce marketing strategy

    Another facet of your eCommerce marketing strategy that is absolutely crucial is social media, both organic and paid. Organic social media means the posts that you might make which keep people up to date with what your brand is offering and how a user can acquire your service under lockdown; paid social media refers to the adverts that you run on social media sites which attract potential customers to your pages or sites. By using social media adverts, you can target people who have a known interest in the services you offer, even if they aren’t actively searching for it at the time.

    AsOne’s expertise goes beyond building eCommerce stores and into digital marketing, as proven by our work in the past. Our strategies have helped businesses in all sectors and industries to boost their incomes and we pride ourselves on our results – which you can look at for yourself in our case studies section here.

    For more information, and to enquire about how an eCommerce marketing strategy could benefit your business, call us today on 0161 368 9100, where a member of our expert team will be happy to help you.

    ecommerce marketing strategy

  3. Adapt, Survive, Thrive – Businesses Respond To The COVID-19 Pandemic

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    The world may have been turned upside down by coronavirus, but business has continued to move forward. As always, it is businesses that have found ways to adapt that have both cemented their existing markets and expanded their reach, exposing their brand to huge numbers of the population who would not have otherwise come across them. It’s also not too late to position your brand in this crisis; in any case, it looks to be that we may be required to adjust to the new normal or some time. In this post, we’re highlighting the best responses to the pandemic, so that you can draw inspiration for your own business and brand – as well as some pointers for how not to go about things, which might be just as important.

    How have brands joined the conversation?

    Offers & Discounts

    Offers & Discounts

    The quickest, and possibly the easiest, route to positive PR has been for brands to offer discounts on their services to NHS staff and essential workers – those jobs which can not be done from home and are necessary to keep this country’s society going. There is widespread agreement that these workers deserve our thanks, and brands like McDonald’s and Pret A Manger (before their closures were forced) capitalised on this, offering free drinks and discounts.

    There are other brands and sectors which have been able to get involved in this way. Some hospitality venues who have been worst hit by the legal and social ramifications of the virus have managed to open their doors to NHS staff – particularly tose situated close to hospitals, such as Gary Neville’s hotels in Manchester. In allowing NHS staff to stay free of charge, the brand has increased it’s value and managed to get ahead of crowded competition. 

    It is highly likely that their generosity will be rewarded by consumer choices when lockdown is lifted. 

    Adapting Services

    ADapting Businesses Due To Coronavirus

    Some businesses have been able to change their services or the way they deliver these services. The best example of these has been supermarkets – who have introduced specified shopping hours for more vulnerable customers – and the food sector, where restaurants first introduced delivery services, and subsequently those delivery services have become contactless.

    Small businesses, too, have been able to adapt their services. There are small shops which have introduced priority hours, like some larger chains, but there are some businesses which have undergone more radical changes.

    Many small businesses have looked for opportunities to turn their expertise into consultancies; barbers, dentists and chefs have all been able to use social media to give advice and tips for people to cut their hair, look after their teeth and make better food whilst in lockdown. They have understood that by making a name for themselves now, and by exposing what might otherwise be a trade secret, they are likely to build a fanbase and secure more business after this crisis. 

    Perhaps, however, the best example of adaptation comes from Jay Flynn, who took the forced closure of his pub and realised that his customers still wanted to interact with each other – and so he started the Virtual Pub Quiz. In little over a month, his Facebook page now has more than 200,000 subscribers, and some of these new users will be local to him, and he will be able to send them direct messaging about the re-opening of his pub when that happens.

    Joining the Fight

    Some companies have managed to go a step further, and adapted their expertise to lend support to the fight against coronavirus. Clothing companies such as Nike and Zara have begun producing PPE, which there is much furore around a national shortage. BrewDog have been using their breweries to manufacture hand sanitiser, and Mercedes-Benz have turned their production lines to ventilators, harnessing their scientific equipment and knowledge to help save lives.

    Of course, these are multinational organisations, but the principles here can apply to businesses of any size. Rethinking your skillset and imagining any way in which your company could contribute is both the right thing to do for now, and is also likely to be rewarded with positive PR and by consumer choices when normality resumes.

    What Not To Do

    Just as some brands have got it very right with their response to the pandemic, a couple of huge corporations have got it wrong. Virgin Atlantic asked their employees to take 8 weeks of unpaid leave, and Wetherspoons advised their employees to find other jobs. In both of these cases, profit was prioritised over people, and wealth over health. This led to huge backlash, and many Wetherspoons locations were defaced in the week following that announcement. There has been huge appetite for a boycott online when normality resumes, but we are of course yet to see whether that comes to fruition.

    Brands have gone about responding to COVID-19 in a huge variety of ways, and those that have been able to adapt their services, offer discounts to key workers or even join the fight, and find the positivities in this crisis, are the ones that are making the most in the present and will be best placed to return in the future, with their positive actions now introducing them to more consumers than ever before.

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  4. eCommerce Solutions For Your Online Selling Problems

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    Discovering and researching eCommerce solutions is laborious, time-consuming and ultimately confusing for the average business owner, especially in light of the current situation, where you know that decisions need to be made quickly to ensure the health of your business.

    There are a number of eCommerce solutions available and some of these are more suited to different kinds of businesses. If you’re just starting out, then there are arguments to be made for Shopify or BigCommerce, which are simple and easy to use but get to be expensive once you start selling more of your products. If you’re already a large, automated corporation, then you might have been tempted by Magento – which is a competent platform, but it’s development costs can quickly spiral out of control when it comes to securing your user’s payment credentials and personal data.

    However, we believe that, amongst all of the options regarding eCommerce solutions, there is a platform which stands out. One which has the user-friendly interface of Shopify and BigCommerce, but without the transaction fees; one which has the scalability and scope of Magento, but without the demanding development fees. What’s more, this platform seamlessly integrates content with commerce, offering your users the easiest routes to purchase.

    We are of course talking about WooCommerce.

    In nearly two decades of experience, we have come to realise that the vast majority of businesses – especially those who, like so many others at this time, are established in physical locations but are taking their first forays into looking at eCommerce solutions – are most suited to a WooCommerce store. There’s a reason that it is the most popular plugin on the internet, and that 93% of WordPress sites for eCommerce use it.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce is the only method of selling and delivering your products to users. To get your business back on track, we’re helping out with a lockdown offer the like of which we’ve never done before

    For just a £500 setup fee, you could be trading online before the UK lockdown is lifted.

    And that trading can continue beyond lockdown for as little as £95/month. You can have your business on the world’s pick of eCommerce solutions for less than a day’s rent in a physical location – massively reducing your overheads at a time when the rest of your business is so uncertain.

    To find out more, visit ecommerce.asone.co.uk or call and speak to our expert team on 0161 368 9100.

  5. Illustration Design To Bring Your Brand To Life

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    Getting your branding right is so important in business; ensuring that your logo is clear and that your brand clearly reflects the services you provide and the values which you hold dear. Once that’s been established, the next thing to create is your website, ensuring that your branding is consistant throughout the experience. From the layout and the structure to the illustration design, having a visually recognisable brand is absolutely critical to standing out in your industry.

    AsOne’s expertise includes digital marketing, website development and visual design, and these skills are all present amongst our in-house team. We know that many businesses fear multiple agencies working on the same project. With many teams to keep updated, you may end up spending more time than necessary juggling relatonsh=ops rather than moving the project forward. With AsOne, you have one team through which all of your marketing, website development and illustration work is managed, meaning that your project can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    You might be worried that in providing all of your digital needs in one place, you might be employing a jack of all trades, master of none agency. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a team here whose expertise is as broad as it is deep, and whilst you may only have one point of contact, you will get the expertise of the entire team on your project. 

    To underline our skills in marketing, website development and illustration design, you can view our case studies, which take an in-depth view at what we achieve for our clients. In terms of visual design, one example of what we can do is what we have done for ourselves. 

    So, what goes into making the illustrations that bring asone.co.uk to life? What better way to show you than to, well, show you? Below you can see the process that our design team goes through when tasked with designing illustrations that are both intriguing enough to arouse interest and clear enough to illustrate a brand.

    Illustration Design
    Illustration Design

    Illustration design has to start with ideas and real-life sketches. Brand values are turned into concepts which are then transposed onto themes, creating the ideas which inform the illustrations that give your brand depth

    Illustration Design
    Illustration Design
    Illustration Design

    Digitised drawings take the form of layers and it’s crucial to build your images in the right order, from the background to the foreground.

    Illustration Design
    Illustration Design
    Illustration Design

    Beginning to add smaller details to your elements, this is where your illustration design really comes to life.\

    Illustration Design
    Illustration Design

    Adding your final touches and ensuring that what you’ve ended up with meets the criteria you set out with at the beginning, you’ve finished! 

    If you think that your website could be enhanced by professional illustration design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at AsOne to start your project today.

  6. Managing Marketing Budgets Through Challenging Times

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    Finding ways to reduce your digital marketing budget is a priority for all businesses, but it can be incredibly difficult to do that without negatively impacting results. However, working with the right agency can make it a lot easier to manage your budget while also implementing an effective strategy that gives you a good return on your investment.

    Improved targeting is one way to reduce your digital marketing budget because money spent on interacting with unqualified leads is wasted. By analysing social media metrics closely and adjusting your campaigns based on the results, you can potentially make some simple cutbacks and direct resources towards strategies that reach more qualified leads. In some cases, this allows you to reduce the number of posts or pay-per-click ads and save a little money. However, the savings that you make may not be that significant in the context of a large marketing campaign.

    A lot of marketing agencies may also be reluctant to take this approach because they pay themselves via commission based on a percentage of your overall spend. That means that if they focus on improved targeting and quality of posts in an attempt to reduce your digital marketing budget, they will lose money. This is a very common problem and the reason that a lot of businesses are unable to manage their marketing budget effectively is that they are working with agencies that use this payment model.

    Often, the most effective way to reduce your marketing budget in a significant way is to work with agencies that charge a flat rate for services provided, instead of using a commission-based model. Here at AsOne, we charge a set fee for the services provided, which means that we do not lose out when we find ways to reduce your digital marketing budget.

    If you find that your digital marketing budget is too high, you may benefit from switching to an agency like ours that does not use a commission-based model. When we run your digital marketing campaigns, we will always work to implement strategies that focus on quality of content and improved targeting, so you can reach more qualified leads with as little financial investment as possible. Our fee will not change if your digital marketing budget is reduced, so we will always be working to find ways to save you money wherever we can.

    digital marketing budget

    Making small adjustments to your digital marketing strategy can help you to reduce your budget in a small way. However, the savings are relatively insignificant if you are running a large digital marketing campaign and the best way to make meaningful savings is to use an agency like AsOne that has a more beneficial pricing structure.

    Whether you are looking to work with a digital marketing agency for the first time or you are already working with one but you are unhappy with your current digital marketing budget, we can meet your needs.

    Get in touch today and we can discuss some of the ways that we can improve your strategy and find ways to save you money on your digital marketing budget. Contact us

  7. Becoming a successful Coronavirus Business

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    In all times, and at all junctures, business has to react to the world around it. In order to be successful, we must adapt, innovate and adjust to overcome challenges of the day and provide our solutions to our customers. In the face of a global pandemic, like coronavirus, business is faced with yet another challenge – how to keep trading in a world where we cannot meet or greet our customers.

    The answer to this question, like so many other questions, relies on seeing what we already have. We already have a system by which thousands of users are accustomed to purchase without interaction; systems which they trust and in some cases actually lend credibility to some products or brands. In the face of coronavirus, business must now turn to eCommerce.

    Millions, if not billions, of people each year spend money on the internet, without testing a product and without meeting a salesperson. Almost any service can be digitised and transport to any person’s house, computer or phone within minutes and it has now become the only viable way of trading and continuing to operate your business.

    COVID-19 will claim many casualties and it’s imperative that you act to ensure that your business isn’t one of them. These are hard times and in the face of coronavirus, business needs to take hard decisions.

    If in the past you previously thought that ecommerce solutions were not fit for your brand – the world has changed.

    coronavirus business

    If in the past you felt that digital marketing was not reliable – the world has changed

    If in the past you felt your brand suited a more “traditional” approach, like print editorials and billboards – the world has changed.

    If in the past you believed that your product or service simply could not be sold without meeting your clients, talking to them and building a relationship – the world has changed.

    Of course, elements of these skills are still important – relationship-fostering online is a crucial part of ecommerce, editorials appearing in e-magazines may still help to boost your profile – but, due to coronavirus, business must re-evaluate its choices.

    AsOne can help you to put your business back on track, with a WooCommerce store from as little as £95/per month, delivered to you in just three working days – and you won’t pay a penny more than the setup fee until UK lockdown is lifted.

    We know that times are uncertain, but we have the solution for you. Visit ecommerce.asone.co.uk or call 0161 368 9100 or send us a message.

  8. So, You Need ECommerce – But Which One?

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    There are literally hundreds of options when you are looking for a new eCommerce platform, and you could be forgiven for feeling lost and confused in making your choice. What’s more, making the wrong choice could land you with a shop over which you have little control, is too expensive for your needs, and that might require expensive redevelopments should you want to adjust just the smallest details. If you’re wondering what the best eCommerce platform is, then you can’t go far wrong in picking the world’s favourite – WooCommerce.

    With its simple integration of commerce and content, WooCommerce is by far the most popular eCommerce platform on the market. It currently powers more than 3,000,000 live eCommerce stores and accounts for nearly a third of all such sites across the internet. It is the most popular plugin on the internet and 93% of all WordPress sites which have an eCommerce functionality have opted for WooCommerce. If popularity can be taken as a measure of a platform’s performance, then it has to be concluded that WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform.

    best ecommerce platform

    WooCommerce is not just the most widely used eCommerce platform, but it is also the preferred choice for the top businesses too. WooCommerce is the platform on which 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce stores are built. One of the most important qualities of WooCommerce is its scalability – and its presence across eCommerce sites of all sizes and industries proves it’s ability to do just that. With over 82,000,000 lifetime downloads (as of Jan 2020) from more than 70,000,000 firms, the platform can be trusted to handle your eCommerce needs.

    These are just some of the reasons that we believe that WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform, and why we specialise in building WooCommerce sites for businesses of all sizes and sectors. With the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, selling your products or services online has become the only viable method of business in a contactless world. 

    As an agency, we’re the people you turn to when you need help. We’re not in the business of confusing you, or tempting you into long, expensive contracts you don’t need – we only make decisions that we believe will benefit your business. At this time, it’s clear that your business would benefit from an eCommerce store, and we believe that WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform.

    That’s why we’re offering it to you for just £500 setup, to get you trading again.

    For just a £500 setup fee, we can build you a WooCommerce store in just three days, and you won’t pay a penny of hosting and maintenance fees until UK lockdown is lifted and some normality returns to the world – but you can begin trading as soon as you get your site.

    We have a number of payment plans available that begin from as little as £95/month so that your business can get going again as quickly as possible. For more information, go to ecommerce.asone.co.uk or call us on 0161 368 9100 today.

    best ecommerce platform
  9. E-Commerce: The Prevention And The Cure

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    Online stores, or ecommerce sites, are becoming the hallmark of a forward-thinking business that is open to global trade. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, they have become the only viable method of selling your goods and continuing to turn over revenue – but building an online shop should not be seen as a short term investment just to keep you going during a time of crisis. Indeed, the benefits of ecommerce are far greater than that, and there are a number of reasons you should be thinking about an ecommerce store.

    benefits of ecommerce

    Whilst a high street store means that you can sell products to people in your city, owning an ecommerce store opens your business to the world. Users from across the globe with access to the internet – which has been a UN human right since 2016 – are able to shop with you, opening you up to a much wider market. You are also able to do business with the millions of housebound individuals worldwide, who for a whole host of reasons are unable to get out to your physical locations. This increased accessibility is one of the major benefits of ecommerce stores.

    Another one of the major benefits of ecommerce stores is that you are able to service your customer’s needs as and when they are relevant. Your store is triggered by user searches and proactive placements, ensuring that your brand is at the forefront of user’s minds in their times of need. Easily browsable setups, like that provided by WooCommerce, mean that gone are the days of lost shoppers wandering around your store aimlessly – online, your shoppers are much more likely to have real intent to purchase.

    Part of the reason that your users are more likely to have real intent on your ecommerce store is that, once online, you can send out targeted marketing messages to users who you already know are interested in your products or services. Where in physical locations you might be relying on A-boards or the printed press, which are circulated to all people regardless of their interest in your products, digital marketing can be targeted so that only those who fit interest groups and demographics which you select are shown your brand. This leads to far higher conversion rates and far cheaper advertising, which is another one of the major benefits of ecommerce stores.

    The coronavirus crisis has underlined some of the major benefits of ecommerce stores, but they’ve been a sound investment for decades and will continue to be a sound investment for years to come. To help you get online as quickly as possible, AsOne can build you an ecommerce store in three working days for just a £500 setup fee, and you won’t pay a penny more until the UK lockdown is lifted – but you’ll be free to trade in just three days.

    Talk to us today on 0161 368 9100 or visit ecommerce.asone.co.uk to get your business moving forward today.

    benefits of ecommerce
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  10. Shop Closed, Business Open: Surviving the Coronavirus Crisis

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    When we talk of viral marketing, we normally mean creating content that spreads across the world very quickly; now, however, we are living through a time when a real virus has seemingly brought the world to a stop. Nevertheless, with governments around the world stepping in to make sure people still have their wages coming in, many people’s immediate financial futures are safe. The question for businesses, therefore, is how to sell online to customers who they’d usually meet face-to-face?

    how to sell online

    Whether you’re a B2B or B2C enterprise, many sales funnels still have elements where you meet the customer, whether it’s in a boardroom to discuss consultancies or in a shop to exhibit products and offer assistance. With lockdown laws coming into place across Europe and the rest of the world, understanding how to sell online and how to communicate your product benefits online are going to be the key skills which determine those businesses which survive and thrive, and which fall victim to the coronavirus catastrophe

    Indeed, for those businesses which manage to continue trading, there could be huge benefits in just 12 or 18 months time, when the world returns to normal. Famously, Cadbury’s were the only British chocolatier to continue production through the Second World War, for example, and look where that decision meant they ended up in the immediate aftermath and they retain a huge market share today.

    how to sell online

    In this crisis, knowing how to sell online is crucial. It’s one thing setting up your ecommerce store correctly, and ensuring that the purchase experience is easy for your customers, but how do you get them to your site in the first place? That’s where digital marketing comes in. Our experience in bringing customers to ecommerce sites in a host of industries informs the predictions that we have for successful digital marketing approaches during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Stay Social While Distancing

    how to sell online

    Whilst people everywhere work from home, or are not working completely, there is likely to be a surge in daily active users on the most popular social media sites, who are not only keeping up with friends but these sites are also used as real-time news outlets, with updates often breaking on Facebook and Twitter before they are announced by government officials. On these platforms, you can put branded messages in front of tens of millions of users, both organically and paid-for, in an environment where users expect to interact with company updates. An increase in usage coupled with a scaling-back of budgets by some companies might lead to opportunities for some incredibly cheap clicks.

    Reach Out To Bored Customers

    how to sell online

    In the hustle and bustle of life in 2019, many marketers saw email as history – clogging up inboxes that busy workers had no time to read. Now, though, that may all have changed. People have been given time back – they are no longer undertaking lengthy commutes, and days at home might mean they are more likely to open their email notification as it comes in. A slowdown in business trading might lead owners and managers to more eagerly refreshing their inbox, more interested in that which arrives. It’s all part of the digital sales funnel and learning how to sell online means understanding all the places in which you can generate a lead.

    Sofa Surfers

    how to sell online

    On lockdown, there’s only so long before the boredom kicks in. There are only so many video calls with increasingly distant acquaintances before you realise that very little news is happening, and plunging yourself into the Internet provides respite to the monotony of daily life. Impulse purchases are likely to be made on everything, from kit to master new skills to board and video games and home improvement tools, and everything in between. Knowing how to sell online is about knowing where to sell your products, and having a great inbound SEO strategy combined with paid-for adverts on the world’s biggest search engines means that you could find your next customer amongst the 3.5 billion daily Google searches. It’s also crucial to keep your business information on search engine records up to date, such as you Google My Business profile, so that internet users can’t mark your business location as permanently closed whilst you trade online.

    Much will become clearer over the next month, but what we do know is that people are more heavily relying on technology than ever, and even the most technophobic of customers has now been thrust into a world in which their social needs can only be satiated by technological solutions. Once this crisis is over, they may not return to old habits, instead realising the benefits of operating online. Setting your business up for the coronavirus world does not mean investing in the short term – learning how to sell online lays the foundation for your business success in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Start selling online?

    For limited time only for just £500 you get your eCommerce store off the ground with AsOne in just a couple of days. Find out more

    AsOne’s expertise means that your business can get online as quickly as possible, capitalising on the business that is still very much to be done. Our commitment to digital business development means that, whilst we work together, we’ll teach you how to sell online, and how you could adapt the delivery of your services to a new world. Call us on 0161 368 9100 to move your business forward today.

    how to sell online
  11. Improving ROI on Google Search

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    If you want to increase your return on investment from Google paid advertising, you may want to consider working with an agency. The right agency will help you to manage your keyword strategy and improve the results from your paid ads. However, choosing the right agency to work with is so important when it comes to strategy, implementation and budget. 

    Businesses often find that the agency they are working with does not offer value for money and their Google paid advertising is taking up a large proportion of their marketing budget. This may be because their strategy is poor and you are not getting enough qualified leads on your site. However, poor return on investment may also be down to the payment structure that they offer. 

    The majority of agencies pay themselves via commission, based on a percentage of your overall spend on Google paid advertising. This is not necessarily an issue if you are running a small campaign with a low budget because your overall spend will not be very high, so the commission that they charge will be relatively manageable – although you may find that high minimum fees apply which may even exceed your budgetary spend. 

    However, bigger companies that invest a lot more in their Google paid advertising campaigns may be losing out. Even if you see an increase in website traffic and conversions, this is offset by the big bill that you get from the agency. It also means that the agency benefits if you spend more money on your paid ad campaigns, so they have no incentive to save you money. As a result, these agencies may focus more on the quantity of keywords, rather than quality because this will earn them more commission. 

    google paid advertising

    There are, however, alternatives to the commission-based model that could save you a lot of money on Google paid advertising. Instead of charging you a commission based on a percentage of your overall marketing campaign, we will charge a flat rate based on the services that we provide. All businesses can benefit from this and save money, especially those that are running a large paid ads campaign. 

    Our fee will be the same even if your overall spend changes, which means that we do not lose out if you save money, and we will actively find ways to help you do that. When we are running your Google paid advertising campaign, we will focus on improving the quality of keywords and creating a strategy that drives more qualified leads to your website. With our zero commission model, customers tend to find that they get a much better return on their investment. 

    If your business is looking for an agency to handle Google paid advertising campaigns or you are already working with an agency but you are not happy with the service that you are getting and the fees that the agency charges, you may want to consider switching. Our zero commission model is one of the most effective ways to cut your marketing spend without making any compromises. 

    Get in touch today and speak to our team to learn more about the services that we offer and our beneficial zero commission pricing structure.

    google paid advertising
  12. How Embracing Digital Can Save Your Business From Coronavirus

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    At times of crisis, maximum flexibility is required in order to keep your business running. Undoubtedly, the current coronavirus pandemic is a crisis and one that few predicted coming and fewer had already worked in a strategy to accommodate for the public health demands and sacrifices currently being imposed across the world. So, in a year bookmarked by a global pandemic demanding intercontinental social distancing, how well-equipped is your business to deal with people in self-isolation?

    This doesn’t just mean implementing remote working policies, or cancelling group meetings in favour of conference calls and video chats. If the current rate of infection continues (and some top virologists are expecting up to 7 months of worsening disruption) you’ll need to be looking at seismic changes to the way that your business operates. Remember, it’s not only your workers that are self-isolating – your customers are in self-isolation too. 

    Digitisation across your business is looking to be absolutely crucial in ensuring that you can continue to trade in this time. With thousands of people taking up self-isolation plans, using cloud-based solutions, such as Google Drive over Microsoft Office, is one way to ensure that your business keeps moving forward – or at least stays afloat – in these times. 

    self isolation

    We don’t want to scaremonger, but COVID-19 might well be here for some time, until a vaccine is developed and distributed, and we believe that the businesses who best adapt, and find ways to implement wider digitisation across their company are likely to thrive, both during the periods of social distancing and then when people do come back together.

    This transition is not just about internal documents though. You need processes that can run with minimal involvement from teams working together, and products which do not discriminate against users who have chosen to self isolate. 

    Companies who choose to embrace digital even further than before can reap real benefits.

    With digital marketing, there’s no billboard that a user has to drive by; there’s no salesperson for them to interact with, shaking their hand and sharing their space. Search ads and social media marketing appear on a user’s own phone, they can interact with your brand at their own pace and in whatever space they want. As people stay away from the workplaces and schools, we can only speculate over the increased hours of YouTube video will be watched, the social media sites seeing a spike in daily active users, the days of Spotify and Apple Music listened to, the millions of extra Google searches. These are all heightened opportunities to get your brand in front of more people in self isolation, awakening them to your ideas and values.

    self isolation

    We don’t know about the mindset of self isolation, but think about times that you’ve spent a day in your house alone, for whatever reason. We’ve all found ourselves making impulse purchases and toying with brands that we simply would not have otherwise encountered. Can your brand be seen by a whole new market, a demographic of people looking to fill their time with something new?

    It’s not only the flexibility of your business that needs looking at in a crisis. Seismic change requires the ability to evaluate every part of your business, and to survive and thrive in a world governed by self isolation, ways in which your product and its delivery can be modified have to be considered.

    If you’re a restaurant, you might be looking at a huge lack of covers, giving you a real cashflow issue. Staff still need to be paid, even if that is sick pay, produce needs storing and premises need paying for – so you’ve still got money going out. At first glance, it may seem impossible to digitise food. But, with some clever thinking, you might be able to recover some of your cash flow by changing the way you deliver your service.

    Can you set up a temporary delivery service for your meals? While there is still some human interaction here, it is far less appealing to sit in a restaurant full of other people. Crowded shops may also not be where people in self isolation want to be, and they still need to eat. Could you offer to double bag your meals, meaning that contamination during delivery is far reduced? Done the right way, delivery services are going to be required for far more users than ever before.

    Another option might be to offer gift cards which can be redeemed when guests feel safe and happy enough to return to their normal lives; and, indeed, when that comes, you can be sure that they will be itching to get back out, having been stuck inside for so long in self isolation. These gift cards may be some of the best presents that friends can give to each other in these crisis times and by offering gift cards, you can keep cash flowing through your business.

    self isolation

    With some expertise and some innovation, embracing digitisation is the only way that you can keep cash flowing through your business. Making your business accessible to it’s workers, and your services accessible to their users, you need to find a way to combat the self isolation sacrifice that responsible citizens are being asked to make.

    Indeed, you might find that some of these changes propel your business forward in a world that may be fundamentally changed due to the current crisis. There are many speculating that among the casualties of COVID-19 may be the office, as thousands of businesses implement remote working patterns which have until now been shown to enhance employee happiness. Of course, these are different circumstances, and after six, eight, more weeks at home, we may all be clamouring for our desks again. 

    What is certain, though, is that more flexibility in business will be required than ever before to navigate through self isolation and the pandemic and also in returning to normality once the threat has subsided.

    self isolation
  13. Consulting A Facebook Marketing Expert

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    Facebook is a very effective marketing platform for all businesses because it has a huge user base. However, if you want to take full advantage of the platform, it is usually best to hire a Facebook marketing expert to direct and improve your strategy. 

    A lot of business owners are unsure about whether they should hire an agency to help with their Facebook marketing campaigns because they worry about the cost. It is important to manage your finances well, and so you may decide that you will handle your own social media campaigns instead of hiring a Facebook marketing expert. But this strategy only works if you have the expertise and experience to run an effective Facebook marketing campaign, which is not usually the case. When you use an agency and take the advice of a Facebook marketing expert, you can expect to see a reduction in your cost per acquisition and find ways to cut your marketing costs, so you will actually save money overall. These savings, coupled with the increase in sales that come with an effective campaign, meaning that hiring a Facebook marketing expert is almost always the most cost-effective decision. 

    facebook marketing expert

    Once you have made the decision to hire an agency, you need to decide which agency you are going to go with, which can be difficult. It is important that you find a Facebook marketing expert that will deliver value and find ways to save you money without compromising on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

    When you are comparing different agencies, you should first take a look at the services that they offer. Most agencies will manage your paid Facebook ads, but marketing should always be seen as a holistic venture, where many different facets need to be worked in accordance with one another. If your agency doesn’t offer services beyond Facebook marketing, then they might struggle to contribute real value to your marketing mix. Here at AsOne, you will benefit from a Facebook marketing expert that can help you to create compelling video marketing campaigns, for example. By introducing more visual elements to your marketing posts, we can reduce cost per acquisition and increase engagement with users. Facebook marketing is about more than just simple paid ads, and you need to find a Facebook marketing expert that knows how to utilise all of the different features that the platform offers. 

    As well as the level of service, you need to consider the pricing structure that the agency offers. A lot of digital marketing agencies will charge a commission based on your overall marketing spend and that pricing structure is not beneficial for the client in most cases. The agency benefits if you spend more money on marketing because they get a higher commission, which means that they do not have any incentive to help you save money. 

    At AsOne, we use a different billing structure that is designed to deliver the best value for your business. We charge a flat rate based on the services that we provide, so you pay the same amount regardless of your marketing spend. This means that we are incentivised to save you money, and we will always work to find ways to cut your marketing spend. 

    If you are looking for a Facebook marketing expert that can deliver an excellent service and find ways to save you money, get in touch today and we can discuss your needs. 

  14. Reducing Costs Without Reducing Your Power

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    Finding ways to reduce marketing costs is very important for small businesses, but you need to make sure that it doesn’t hurt sales. Cash flow issues are one of the most common reasons that businesses fail, especially in the first few years, which is why it is vital that you manage your marketing costs and don’t overspend. However, you will also run into cash flow issues if you cannot find ways to increase sales and generate revenue, and if you want to do that, you need to invest in marketing. 

    You should always start by taking a close look at your current marketing campaigns so you can get a sense of how effective they are. If you are not reaching the right people and the return on your marketing investment is low, you are losing money. But if your marketing efforts translate to increased sales, you shouldn’t have a problem. You need to know exactly what your return on investment is, and if it is low, consider adopting a new strategy. 

    reduce marketing costs

    When trying to reduce marketing costs, you also need to take advantage of the more cost-effective marketing strategies, like social media, for example. Social media is such an effective tool because it has a very broad reach and it does not require a huge amount of investment. With a clear social media strategy, you can generate a lot of organic traffic for your website and build a strong brand for your business. It is also a useful customer service tool in some cases because it gives you an opportunity to interact directly with customers. 

    Pay per click ads are another great option if you are looking to reduce marketing costs without compromise. The targeted ads help to bring a lot of qualified leads to your site and, most importantly, you only pay when somebody clicks on the ad. 

    These are both very effective ways to market a business with a small budget. However, they are only effective if you know how to manage your strategy properly, which is why it is important that you hire a digital marketing agency to help you. Unfortunately, this can be an issue for businesses that are trying to reduce marketing costs

    When you hire a digital marketing agency, they usually take a commission based on your overall marketing spend. The more money you spend on marketing, the more money they will earn, so why would they want to help you reduce marketing costs? The short answer is, they wouldn’t. 

    But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on digital marketing agencies because there are alternatives to the commission-based model. At AsOne, we charge a flat monthly rate based on the services that are provided. That means that our rate does not change if you spend less on marketing, and we are dedicated to finding ways for your business to reduce marketing costs

    The most effective way to reduce marketing costs without losing sales is to work with a digital marketing agency that does not use a commission-based system. If you get in touch with us today, we can give you more information about our services and discuss some of the ways that we could save you money.

    reduce marketing costs
  15. Confused By Other Agencies? Marketing Jargon-Buster By AsOne

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    As technology expands, language expands with it, and just like any other profession, there’s a whole host of marketing jargon that is used every day in our industry. However, that’s not always helpful if you’re comparing agencies, or looking to get into it yourself. To help you, we’ve picked out 50 of the most commonly used pieces of marketing jargon and explained what they mean in simple terms. They’re ordered by what they are – for example, if you need to know an acronym, these are explained in the first section, and if you’re learning about social media, that’s the second section, and so on. Our list is set out as follows

    • Acronyms
    • Social Media
    • SEO
    • PPC
    • General Marketing
    marketing jargon

    Acronyms Marketing Jargon

    B2B – Business to Business – If you sell your products to other businesses, then you are marketing your products from one business to another; B2B

    B2C – Business to Consumer – Selling your products straight to consumers, rather than other businesses

    CPC – Cost-Per-Click – The average amount that you were charged for each click on your adverts. It’s calculated by dividing the total amount spent by the total number of clicks

    CPM – Cost-Per-Mille – Sometimes, you might want to pay for your adverts based on how many people see them, rather than click on them. Cost-Per-Mille tells you how much it costs you for 1,000 users to see your adverts.

    CRM – Customer Relationship Marketing – Marketing strategies that build intangibles like customer loyalty and brand value

    CTA – Call To Action – This is anything that encourages the user to take the next step in the customer journey; whether that’s making a purchase, contacting the business or signing up for a newsletter

    E-A-T – Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness – Closely linked to YMYL, but this is a rating that your whole site gets. Who is your main contributor? What’s the quality of conversation on your forums? Do you have a Secure Socket Layer on your website?

    KPI – Key Performance Indicator – You can measure marketing success in thousands of ways – your Key Performance Indicators are the metrics that you choose to measure in any campaign.

    PPC – Pay-Per-Click – Methods of advertising which charge you only when someone actually clicks on your advert.

    ROI – Return on Investment – Revenue taken/Costs = Return on Investment

    SEO – Search Engine Optimisation –  This is the practice of setting up a page on your site to get it as high in search engine rankings as possible – don’t worry, we’ve got a whole section on SEO marketing jargon later on.

    SERP – Search Engine Results Page – The page that appears after you make a search in a search engine, which lists entries from many different websites.

    YMYL – Your Money, Your Life – With certain posts, it’s more important to be right. If your content could genuinely affect a user’s happiness, Google imposes stricter checks on who the author of the post is, and posts without an authoritative author will not be shown highly in Google’s results. Examples of this kind of post are any advice relating to medicine, finance, the law, and parenting – and there are others.

    Social Media Marketing Jargon

    Engagements – The number of times that people interacted with your post or advert; there are a number of different types of engagements, such as saving a post, liking it, sharing it, or commenting on it, as well as some others which are platform-specific.

    Impressions – The number of times that your posts or adverts were seen – one user seeing your post multiple times counts as multiple impressions.

    Influencer – This word seems to be everywhere nowadays, but it doesn’t just mean Love Island contestants; it can apply to any individual who has the power and means to influence an audience’s purchase decisions.

    Pixel – This is a bit more for your developers, but Pixel is code that Facebook gives you to put on your website so that you can accurately track the actions of users that come to your site via Facebook.

    Reach – The number of individual people who saw your posts or adverts.

    SEO Marketing Jargon

    Alt text – Is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to provide a text alternative for the image. This brief image description breaks it down for crawlers and also provides information about the images if they don’t display on a users computer. You should set alternative text for all the images on your website.

    Anchor text – Is the visible clickable text in a hyperlink, often blue and underlined.

    Backlinks – If other websites link to your website, that’s a good thing, especially if those websites are reputable. The links between websites are called ‘backlinks’

    Crawl – To work out what content there is on your site, and how authoritative your site is, search engines send bots which read the information – this process is called crawling.

    Cornerstone content – The most important content on your website. Other blogs should link to it, and it should be longer than the rest of your content. If you’re an authority search engines want to promote the content that you think is most important – this is one way of showing them.

    Domain Authority – How reputable your website is. A high Domain Authority means that your posts will rank higher in SERPs

    Keyword – a keyword is a word or phrase that best describes the content on your page or post best. When writing content, you should always have a keyword. This is the word that the content is geared toward explaining or promoting. For example, if you run a clothing store, you may have a blog on “sweatshirts”.

    Meta Description –  The listings in SERPs contain information which you should specifically set – and it’s crucial to include your keywords and, if you can, a call to action

    Meta Tags – Snippets of text that describe a page’s content which exist in the source code of a page and are not visible to users. Meta tags are essentially little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page contains.

    No-index – If you have content on your website that you don’t want to appear in SERPs, you can use a no-index tag. This tag tells crawlers not to publish the page on search engines. This might be the case if you have your Privacy notice on your website, or Terms & Conditions.

    On-page optimisation – Elements of SEO can be broadly split into technical – the background function of the website – and what is actually on the page viewable to the users. Ensuring these latter elements are correct is called on-page optimisation.

    Organic Search – At the top of most SERPs, adverts appear. Rankings which appear without users paying for the clicks are said to be appearing organically. This is the distinction between Organic Search and Paid Search.

    Ranking – The position which your content occupies on the SERP.

    Sitemap – Your site’s skeleton, comes in the form of a simple text document which lays out the content on your site, designed to make it easier for search engine crawlers to navigate around your website. Not designed to be followed by people.

    PPC Marketing Jargon

    Acquisition – The gaining of a new customer for your business.

    Broad match – You have to set keywords to trigger your adverts, but AI in the platforms means that your adverts might show for similar keywords, that you didn’t necessarily set. For example, if you have an advert set for “sports trainers”, your advert might appear for some searches like “tennis shoes”

    Click-through rate – The number of times that your adverts were shown divided by the number of clicks you got.

    Conversion – When a user who has clicked through an ad takes an action that you have defined, often with a monetary value. Usually, this is buying something, but it could mean contacting your business to enquire further, for example.

    Landing Page – The page that a user is taken to immediately after clicking on a PPC advert or a search engine result.

    Phrase match – Similar to broad match, but this gives the AI less scope for variety. For example, an advert for “tennis shoes” might be triggered by “men’s tennis shoes”, but not by “sports trainers”

    Quality score – is a rating given by Google which measures how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are to a person who sees your ad. Google gives all your keywords a ranking out of 10. The higher your quality score, the less you might have to pay for a click.

    General Marketing Jargon

    A/B testing – Testing two versions of the same advert to see which is more effective.

    Automation – Software that is designed so that marketing departments do not have to repeat the same tasks, such as the ability to post messages on all your channels from one place.

    Branding – Creating a name, design or value set that differentiates your products from your competitors’

    Bounce Rate – If a user bounces on your website, it means that they came onto the landing page and left without looking at any more pages or taking any action on that page. The bounce rate is the number of users that bounced, divided by the total number of users, multiplied by 100.

    Channel – A method of communication between your business and your targets

    Content marketing – A style of marketing where you create and share content that increases interest in your products and services.

    Copy – Any piece of writing, which could be as short as a tweet or as long as a thesis.

    Gated content – You might choose that some of your content is good enough that your users need to give something up to read it – whether this be an email address, or complete a short survey, or maybe even pay for a subscription.

    Offer – NOT “2-for-1 this Christmas”, a marketing offer is a product or service of value you give to users who complete a call to action that is of no cost to them.

    Persona – When building a campaign, you should have an idea of the profile of the target individual. This individual is the persona.

    Remarketing – Sending marketing messages to users who have already interacted with your brand. This method of marketing is shown to yield better results for lower spend – but you need to do the work to establish your brand before this is effective.

    Session – The time that someone spends on your website is their session, from the page they enter on, throughout their journey to the page they exit from.

    We’re not in the business of duping or bamboozling, and we always look to empower our clients with the digital skills that we use every day. If you’ve been left in the dark by an agency that uses too much marketing jargon, and you’re not seeing the results you expected, talk to AsOne today on 0161 368 9100.

    marketing jargon
  16. The Value Of A Social Media Advertising Agency

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    The majority of the time, businesses put most of their efforts into creating good quality content which encourages users to engage with the business and share posts. This is a central part of social media marketing and it will help you to drive traffic to your website. It will also help to strengthen your brand, especially if you can interact with customers in a meaningful way. However, this is not the only way to use social media to your advantage because it is also a great place for paid ads, and that’s where the social media advertising agency comes in. 

    You should already be familiar with paid Google Ads, and you are probably using them. They’re a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site, and as long as you have a well thought out keyword bidding strategy, you will see a good return on your investment. However, you should not invest your entire paid ad budget in Google Ads because paid advertising on social media is equally as effective and can help you reach different customers. 

    social media advertising agency

    The extended reach is one of the biggest advantages of social media advertising. Regardless of which demographic you are trying to reach, you will be able to find them on one of the major social media platforms and, if you hire the right social media advertising agency, they will put together a strategy to target those customers. It is a very direct marketing strategy, and often, you get better results than you would with Google Ads. Ideally, you should be using a combination of Google Ads and social media ads. 

    Facebook’s organic reach has dropped significantly in recent years, and you may think that it’s best to focus on other platforms. However, it still has the largest user base, and paid ads do very well on the platform, as long as you have the right social media advertising agency to direct your strategy. 

    Twitter has a much better organic reach, and it’s a great platform for interacting with customers and building a brand. It can also be a good platform for B2B marketing. However, you should also take advantage of paid ads on Twitter if you want to increase your marketing returns.  

    LinkedIn is a platform that is often overlooked but it is the best option for B2B marketing. With help from the right social media advertising agency, you can get very fast results. You can see a great example of one of our B2B social media ad campaigns here.

    If you are looking for a social media advertising agency to help you improve your ad campaigns, it is important that you find one that can work within your budget. This can be difficult because a lot of agencies charge a commission based on your overall marketing spend. This means that they benefit if you spend more, and they do not have any incentive to save you money. In fact, they are incentivised to encourage you to spend more. 

    But our model is different. We charge a flat monthly fee based on the services that we provide. That means that we are always looking for ways to save you money on your social media ad campaigns. If you are looking for a social media advertising agency, get in touch today and we can discuss your needs.

    social media advertising agency
  17. The Value Of A Paid Search Specialist

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    Careful money management is essential in business, especially when you are first starting out. It’s important that you save money where you can, and only spend on things that will drive sales and push the business forward. However, a lot of business owners get this wrong, especially where paid search marketing is concerned. Instead of outsourcing to a paid search specialist, they assume that they will be able to save money by handling it themselves. Unfortunately, this approach rarely works. 

    Business owners assume that there is no need to use a paid search specialist because it’s a simple process. Just bid on a few relevant keywords and watch traffic levels on your site shoot up. But in reality, it is far more complicated than that, which is why paid search specialists exist in the first place. 

    paid search specialist

    In some cases, you might bid on the wrong keywords and you won’t get any clicks. Even if you do get clicks, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will notice an increase in sales. A lot of business owners find that, when they are trying to handle their own paid search marketing, they see an increase in traffic but no increase in sales. This is most likely because you are not bidding on the right targeted keywords and the people that visit your site have no interest in your products. If that happens, your marketing budget is wasted and you will soon find yourself in financial difficulty. 

    A paid search specialist understands how to select the right keywords and implement a bidding strategy that will not only drive traffic to your site but will also ensure that the traffic is targeted and your conversion rate increases. It is a big mistake to think that paid search marketing is simple and anybody can do it because that isn’t the case. 

    Marketing is a complex discipline that requires a lot of knowledge and experience to get right. Unless you have that expertise, it is unlikely that you will run a successful paid marketing campaign without a paid search specialist to advise you. 

    However, it is still important that you manage your spending, so you need to find a paid search specialist that can work within your budget. One of the most important things to consider when comparing different marketing agencies is the pricing structure. 

    A lot of paid search specialists will charge a commission based on your total marketing spend. This means that it benefits them if you spend more money on marketing, and they are likely to encourage you to do so. When you are trying to keep a close eye on your budget, this is not a great option for you. 

    The good news is, there is an alternative. Here at AsOne, we charge a flat rate for marketing services as provided. That means that we do not earn more if your overall marketing spend increases, and we will always work to save you money wherever we can. With us, you get the benefit of a paid search specialist without having to worry about rising marketing costs. It also makes it easier for you to manage your finances because you know exactly what you will need to pay each month

    If you are looking for a paid search specialist to help drive your business forward, get in touch today and we can discuss your needs.

    paid search specialist
  18. Multichannel vs Omnichannel Marketing

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    As we start a new year and a new decade, you might have decided that now is the opportune moment to review your marketing strategy and see what you could be doing to bring even bigger and better results. Since you’ve decided to do that, you might have found yourself hit with a wall of marketing jargon. As technology and methods evolve, so too does language, so let’s begin to demystify the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel Marketing.

    omnichannel marketing

    You have probably encountered the prefixes “omni-” and “multi-” before – meaning “all” and “several” respectively – but you might be confused by the use of the word “channel”. In marketing, Channels” means any method of communication between your business and your customers; this could be via social media or an email, in print, or on a billboard, for example: in digital marketing, channels can also mean any route to your website or sales point that a user can take.

    We can’t think of a better time to lend a hand in a debate where lines are so blurred and offer a definitive distinction between the two concepts. In marketer’s terms, the two concepts are defined as such:

    Multichannel marketing refers to the practice of businesses reaching customers over the maximum number of channels or touchpoints, giving them as much space to interact with the brand as possible. It acknowledges that different channels have different strengths and places emphasis on finding good messages for the channel.

    Omnichannel marketing places critical importance on consistency and cross-channel customers. Whilst it also uses multiple channels to reach users, it also ensures a seamless experience across channels, ensuring that the messaging is unified and consistent.

    Primarily, the reason that the lines are blurred between these two strategies is that fundamentally they use similar tools to achieve their goals; both are ways in which you can use multiple channels to reach your target market. 

    That, however, is where the similarities end.

    Multichannel marketing ensures that as many channels as possible are used to pump out marketing messages, merely aiming to get the word out as quickly as possible to the target market. 

    Omnichannel strategies place the customer experience at their core; ensuring that, regardless of how many channels a customer uses, they find familiarity in your brand. The focus is on building that relationship, honing and crafting it over several months.

    This key difference means that these strategies manifest differently and suit different business types. Omnichannel marketers are more likely to carefully assess which channels they use and select only those over which they can confidently communicate their brand values  – what’s important is that the right message is communicated.

    Multichannel marketers are more malleable with their messaging – what’s important is that the messages are exposed to the maximum number of users and that the message is right for the channel. These messages might be disparate from one another, though, morphed through each channel.

    Where omnichannel marketing places importance on consistency and customer journey, multichannel marketing places importance on frequency and coverage.

    Why might I choose one strategy over another?

    Very few businesses should be choosing a multichannel strategy – and, for the vast majority of firms, an omnichannel strategy is really just a multi-channel strategy done right. In the digital age, there are virtually zero single-channel customers, and as such your brand messaging needs to be consistent across your channels. Failure to do this will leave customers on your site feeling confused and insecure, enticed by the messaging on one platform and disengaged by the messaging on another.

    So, there you have it. Armed with your new knowledge, go and explore and evaluate your marketing strategies, and make 2020 the best year your business has ever had!

  19. Maximising Your Google Ads Budget With A No-Commission Agency

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    Google Ads is one of the most effective marketing tools for new businesses that are trying to drive traffic to their site. Using Google Ads is faster than SEO, and it is incredibly cost-effective because you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do not use the service in the right way and their Google Ads budget doesn’t go very far. 

    Some small business owners feel that Google Ads are not the best way to spend their marketing budget and they opt for different strategies instead. However, Google Ads can be a very effective way to boost website traffic and increase brand awareness for small businesses, as long as you know how to make your budget go further and, most importantly, reach people that are likely to convert

    When you are trying to set a budget, you should consider how much you can realistically afford to spend. One of the best things about Google Ads is that you can spend as much or as little as you like, so there is no need to go over budget.  

    google ads budget

    Once you have decided on the total spend per month, you need to start making bids on keywords, which is a lot more complicated than people realise. The major reason that businesses struggle to make their Google Ads budget go further is that they don’t have a full understanding of how to choose the right keywords. Unless you know the system inside out, it is always advisable to hire a marketing agency to assist with your campaign. 

    The majority of small business owners already recognise the need for agency assistance, but they struggle with the financial aspect. If you hire an agency that takes a commission from your overall ad spend, it works in their interests if you bid on more keywords and increase your budget. This strategy of bidding on more keywords will increase traffic and could even inspire an increase in sales. However, it does mean increasing your spending and that simply isn’t an option for a lot of small businesses

    The good news is, there is another agency model that is more suitable for small businesses that want to keep a handle on their Google Ads budget. Here at AsOne, we do not charge based on commission. Instead, we charge a flat rate each month based on the services that we provide. That means that it does not work in our favour if your Google Ads budget starts to shoot up. 

    When you work with AsOne, we will focus on making your budget go further by improving keyword selection and bidding strategies so you see an increase in conversions, without the need to increase your marketing budget. 

    If your Google Ads budget is starting to get out of control, get in touch today and find out how we could save you money.

  20. Boosting Online Sales Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget

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    Uncertainty and risk are part and parcel of running a business and sales can fluctuate wildly from month to month. When things are going well, you can afford to invest more money in digital marketing and increase online sales even further, to keep the momentum going. But things are a lot trickier when times are tough and online sales are lagging behind.

    You need to increase online sales to kickstart your business, but you cannot afford to increase your marketing spend without stretching your finances. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, so what are you supposed to do? 

    The good news is, you do not necessarily need to spend more money in order to improve your ROI from marketing campaigns. In many cases, you need to rethink your strategy and find ways to cut costs, so you can make your marketing budget go further and increase online sales without increasing your overall marketing spend.

    increase online sales

    Unfortunately, this is difficult for many businesses because the digital marketing agencies that they are working with are not incentivised to save them money. Many digital marketing agencies charge their clients using a commission-based system, so the agency receives a percentage of a client’s overall ad spend. If you spend less money on marketing, your digital marketing agency will lose money, and that causes a major problem.

    Although these agencies are incentivised to help you increase online sales, they are actually disincentivised to help you save money. That’s why it’s so difficult to increase online sales without increasing your overall marketing spend if your business is working with a digital marketing agency that charges based on commission.

    However, there is an alternative to commission-based digital marketing. Here at AsOne, we charge all of our clients a fixed management fee for the services that we offer you. If your overall marketing spend changes, that doesn’t affect our fee in the same way that it would if we were taking a commission. As such, we have every incentive to help your business save money wherever you can, so you can still increase online sales and manage your budget effectively at the same time. 

    Our model also makes it a lot easier for you to manage your finances because you have predictable monthly payments. With a commission-based system, your costs can fluctuate quite significantly, and as all business owners know, an unexpectedly high bill can make things very tricky for you. 

    You may think that it’s impossible to increase online sales without spending more money on marketing but that isn’t the case. When you work with AsOne, you don’t have to worry about any conflict of interest due to commission-based pricing, so we will always be looking for ways to save you money.

    Get in touch today so we can discuss your digital marketing needs and start looking at ways to improve your strategy. 

    increase online sales
  21. Brand Positioning – Marketing to Your Ultimate End-User

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    While you may sell your products via a distributor or supplier, it pays dividends to think about the needs of the real end-user. 

    While a business customer may make the short term buying decision, ultimately they are swayed by the user’s needs and the demand from their own customer base.

    Benefits of proactively improving your brand positioning

    Investing in a B2C marketing campaign to raise the profile of your business and intentionally alter your brand positioning has several key benefits:

    • Increase your reach – If you take control of your marketing and run your own campaigns, you are no longer limited by the reach of your distributors and can do more to proactively increase the reach of your business. This could include entering new markets or selling to new demographics. 
    • Put pressure on suppliers – By marketing straight to the end-user you put pressure on your distributors and suppliers to stock your products and also give yourself more bargaining power when it comes to cost. If their customers are repeatedly asking for your brand, they may be inclined to take products at a lower margin than usual to avoid losing the business.  
    • Support for add-on products – Building brand awareness among your end customers can create a halo effect, making it far easier to sell additional extras or follow on products. If you want to build a business with real longevity, having a portfolio of products is important, and your brand recognition will make each subsequent product easier to sell. 
    • Collect data – Data is an increasingly important part of modern business. By running marketing campaigns you can start to collect data and analytics which will feed back into your overall business strategy.

    Selling D2C – Direct to Consumer

    Another key benefit of raising brand awareness among your ultimate end customers is that long-term, it could give you a strategic opportunity to cut out the middle man and sell direct to consumer. If you’ve built sufficient traffic to your website and your social platforms, you can greatly increase your margins by engaging customers directly and therefore not paying commissions, or selling at wholesale prices to distributors. 

    This is becoming increasingly popular among product manufacturers as a means to increase revenue and profitability.

    Brand positioning support from AsOne

    At AsOne, our approach has always been to look at digital marketing from the broadest possible context, thinking about the holistic digital business development strategy and commercial goals. Correctly positioning your brand to reach the right audience is vitally important and something that we regularly work on with clients from a wide range of industries.  

    If you’d like more information on how to make brand positioning work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our marketing strategy experts. 

    For businesses based in the North East, you may be eligible for financial support from the NEBSF funding scheme, which provides up to 40% off the cost of qualifying projects.

    brand positioning
  22. Google Ranking – Which Factors Should You Focus On?

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    Even if you’re not selling your product or service directly via the internet, it is likely that your customers will want to review your website before making a buying decision. Failing to rank well in the search engines for key terms relating to your business, and making it difficult for customers to find you, could raise questions about the quality or professionalism of your operation. 

    Significant Google Ranking Factors

    Although the Google Ranking algorithm is a tightly guarded secret, they have alluded to several important aspects that will give your pages the best chance of ranking well. These factors evolve over time as the algorithm changes, but some of the important ones currently include:

    • Mobile friendly – As more traffic has switched from desktop to mobile, Google wants to reward pages that are the most mobile-friendly. It is therefore really important that you have a responsive design and check how well it performs on different mobile devices. 
    • Social signals – Social media is a growing source of traffic for website, and Google will look to see whether you have a presence on social media as an indication of your credibility. This applies in both directions e.g. do you have accounts set up with the major search engines and do you link to them from your site, but also, do your customers talk about you on social media and link back to your products and services. 
    • Backlinks – Links from other pages have long been recognised as a key factor in the Google ranking formula. Outside of social media, is your site linked to from other blogs or news articles?
    • Tactical SEO – There are also several technical and tactical changes that you should keep on top of to help improve your search engine performance. For instance, a properly configured robots.txt will ensure that search engines are indexing and crawling all your pages correctly. 

    Google Ranking with AsOne

    At AsOne we have a wealth of experience helping customers achieve a consistently high rank in the search engines. As the algorithms evolve over time, we work closely with our clients to conduct regular experiments and stay abreast of the latest developments. 

    We are also able to leverage our depth of knowledge from working with clients across a range of industries to highlight emerging SEO trends early on in their lifecycle and put them to work for our customers.  

    For more information on how to maintain a consistently high Google ranking for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our SEO experts. 

    Eligible businesses based in the North East could benefit from up to 40% off the cost of their project via a grant from the NEBSF funding scheme.

    google ranking
  23. Successful marketing campaigns – Getting your Website Right

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    Your website acts as your digital shop window and your automated salesman, so investing in new web designs to keep your site up to date is always money well spent. 

    Continuing the theme of looking back at some of our work from 2019, this article reflects on some of our key web design projects.

    Websites for Successful marketing campaigns.

    New website – Multiquip UK

    Multiquip is one of the leading suppliers of equipment to the construction industry. Though part of the broader Multiquip group, they are not currently as well known in the UK. To help address this, we worked with them on a new site, which serves as a centrepiece to a wider digital marketing strategy.  

    The project set out to:

    • Take advantage of the latest web / mobile technologies to bring the site up to speed
    • Allow customers to easily compare products
    • Capture customer data

    The project was a great success, with the site taking some of the pressure off the existing sales team. Check out the site here

    Website redesign – Langley Interiors

    When Langley Interiors approached us to help with their website redesign, they already had mockups for the pages they wanted to update. The specialist provider of bespoke fitted furniture wanted us to help ensure that the new site was as user-friendly as possible – and you can see the finished article here

    Optimising the navigation to improve the user journeys around the site ultimately resulted in much high average time on page.  

    This project was also an excellent demonstration of our philosophy of working in close partnership with our customers to achieve the best results. 

    Video autoplay – Laurent at Cafe Royal

    When Laurent at Cafe Royal approached AsOne to help improve their website, we explored a number of options to best highlight their luxury dining experiences. 

    Ultimately we decided to use autoplay video to give potential customers an instant, multimedia feel for what the restaurant is like – watch it and see the website here

    We also added functionality to make it easier to book a table online. 

    Understanding the customer base and the exploring novel approaches to meet their needs and pique their interest is imperative to get this type of project right.

    Successful marketing campaigns for 2020

    At AsOne we pride ourselves on bringing fresh thinking and innovation to the table. Our wide range of experience from working with clients across a multitude of industries gives us a unique insight as to what works where. 

    We’re excited to continue on this path for 2020, identifying some of the key trends that will impact on the digital marketing space, and working in close partnerships with our clients to deliver these campaigns.  

    For more information on some of the successful marketing campaigns we’ve run this year, and an overview of how they might apply to your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch

    If you’re based in the North East, you may also find that you’re eligible for up to 40% off your order through the NEBSF funding scheme which AsOne are proud to support. 

    successful marketing campaigns
  24. Our Best Marketing Campaigns of 2019

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    Best Marketing Campaigns

    Our digital marketing campaigns incorporate the latest developments in the digital marketing landscape and are tailored to meet the needs of our individual customers. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects this year, from social media to content marketing and every combination in between. 

    Two of our best campaigns include:

    1. B2B PPC Marketing – Matthews Environmental Solutions UK

    Matthews Environmental Solutions UK is a world leader in cremation and incineration equipment and they approached AsOne to help them acquire new leads and also increase brand loyalty. Our campaign then ran on two major pillars:

    1. Customer Analysis – Identifying target customers and the platforms they use online.
    2. Targeted PPC Campaign – Targeting the specific customer profiles via pay-per-click ads.

    The project was a fantastic success, achieving excellent visibility for the brand, and was definitely one of our best marketing campaigns of the year. 

    Our adverts were ultimately viewed over 700k times by stakeholders from relevant target businesses, with an excellent CTR of 0.04%, which is higher than the industry average. 

    2. Content Marketing Strategy – CLEVR Money

    Blackpool based credit union CLEVR Money engaged AsOne to increase the overall volume of traffic to their website, and boost Christmas loan applications during the festive season. 

    We employed a content marketing strategy, based on the following components:

    1. Quality Content – Creating a calendar of unique, innovative content designed to appeal to the target customer base. 
    2. Optimisation – Optimising the content using on-page SEO techniques helped to boost the visibility of the content in search engines. 
    3. Email – Proactively promoting content to customers via email with a targeted call to action. 
    4. Social media – Sharing content with customers on social media and further boosting the digital footprint of the brand. 

    The project was also a great success, ultimately resulting in a 600% increase in loan applications and an 18% increase in approved loans – which is exactly what the best marketing campaigns can deliver you. 

    Finding the Best Marketing Campaigns for you

    At AsOne we work in close partnerships with our clients, gaining a deep understanding of their businesses and goals before designing the best marketing campaigns that can achieve the desired results. 

    We’ve had some great successes in 2019 and we’re looking forward to pushing the boundaries with exciting new projects next year. 

    For more information on how AsOne can help craft the best marketing campaigns for your business in 2020, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert marketers. 

    Eligible businesses from the North East will benefit from up to 40% off their first order as part of the NEBSF funding scheme which AsOne is proud to support.

    best marketing campaigns