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  1. B2B Marketing – Overcoming the Challenges

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    The world of business to business marketing has a number of specific challenges when compared to B2C. New technologies like social media and artificial intelligence have revolutionised marketing in the B2C space, but in reality, it is not always simple to apply these ideas to a B2B setting.

    In order to identify leads and fill your sales funnel it is vital that you craft a business to business marketing strategy that seeks to overcome some these challenges.  

    Business to Business Marketing Challenges

    Some of the specific challenges include:

    business to business marketing
    • Managing your tone of voice – B2C brands have a lot more license in how they speak to their customers, while B2B companies typically need to pay much closer attention to keeping a professional tone of voice. This is further complicated by companies not wanting to look old fashioned and outdated. You should, therefore, make sure you spend time upfront deciding how you want to be perceived by your customers and how you’ll speak to them in a consistent way that is suitable for your audience. Have you given proper thought to your tone of voice, or has it simply evolved over time?
    • Attracting a qualified audience – Many B2C campaigns simply rely on attracting a large number of customers from a broad demographic. In business to business marketing, you don’t have this luxury, as your products will only appeal to a small number of individuals that have direct input to a buying decision. By using platforms like LinkedIn to narrowly target your advertising, you can ensure you’re reaching the right people and improve your marketing ROI. 
    • Capturing customer details – The typical B2B sales process can be fragmented, with customers moving between different marketing channels over a long period of time before a sale is finally made. By incentivising customer to share details such as phone number, email address, title and company, you can start to proactively reach out to them and help them through the sales process.  How are you incentivising people to share these details today?
    • Analysing and attributing success – As noted above, the sales process can be slow and fragmented for B2B organisations. A customer might start their journey by following a paid ad, then reads your content marketing, before submitting an email address and subsequently arranging a call. In this scenario, it can be difficult to measure which channels are having the greatest impact. It is therefore important to capture as much data as possible via analytics platforms like Google, but supplement that with other information and store it in a CRM platform. Do your current marketing solutions show you how customers are flowing through the sales funnel?

    Business to Business Marketing by AsOne

    For well over a decade AsOne has supporting B2B companies with effective marketing strategies to help them grow. We look to partner with our customers over the long-term, getting to understand the intricacies of their business, and creating a strategy that reflects their unique position. 

    For more information on how AsOne can help you craft the Business to business marketing to underpin your next phase of growth, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to one of our expert team. 

    Businesses based in the North East of England may be eligible for up to 40% off your first project under the NEBSF funding scheme. Please ask for further details.

    business to business marketing
  2. Leveraging Paid Marketing to Leapfrog your Competition

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    The volume of business conducted online continues to grow at a staggering rate year on year and the internet has now become a truly global marketplace, not just for products, but for every type of service imaginable. As a result, paid marketing is now a vital tool for businesses looking to promote their services online.

    In moments of need, individuals increasingly turn to the internet for answers or support from third parties to help them find the right answers. Does your current marketing strategy position you in the best light to respond to these queries?

    Benefits of Paid Marketing

    Paid marketing has several benefits over other types of digital marketing including:

    paid marketing
    • Quicker time to value – While content marketing and SEO can take many months of patience and iteration before you start to see results, paid marketing can have a benefit almost immediately. 
    • Easily measurable ROI – As there is no delay between running your campaign and seeing the results, you can very easily work out how successful the campaign was, and calculating ROI is straightforward. This enables you to see exactly which campaigns are profitable and which you should stop. How well you understand the ROI of your current campaigns?
    • Highly targetedPaid marketing enables you to reach the right people from the outset, which saves you wasting time talking to unqualified leads. 

    There are two core platforms for paid marketing, and the approach varies slightly for each:

    • Paid search ads – Using paid search marketing ensures you hold the key positions for target keywords in the search engine rankings. This has important literal and also psychological benefits as it puts you ahead of your competition and makes you first choice to address your customers concerns.  
    • Paid social – Paid marketing can also leverage social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. As online networks become of greater significance for conducting business, are you using paid ads effectively to reach the key decision-makers?

    Paid Marketing as a component of your wider strategy

    At AsOne we work with clients from a range of industries to create holistic digital business development strategies that help businesses thrive over the long term. 

    While paid marketing is such a powerful tool, for professional services firms it is most effective when combined with other types of marketing. For example, content marketing enables you to build up a body of work that establishes you as an expert in your field. 

    For more information on paid marketing and how it can help speed up the growth of your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert marketers. 

    For businesses based in the North East of England, the NEBSF funding scheme could help you get up to 40% off the cost of your first project. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, or to see if you qualify.

    paid marketing
  3. B2B Marketing Strategies for Professional Services Firms

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    Digital marketing has revolutionised the way companies attract new customers, and has given rise to a whole plethora of new marketing techniques. However, many professional services firms have been slow to update their B2B marketing strategies, and are therefore not harnessing the best of what these tools have to offer.

    B2B Marketing Foundations

    Whether you ultimately decide to use email marketing, paid ads, SEO or something else entirely, there are several key things that you should keep in mind when crafting your B2B marketing strategies:

    b2b marketing strategies
    • Be targeted – Once you’ve identified your preferred customer segments, think about how your marketing campaigns apply to each. It is better to be highly targeted towards a specific, but small group and get a high ROI, than try to reach lots of customers and not really resonate with any of them. Digital marketing allows you to run very highly targeted campaigns, focusing on specific demographics in specific regions, are you leveraging this capability to its full potential?
    • Get your tone of voice right – B2B differs from B2C marketing, and it is important that your messaging reflects the professional nature of your work. There is often a lot more riding on B2B relationships in terms of potential impact and cost, and customers rightly look for brands with a solid reputation that they can trust. 
    • Know your audience – A good understanding of your audience, the platforms and websites they use and their specific challenges will help you to make more informed decisions about your B2B marketing strategies. If you understand the topics that your potential customers are interested in, you can base your content marketing around these are demonstrate your thought-leadership. 
    • Play the long game – Many marketing strategies aim to achieve huge spikes in traffic via “one-off” offers, or creating viral content. While this might work in a B2C or eCommerce scenario, professional services firms are far better off looking at their marketing strategies over a longer-term horizon, creating a steady stream of inbound customer enquiries. 
    • Analyse and optimise – Understanding which messages attract and resonate best with your customers requires ongoing monitoring and analysis. By looking at which ads have the highest click-through rate, or which search terms you’re appearing for, you can make changes to further improve the performance of your campaigns. 

    B2B Marketing Strategies by AsOne

    For over a decade AsOne has worked with businesses from a range of industries, finding the most suitable digital marketing solutions to help them grow. We look to form close partnerships with our customers, and have seen that in the long-term, holistic, targeted and flexible B2B marketing strategies will always prevail.

    For more information on B2B marketing strategies or digital marketing more generally, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of the team. For companies based in the North East, you may qualify for up to 40% off your first project with AsOne under the NEBSF funding scheme. Please ask for further details.

    b2b marketing strategies
  4. Event Marketing – Getting Maximum Value from Conferences and Expos

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    Conferences and expos are an incredibly powerful way to connect with other likeminded individuals and find out the latest developments in your industry. But the benefits also go far beyond this, and by using this content as part of an event marketing strategy you can build your brand and prestige among your customers. 

    If you already attend industry events, are you doing everything possible to maximise the value from your attendance? Or could you be doing more to leverage this asset?

    Event Marketing Benefits

    Crafting a content marketing strategy around events gives you a wide range of material that you can use to share with your customers via multiple channels, this will include:

    event marketing
    • Pre-event – Ahead of the event you can tell people via social media or your blog that you are planning to attend. This will make people aware that you will be there and will enable you to set up meetings with relevant contacts during the event.
    • Live updates – During the event you can provide updates to your audience via social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. This could be quick photos and brief commentary, or vlog entries of the most exciting things you’ve seen. 
    • Lessons learnt – After the event you can share longer-form content that provides an overview of the key trends and the main points of interest. This helps to establish you as a thought leader in the space and provides genuine value to your customers and readers. 
    • Slides and videos – If you presented as part of the event, you may be able to share the video footage via your website, or at the very least you could embed the PowerPoint slides with some further text commentary. Does your team speak at external events to help boost their credibility and establish their expertise?

    For these things to have maximum impact, they should align with your broader content marketing strategy. Do you have a forward-thinking content calendar that enables you to schedule and plan for events well in advance? Do you proactively promote your blog content and marketing messages, for instance by emailing your customers to make them aware of your latest content?

    Putting these building blocks in place will greatly improve the ROI of your marketing efforts over time. 

    Event Marketing Strategies by AsOne

    For professional services firms, in particular, event marketing can be a very effective way to establish your expertise in your field and attract new customers. 

    At AsOne, we’ve worked with clients from across multiple industries to help them grow their businesses. We look holistically at digital business development and implement bespoke strategies to ensure our engagements achieve the best possible ROI. 

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on how AsOne can help you leverage event marketing to ensure it has the greatest impact. 

    For professional services firms based in the North East, you may find that you are eligible for a grant of up to 40% off your order under the NEBSF funding scheme, which AsOne is proud to support. 

    event marketing
  5. Comparing ECommerce Platforms During the Magento End Of Life Cycle

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    To make the right decisions during the Magento End of Life cycles, which are currently well underway, it is important to be equipped with the right information. You might be frustrated when trying to research, hit with thinly-veiled marketing materials from hundreds of companies explaining why their products are the best. To help you sift through this, we’ve taken our years of experience and combined it with the latest data to present to you a Magento vs Shopify vs Woocommerce, as well as some other leading platforms. We’ve highlighted each platform’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can be sure in the knowledge that this is totally independent advice, and whatever you choose to go with, AsOne can build and maintain an eCommerce store on any of these platforms.

    magento vs shopify


    When you’re weighing up a Magento vs Shopify comparison, it really should be a consideration of:

    1. How automated is your business?
    2. How well integrated are your business’ systems and processes?
    3. How large of a budget do you have for development?

    If your business isn’t a near-fully automated, large-scale operation, then all the tools that can be built into Magento might be wasted on you. If you haven’t got a large and continuous budget for development, maintenance and security, you might find that Magento’s developmental needs are too great for your business – just because it can be developed into anything you could possibly need, doesn’t mean that you need all of its functions, and there are cheaper options available when you strip your search back to functions that you really need. Choosing Magento means that you may also need full-time, highly skilled development staff to keep it secure, another cost that you will have to factor into your decision – as well as requiring a dedicated server.


    The reason that Magento vs Shopify comparisons are so common is that they really serve businesses at opposite ends of the spectrum. Where Magento’s platform is only really suitable for large-scale operations that are highly integrated and automated, Shopify is great for those small stores, which may only have a few products. Certainly, when you’re starting out, Shopify is incredibly simple to use and start generating revenue.

    This convenience does, however, come at a price. You have to buy add-ons as you scale up your business, and costs quickly begin to mount. This is compounded by the fact that on top of outright purchases, Shopify also takes 1% of revenue through your site – meaning that high-value, low margin products are not an option on Shopify stores.


    When people dress up eCommerce choices as Magento vs Shopify, they really forget about WooCommerce, which is in our opinion the best solution for most businesses; for those business whose operations are too extensive and ambitious for Shopify, and yet not so integrated and automated as to be suitable for Magento. For those for whom Shopify is restrictive, but Magento is excessive, WooCommerce offers easy to use functions that can be optimised by anyone. You are unlikely to need ongoing specialist development support to the same degree as a Magento site, which saves you costs. What’s more, you won’t need to buy any expensive add-ons, as the out-of-the-box package comes with everything included that most shop owners need. As it’s final triumphant note, a wooCommerce shop is fast even on a shared server, meaning you save the cost of an expensive dedicated server without compromising UX.

    Whilst a classic Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce comparison might stop there, we think it’s important to have all the facts available. So we’ve got two more platforms that you need to consider before you make your final decisions.


    Another competitor to consider for a smaller business, BigCommerce is a direct competitor with Shopify and has many similar benefits and disadvantages. A simple, cheap-to-set-up basic plan seems incredibly inviting, you do need to purchase extra elements as add-ons (although BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box package is a little more extensive than Shopify’s). One advantage that BigCommerce does have over Shopify is that it does not charge a transaction fee – but when your sales exceed certain thresholds, you are required to upgrade your plan to more expensive versions. These costs aren’t astronomical though and with 24/7 support available, the only drawback in terms of maintenance is that it may be more difficult to find an expert to turn to in order to further develop your store – particularly if you are not based in the US where the platform is more popular.


    Not as scalable as Shopify, but it doesn’t come with the exponentially rising costs either. If you don’t need to scale – for example, if you are running a hobby business that you don’t see making a full time living from or expanding beyond anything larger than a run-from-home operation, a Squarespace site might be a great option for you. Going for this platform also means you get access to a great support team at Squarespace – which might be another crucial factor if your business is small and you need technical support without additional expense.

    As you can see, choosing your next eCommerce software is much more than a Magento vs Shopify choice, and there are actually a host of platforms for you to choose from. At AsOne, we have all the technical expertise to help guide you through the process on all platforms, as well as explaining the differences in a way that you understand, so that you can make the best decision for your business. Talk to our experts today on 0161 368 9100. 

    Quick Cost Comparison Between ECommerce Platforms

    Setup Cost (£)<40,000<3000<15,000<3000<3000
    Monthly Cost (£)600-120023 – 230 + Apps80 – 28023-193, rising with increased revenue20 – 30
    5-Year Cost (£)82,00012,120 + 1% of revenue18,78014,5804,800
    magento vs shopify
  6. Content Delivery Strategies to Fast Track Online Results

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    When it comes to content marketing, your content delivery strategy is almost as important as the information you’re promoting. We often see companies that post articles on their site, but don’t pay any attention to how they promote that content and then give up when they don’t immediately see results. 

    Are you struggling to engage customers via content marketing? And if so, how much attention is your marketing team paying to content delivery?

    Key Content Delivery Considerations

    You can think of content delivery as having three key elements, each of which we’ll examine below:

    • Channels
    • Timing
    • Optimisation 


    content delivery

    Content marketing isn’t simply about publishing articles on a blog, for the best results you have to be far more proactive about sharing your content through other channels to attract a broader audience. For example:

    • Email – Do you have a database of current or past customers that you’re emailing to make them aware of your latest posts? Alternatively, you could start a weekly or monthly email roundup of your most recent content.  
    • Social Media – Platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for sharing your content. This can include posting a link to the original article or posting native articles on LinkedIn. The benefit of this is twofold; it gives you access to a huge potential audience of readers and it also improves your SEO. 
    • Third-party blog contributions – Writing for other publications such as industry news sites has similar benefits to posting on LinkedIn. It enables you to leverage a large, well-established audience and also improves the perception of your site in the search engine algorithms. 


    There are two elements to getting the timing right for your content delivery:

    1. Long-term – Have you planned a forward-looking calendar of content that puts you in the best position to write and publish content on key industry events ahead of time? For example, publishing articles in the run-up to the financial year?
    2. Short-term – Are you taking into consideration the best time to share your content? For example, are your readers more likely to follow an email link or a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon? Do people in your industry read LinkedIn posts at the weekend or only during the week?

    Analyse and Optimise

    As the saying goes, “no plan survives first contact with reality”, and this is sometimes the case with content delivery mechanisms. Every business will have a unique audience, and how that audience interactives with and consumes content can vary wildly. And furthermore, it can change over time. 

    Therefore it is important that you are properly set up with the right analytics platforms to track the results of your strategy and empower you with the right data to evolve your strategy over time.  

    Digital Business Development by AsOne

    At AsOne we look holistically at digital business development, of which content delivery is a vital part. We’ve worked with professional services clients to help them define exactly the type of content they should be publishing and how to get it in the hands of potential clients. 

    For more advice on content delivery strategies, or information about how AsOne can help accelerate your business success, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

    Professional services firms based in the North East of England may be entitled to up to 40% off their first project under the NEBSF funding scheme, get in touch to see if you qualify. 

    content delivery
  7. Establish your Authority with a Content Marketing Strategy

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    Content marketing is an excellent tool for professional services firms, as it gives you a platform to demonstrate your expertise and authority to potential customers. Many companies fail to recognise the value of this opportunity and publish content in an ad hoc manner, if at all, rather than building a holistic content marketing strategy. 

    As a professional services firm, you are not only competing against other third parties but also the in-house teams of your potential clients, so you have to go above and beyond to demonstrate your capability and win over the stakeholders. 

    Does your current website position you as a leader in your field, or is there more you could be doing to leverage content marketing?

    Successful content marketing strategy traits

    Content Marketing Strategy
    • Be original and demonstrate authority – Google ranking algorithms strive to reward the most relevant, valuable content on the internet by giving it the top spots in the search results. To ensure your content ranks well, you need to demonstrate your expertise on the subject and establish your brand as an authority. Repurposing the same tired content that your competitors are posting won’t do this. You need to fill your content calendar with unique perspectives and industry insights that people won’t get elsewhere. 
    • Promote your content – A content marketing strategy shouldn’t only be about SEO. Once you’ve posted your article, you should also have a plan for how you can get it in front of people more proactively. Are you sharing your content on your company social media profiles? Are you emailing your current database to inform them off your latest content?
    • Understand your audience – Relevance is a key factor for reaching the highest rankings in the search results, and for this, you need to think about user intent. For any given search term, think about what the user is really looking for, and how well your content addresses that need. How often do you think about your potential audience when you hit publish on your posts? 
    • Be authentic – Tactical SEO techniques might have worked in the past, but as the search algorithms continue to improve, a content marketing strategy that is founded on authenticity will win out in the long run. Naturally written content, that isn’t over-optimised for specific key terms is being increasingly rewarded. You can further enhance your authenticity by including author bios and links to social media profiles. 
    • Track your results – Continually tracking, analysing and optimising your content over time will not only give your content marketing strategy the best chance success but will also give you unique insight to your audience. You’ll be able to view which posts are most searched for and most read, which gives you a good indication of the topics that they’re most interested in. 

    Content Marketing by AsOne

    At AsOne, we’ve been building digital marketing and business development strategies for over a decade, and see content marketing as a core component. We’ve worked with many professional services firms, helping to turn their websites into important lead generation tools, for sharing expertise with potential customers and demonstrating thought leadership. 

    If you’d like support devising a content marketing strategy to help drive your business forward, or more information about AsOne generally, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to our expert marketers. 

    For businesses based in the North East, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 40% via the NEBSF funding scheme.

    content marketing strategy
  8. Marketing Strategy Development for Professional Services Firms

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    Flexibility and agility are crucial for modern professional services firms, giving them the ability to adapt to the latest industry trends and seize opportunities as they occur. That doesn’t mean however that your business should float like a rudderless ship, without a clear direction and vision. Strategy development is crucial for success in business today.

    A solid strategy provides the principles and framework within which your marketing and business development teams can operate, and ensures that you are working towards the right long term goals. 

    In spite of this, holistic strategy is overlooked by many firms today. How well defined is your long term strategy?

    Professional Services Strategy Development Principles

    strategy development

    When articulating your strategy there are several things to keep in mind, including:

    • Build on solid foundations – Take time to clarify your strength, weaknesses and current positioning in the market? Do you have a tightly defined customer segment that you are targeting and what is your current perception among these customers? This will underpin all other elements of your strategy.  
    • Factor in agility – Make sure you are clear on the distinction between a strategy and a plan. Strategy sets out what you’d like to achieve and broad strokes for how you will achieve it, but allows flexibility for the actual implementation as you get closer to it. 
    • Look to the future – Your strategy should be forward-looking, both in what you aspire to be and the methods you can leverage to get there. How can you factor in use of the latest digital marketing tools or methods to speed up your business growth? Doing the same things you did last year, will yield the same results you got last year. How will your strategy enable you to change, grow and improve as a business? 
    • Analyse your results – Be clear in your strategy about how you will measure success, and what you’ll do if you don’t achieve it. Modern digital businesses are built using agile methodologies, testing different approaches to learn which works best and constantly iterating to improve.   

    Strategy Development by AsOne

    Your industry may change dramatically over the next few years, especially with the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit. But having a flexible strategy in place will enable you to have confidence that no matter what happens, your business is well placed to thrive. 

    In our experience, many professional services firms are so focused on working to successfully deliver client projects that they don’t have time to look ahead at their own business development. By partnering with AsOne, you can delegate that responsibility to industry experts who will help to ensure that you have a steady stream of enquiries coming in, no matter what the business environment looks like. 

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on how AsOne can support your strategy development. For companies based in North East England, we’re proud to support the NEBSF funding scheme, meaning that eligible businesses could be entitled to up to 40% off their first project.

    strategy development
  9. LinkedIn Marketing​ – Optimise Marketing Spend by Targeting the Right Customers

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    Social media has transformed the way that businesses market their products and services, but many of the consumer-oriented platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t necessarily apply to a B2B audience.

    For professional services firms and other B2B companies, LinkedIn marketing is often a far more effective approach, allowing them to target an audience of qualified leads.

    Are you maximising your marketing spend by targeting real decision-makers? Instead, are you wasting resources on a more blanket approach, reaching people who don’t have the authority to buy your services?

    linkedin marketing

    Advantages of LinkedIn Marketing

    As a channel for marketing your business, LinkedIn has several important benefits over other methods, including:

    • Professional, B2B environment – As a primarily business-oriented network, people on LinkedIn tend to be far more receptive to business interaction. It is well established as a place people can connect with past colleagues and clients. 
    • Ability to target individuals – LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to target individuals by their sector, company and seniority. This enables you to isolate and target the right decision-makers that are empowered to purchase your products or services.
    • Interactive and conversational – Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to join in the conversation with your potential customers. Customers can like, share and comment on the content you post, giving you real-time feedback. You can also respond to customers directly, showing them a more personable side of your business that is impossible via some other channels.
    • Global reach and scale – Marketing your products and services via LinkedIn gives you the potential to reach a global market. Rather than being restricted to your local market, you can reach out to the right contacts across the world. LinkedIn can also be used as a valuable research tool to help you understand which markets might be interested in your products and services.

    LinkedIn Marketing by AsOne

    At AsOne, we have built up expertise in all the various forms of social media and content marketing, over more than a decade in the business. We understand the nuances and benefits of working with one platform over another and help our clients work out which will have the most impact on their business. Additionally, we have had notable success in paid marketing to authoritative decision-makers in the past, which you can read about here.

    We typically view LinkedIn marketing as part of a broader, integrated, digital business development strategy that continues to drive your business forward over the long-term. 

    If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn marketing, or how AsOne can help your business grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For companies based in the North East of England, AsOne is proud supporters of the NEBSF funding initiative, which entitles eligible businesses to a grant of up to 40% off their first project.

  10. Showcasing Exhibition Space to Increase Occupancy

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    Like conferences, exhibitions are a popular way to show off the latest developments in an industry, and for retailers to make early sales of their newest products. Having an opportunity to get hands on with these new products and discuss the details with the manufacturers is also incredibly valuable for buyers. Having the right exhibition space is a key factor in making these events a success. 

    For exhibition venues, marketing your space in the right way is vital to ensuring you generate lots of bookings to maximise occupancy, but many venues are failing to leverage the latest developments in digital marketing. 

    Exhibition Space Marketing Considerations

    exhibition space

    To improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts there are several key things you should keep in mind including:

    • Be specific about who you’re targeting – The products and services on display should be in keeping with the venue, so this may make your exhibition space more suited to certain industries over others. This will also include whether you’re targeting a luxury or lower cost audience. Another thing to think about is whether your location is particularly renowned for any specific industries. Are you clear on who your ideal target customer is?
    • Demonstrate understanding and experience – You will position your venue as leaders in the exhibition industry and help to differentiate from your competition if you demonstrate your expertise and understanding of what exhibitioners are looking for. Content marketing is an effective channel for this. For example:
      • Articulate how your space is suitable for displaying different types of projects, allowing for demos and the potential for people to interact with them. 
      • Highlight the need for quiet, private spaces where people can discuss commercial deals
      • Show appreciation for the fact that people will be tired after a long day working and will be interested in the leisure facilities available
    • Show the venue in the best light – Exhibitors will want to show off their projects and services in a setting that is befitting of them, it is therefore important that you show off the full potential of the space. This should include high-quality images and video of the exhibition space set up in various configurations so people can get a sense for what is possible. 
    • Think big – There is a lot of value for businesses attending exhibitions and getting early access to the latest developments in their industry. Therefore people will often travel from far and wide to attend the right event. Rather than focusing your attention on local businesses, don’t be afraid to look nationally and internationally to find possible exhibition organisers. You can achieve this by using paid ads to reach specific locations and industries. 

    Marketing Your Exhibition Space with AsOne

    At AsOne we have extensive experience working with companies in the hospitality industry, helping them to showcase the best that their venue has to offer and subsequently driving up bookings. 

    If you’d like more information on how AsOne can help you market your exhibition space more effectively or ideas for how to increase MICE bookings across the board, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to our expert team. 

    For venues based in the North East, AsOne are proudly part of the NEBSF funding program, which could entitle you to up to 40% off your project.

  11. Conference Room Marketing Techniques To Set You Apart

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    In the digital age we live in, with more and more business being conducted over the internet, it might seem counterintuitive that there has been a resurgence in the popularity of conferences over the past few years. However, representatives of multiple companies coming together to exchange specific ideas and services are now a critical part of building relationships and doing business.

    For hoteliers and other venues, this presents a great opportunity to increase the number of conference room bookings. But many in the hospitality industry aren’t doing enough to showcase their establishments to the full potential. 

    conference room

    Marketing Your Conference Room Facilities

    There are several key steps that you can take to help increase the visibility and appeal of your conference facilities, including:

    • Know your customer – Take time to get to know your target market and find out what they are looking for in a conference room. Your marketing should make it clear that you understand the needs of conferences organisers, and that you have all the facilities to make their event a success. When was the last time you took a step back to think about the trends in the industry?
    • Show off your venue – Digital media gives you lots of options to demonstrate the selling points of your space. This should include high-quality images, video, or even a virtual tour. Do your current assets really show your establishment in the best possible light?
      • Auditorium space – Professional speakers often present at conferences, so it is important that you show you have suitable space available. 
      • Conversational space – Inter-connected conversational spaces also make it possible for people to pick a discussion in a more private manner. 
    • Show the journey, not just the end result – Showing your conference room as a blank canvas being transformed into the final state is a great way to help potential customers visualise what they could do. Blog posts charting the journey, images, or even time-lapse videos are all effective ways of doing this. 
    • Consider your local surroundings – Is there an industry your region is famed for? If so, you may be able to partner with local companies or trade bodies for mutual benefit, using your conference room to promote the region. 

    Conference Room Marketing by AsOne

    At AsOne, we understand that no two events are exactly the same, and you have to work creatively to market your conference room facilities to appeal to a broad spectrum.

    We’ve worked with clients across the hospitality industry to improve the impact of their digital marketing strategies and increase the number of MICE bookings year on year. We tailor our approach to the individual needs of each client and focus on building long-term relationships, getting to know the business and the target customer, before implementing holistic strategies that get results

    For more information on the most effective methods for marketing your conference room facilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our expert team. Businesses based in the North East may be able to qualify for a grant of up to 40% of their project cost under the NEBSF funding scheme, which AsOne are proud to be a part of.

  12. Aiming for Success

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    It’s been quite the summer, hasn’t it! From scorching heatwaves to downpours from above – and that’s just one day most of the time – that hasn’t stopped us at AsOne having a great time whilst we’re boosting our client’s businesses. As a home for our marketing agency, Manchester has such a huge variety of leisure activities on offer; and over the last couple of months, our business targets aren’t the only ones we’ve been hitting!

    marketing agency manchester

    In June, we turned our hand to axe throwing and we discovered the true meaning of wanting to stay on the right side of the boss, with Joel demonstrating a medieval level of accuracy with the axes on his way to being crowned champion. It was a great night out and the ability to go axe throwing in the middle of town shows just what a great city for a marketing agency Manchester is to be based in.

    Where the axe throwing showed how strong we are as individuals, August’s night out at Flight Club showed our team working skills, as pairs of us were pitted against each other in darts-related challenges. Across the evening, out of all the different pairings, and thanks to a last-minute buzzer-beating checkout from her teammate Joe, it was Tracey who amassed the highest total number of podium finishes on the night – but it really was all about the fun we had along the way.

    The final piece of news that we’d like to update you on our long-anticipated move to Manchester; and the good news is that we are in the final stages of signing all the required contracts and paperwork on a swanky new office in the City Centre, and we will be a marketing agency Manchester city centre can be proud of. All things going to plan, we should be moving across in November – a lovely early Christmas present for us! That being said, we will be incredibly sad to leave Tameside, where we have been based for all 19 years of our existence. 

    If you need a marketing agency, Manchester is home to the best one – us! Get in touch to speak to one of our expert team about your digital projects.

  13. Marketing Reward Packages for Corporate Customers

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    Corporate incentives packages are a well-established method of motivating teams to ensure employers get the best from their staff. The right incentives can have a significant impact on the morale and productivity of teams, pushing people to give 100% when it matters most. 

    Establishing your business as a suitable destination for reward packages is a sure-fire way to increase your MICE bookings. To do this, you need to be able to demonstrate the luxury value and to emphasise the points that make it prize-worthy. 

    Marketing for Corporate Incentives

    When pitching your establishment as a great destination for use in corporate incentives, or rewards packages there are several things you should consider:

    corporate incentives
    • Custom landing pages – Different types of organisations will treat reward packages differently. In order to appeal to the broadest range of customers, you will need to offer a tailored approach. Using landing pages that target these disparate groups help to ensure you will appear relevant. Is your current approach one size fits all, or are you set up to handle different customer segments?
    • Paid ads – Sponsored ads on Google, Facebook and other similar sites can be used to ensure that you direct the right traffic to the right landing pages on your site. 
    • Content calendar – Once you’ve sold a corporate incentive package, you want the employees to be motivated to achieve the prize. An excellent way to do this is to keep posting regular content showcasing the latest news and events that you are hosting. This will keep employees checking back and make them excited by attaining the prize. How regularly are you posting engaging content at the moment?
    • Talk jointly with your customers – Joint press releases with your successful clients is a really effective way of subtly promoting your corporate incentives. A release might focus on the success the client is having of late, and reference that they are staying with you to celebrate. This could also extend to things like co-authored blog posts.  

    Harnessing FOMO

    In order to get repeat custom, you need to demonstrate value for your clients, by ensuring that not only winning teams leave feeling more motivated, but that they also have a positive effect on other teams. 

    The “Fear of Missing Out” phenomenon is well known among social media users. You can tap into this emotion to motivate employees to perform so that they don’t miss out next time. For instance:

    • Ask winning employees to leave testimonials of their stay, with photos and videos
    • Post profiles and case studies of your clients and the success they’ve had 

    Depending on the client, you might even consider hiring a professional videographer to capture the activities of the winning team and play back to the rest of the organisation. 

    Corporate Incentives, AsOne Style

    One of the things we pride ourselves on at AsOne is finding fresh approaches to help market and grow our client’s businesses. Whether you are looking to increase the number of corporate incentives you sell, or you want to boost MICE bookings more generally, our expert team will leverage the latest in digital marketing techniques to ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

    If you have any questions about marketing for corporate incentives, or you’d like to know we can help you succeed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

    For hotels and venues based in the North East of England, you may qualify for funding under the NEBSF scheme, which would entitle you to up to 40% off your order.

  14. Meeting Venue Marketing – Attracting MICE Bookings

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    Over the past decade the way businesses operate has changed and corporate events have become an increasingly significant part of working life. Due to flexible and remote working, it is more important than ever for teams to come together face to face to collaborate, and finding the right meeting venue is key to making your time together productive and enjoyable. 

    Further to this, in the information age creativity is not only encouraged, but a vital factor for success, and getting away from the office can really help to stimulate the mind. 

    By taking the time to understand these drivers, and connecting with the right business owners and leaders, hospitality managers are well placed to take advantage of this trend. 

    Digital Marketing for A Meeting Venue

    Modern digital marketing offers several benefits over traditional marketing methods to help promote your venue. Using these techniques in parallel will help to increase the exposure of your venue online, and will ensure that you’re targeting precisely the right audience:

    meeting venue
    • Paid Ads for Local marketing – Optimising for local keywords in your paid ads will ensure you only target the most relevant potential customers, which increases your click-through rates and ROI.  
    • Social media – Sites like Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to show off your meeting venue with photos and videos. This is particularly true for the leisure spaces, where businesses will be looking to create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for their teams. User-generated content via social media is also a very effective way to reach relevant potential customers. Does your social media strategy showcase the key differentiators for your venue?
    • Email Marketing – To help generate repeat custom, it is useful to build up a database of email contacts for past and potential clients. This then gives you the option to notify them of upcoming deals, discounts or seasonal activities that might encourage them to make another booking. Are you capturing and harnessing the value of your customers’ email addresses?
    • Feedback surveys – Further to using email lists as a direct sales channel, you can also use it to collect valuable information from your clients. Asking customers to periodically provide information about their experiences at your meeting venue, or their interest in MICE venues generally will give you an excellent insight into what your customers are looking for. How often are you listening to your audience today?
    • Content marketing – Content marketing gives you a platform to show customers what is great about your meeting venue, but also a way to demonstrate your knowledge of their business. By showing empathy for the challenges of your clients, and presenting them with ways in which your venue can help, you build trust with your audience and increase the chances of them becoming repeat customers. How are you currently showcasing your expertise in this field?

    Meeting Venue Marketing by AsOne

    At AsOne we always bring a fresh approach and innovative thinking to our marketing campaigns. When marketing your meeting venue, you want to stand out from your competitors, and AsOne can help you achieve this by drawing on the best techniques from across the hospitality industry. 

    Through working with clients from a range of industries for over a decade, we have a unique insight as to what works and what doesn’t and we bring this body of knowledge to every project we undertake. 

    For more information on the best ways to market your meeting venue to businesses and increase your overall volume of MICE bookings, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our marketing experts.

    For venues based in the North East, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 40% off your order as part of the NEBSF funding scheme which AsOne are proud to support.

    meeting venue
  15. Expanding your Reach With User-Generated Content

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    The majority of businesses today are aware of the revolution that has swept through marketing over the past decade with the rise of social media, and most have taken steps to set up profiles on the best-known sites like Facebook and Twitter. But very few companies are fully leveraging the potential of user-generated content to engage customers and promote their brands. 

    In the hospitality industry, the power of user-generated content is particularly strong, as it has the potential to offer an independent insight to hotels and restaurants that are highly prized by consumers when making a purchasing decision. So, is your marketing team seizing this opportunity?

    Benefits of User-Generated Content

    User-generated content has several key benefits when used effectively, including:

    • Build engagement – Giving fans and customers an opportunity to be featured on your social media pages is a great way to build engagement, and helps customers to feel more connected to your business
    • Promote to a wider audience – By encouraging customers to comment on social media, this enables you to market to their friends at no extra cost. This might not be a huge audience, but this form of social influencing makes them far more likely to take notice. 
    • Generate buzz – Getting exposure to a wider audience helps to generate buzz and noise around your brand, even stimulating the potential for mentions in other media outlets and offline. 

    Driving the Conversation

    Receiving high volumes of user-generated content is not something that you can just expect to happen organically, your digital marketing has to make sure you drive the conversation. You can do this in a number of ways including:

    • Proactive posting – Regularly posting content and asking questions of your audience
    • Reactive and responsive – Respond to people promptly, building genuine conversations
    • Connecting – Connecting to other relevant influencers and personalities enables you to leverage their platform
    • Invite others to join in – By sharing the Tweets or Facebook posts on your website and in your email campaigns you can encourage others to become part of the conversation. 

    Following these steps will help to raise the profile of your hotel or restaurant on social media and drive traffic to your site which will ultimately translate to increased booking. 

    Join the Conversation with AsOne

    At AsOne we’ve worked with a wide range of companies in the hospitality industry to help them understand and realise the full potential of user-generated content, proactively engaging their customers and playing an active part in the conversation. 

    If you have any questions about how to leverage user-generated content to grow your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    For companies based in the North East, we’re proud to support the North East Business Support Fund, which entitles eligible businesses to up to 40% off their first order.

  16. Reputation Management: Why You Can’t Afford To Overlook Reviews

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    While digital marketing has undoubtedly given businesses a host of new tools to analyse and target their customers, it has also placed a significant amount of power into the customer’s hands via third party review sites. Reputation management has become vital, especially in the hospitality industry where reviewing sites like Trip Advisor has almost become a default part of the process for booking a hotel.  

    With that in mind, it is more important than ever that you monitor what people are saying about you online, both positive and negative, and take appropriate action. But rather than viewing them as a burden, hospitality managers should be asking their marketing teams, “are we getting the most from our online reviews?”

    reputation management

    Online Reputation Management Considerations

    Reputation management can be a difficult subject to master, and there are several things that you should take into account:

    • Use them as a source of customer research – Customers will speak candidly and openly about their hospitality experiences and there are dedicated sites focusing on restaurant reviews and hotel stays. You can use this as an ocean of valuable insight, both to your customers and your competitors. 
    • Share positive reviews – Social proof is an excellent tool to help promote your restaurant or hotel. By embedding reviews in your own site, or sharing testimonials on social media you make it far easier for potential new customers to make a decision. You already have the content, in the form of the reviews, your reputation management strategy means that you can deliver these powerful pieces of marketing straight to the customer. 
    • Respond promptly and appropriately – It is important to respond to reviews, to engage with customers and remain part of the conversation. Simply thanking customers for a positive review can go a long way. When dealing with negative reviews, you have an opportunity to make things right for that customer, and show potential customers that you care. Take all feedback on board and resist the temptation to get overly defensive. 

    One final consideration is to make sure you thoroughly think through the ramifications of how you choose to respond to customers. This is especially true for dealing with negative feedback. Just this week Easy Jet was caught in controversy after asking a customer to remove an image they tweeted showing a row of backless seats. This seems to have caused much more of a storm than if they had simply explained the image straight away!

    Reputation Management, AsOne Style

    At AsOne we help a number of clients in the hospitality industry with their reputation management. This includes things like managing their social media accounts, monitoring inbound links from third party sites, and sharing positive reviews on their sites. 

    For more information on reputation management and how to make online reviews work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert team. 

    If you’re based in the North East, you may be able to benefit from up to 40% off your order as part of the NEBSF funding program, which we are proud to be part of.

  17. How Local Marketing In Hospitality Maximises ROI

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    In the hospitality industry, it is no understatement to say that local marketing is vital. It is very rare for someone to look for a perfect hotel or restaurant without already having a destination in mind, so making sure that you stand out in that region can be the difference between success and failure.

    Further to this, the use of location settings and GPS data in mobile phones means that most mobile search results are filtered, showing only a handful of top-ranking local businesses.

    Given its significance, many hospitality managers are rightly asking themselves, “are we using the right techniques to maximise our local marketing potential?”

    Hospitality Local Marketing

    local marketing

    Digital technologies have revolutionised local marketing and there are several approaches that you should be using, either together or separately, that will help improve the visibility of your business.

    • Directory listings – An important starting point is to ensure that you have registered your business on all the appropriate local directories, and set up your Google My Business account. You should also ensure that you have embedded Google Maps on your site.
    • Paid Ads – Paid ads on platforms like Google and Facebook are a very effective way of targeting people looking for a hotel or hospitality in your local area. There are a number of ways to employ paid ads that take advantage of location targeting.
    • Relevant regional content – A strong content strategy that talks about local events in the community reinforces – to search engines – where you are based and will boost the amount of traffic coming into the site via relevant search queries. Detailed keyword planning and a well optimised CMS maximises the impact of this content.
    • Localised SEO tactics – In parallel to a broader content strategy, you should also implement shorter-term tactical SEO to help boost visibility in Google and Bing. This might include things like putting relevant place names in the alt text or meta-descriptions for your images.

    AsOne – Local marketing, the right way

    At AsOne we work with our clients on holistic digital business development strategies to help them grow their business, including generating increased F&B and MICE bookings. In hospitality, the temptation is to cast a wide net to draw in visitors from further afield, but you may find that actually in order to thrive your business relies on local, repeat custom. We’ll help you design and implement a bespoke strategy that takes these nuances into account. 

    For more information on how a dedicated local marketing strategy can help to elevate your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

    Specifically for businesses based in the North East of England, you may be able to get a discount of 40% off your first project if you qualify for the NEBSF scheme, which we are proud to support.

  18. Email Marketing Strategy – Driving Sales with Direct Email

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    Email marketing is an extremely effective way of engaging an audience and helping to drive your business forward. To be successful, however, you need a well-designed email marketing strategy that takes in to account your specific needs and the style of your brand. 

    Emails can be doubly effective when promoting events, as they create a sense of urgency which is a great tool to help sell tickets. 

    Benefits of Implementing an Email Marketing Strategy

    There are several specific benefits to using email marketing that will help you meet your business goals including:

    email marketing
    • Proactive – Contacting potential customers via email allows you to be proactive, rather than waiting for them to come to you, either by searching for your website or following an ad.  
    • Multiple touchpoints – If you want to tell your audience a story over time, email is a great tool. For example in the run-up to an event, you can send out a staggered stream of emails, building excitement as the date approaches. 
    • Time-based – Unlike other types of marketing communications, a proactive email marketing strategy means that you can target potential customers at specific times. For example, you might want your offer to arrive at the beginning of the month when people are likely to have just been paid. 
    • Create urgency – You can also use the time-based nature of emails to create urgency, which is a powerful sales tool in itself. For example, you can count down the days to an event, or urge people to buy tickets before they sell out.  
    • Multimedia – In the mobile-enabled, information age that we live in, emails needn’t be boring text-based messages, they can be full of rich engaging content to help deliver a dose of excitement to your customer’s inbox. This can include images, infographics or even video, and you can link to other landing pages with even more info. 
    • Tracking and Analytics – An effective email marketing strategy will include analytics which enables you to detect how users engaged with your emails. This will tell you how many emails were opened, what time they were opened and whether they were forwarded. This is valuable information to help you optimise future campaigns.

    Email Marketing, AsOne Style

    At AsOne we’ve been helping businesses take advantage of the latest digital marketing technologies for over a decade. We’ve developed email marketing strategy with clients from a wide range of industries and have in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. In one email campaign, we secured a transaction worth over £500k.

    One increasingly important factor in email marketing is data security and privacy. You have to ensure that you are storing email addresses and any other personal data correctly and that you have the right permission from your customers to send emails. Our team is well versed in these issues and can help to make sure you are compliant with the latest regulations like GDPR. 

    For more information on how to craft a great email marketing strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. You can reach us via phone on 0161 368 9100, email or through our social media pages. Businesses based in the North East may be eligible for funding through the NEBSF scheme, which entitles to them to up to 40% off their project.

  19. Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

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    Having been in business for well over a decade, AsOne has been an active participant in the growth of digital marketing. We’ve seen major trends come and go, as well as a number of new agencies coming into the industry.

    If you’re looking to invest in digital marketing, how do you know what the best digital marketing agency looks like? In this article we’ll explore some key traits and share some of our experiences.

    Best Digital Marketing Agency – What to look out for

    The best digital marketing agencies have several traits that set them apart from the more run of the mill competition. Look out for things such as:

    • Proactive suggestions – Rather than going to agencies with fully formed ideas that you just want them to implement, you should be able to lean on them to contribute their expertise to help get the best results. At AsOne we pride ourselves on offering our clients a fresh approach, and suggesting ideas that they might not have previously considered. 
    • Think about the bigger picture – Digital marketing shouldn’t be thought of as an exercise in itself, but as part of a broader, holistic digital business development strategy. At AsOne we help our clients get the most from their marketing spend by taking the time to understand their long term business goals before crafting marketing strategies that help to achieve them. 
    Best Digital Marketing
    • Long-term relationship – Digital marketing is a long-term endeavour, using different techniques consistently over an extended period of time to build your online presence. It also requires close monitoring of analytics and statistics to fine tune the strategy once it is in motion. Therefore the best agencies will be on hand to work with you over the long-term and don’t disappear once the project is delivered. The best digital marketing agency will approach every client relationship as a long-term partnership, helping their businesses to adapt and grow into the future. 
    • Open and honest – While some elements of digital marketing are fairly predictable, with set processes and with a measurable impact, other areas are less clear cut. Things like social media marketing and SEO require patience and an iterative approach to be most successful, be wary of anyone who makes false promises, or can’t substantiate their claims with references from previous work. The best digital marketing agency will be really upfront with you about where they can be certain of results, and where they will need to experiment. 
    • Case studies – Building on from the previous point, great agencies will be able to reference past work they’ve done as an example of how they could help you. Not only can they draw on their extensive experience from working with other clients, but they can give you tangible examples of what works and what doesn’t. 

    Digital Marketing – AsOne Style

    At AsOne we’ve embraced the traits above and offer our clients the best digital marketing experience on every project. This approach has enabled us to retain some of our clients for over a decade. 

    If you’re thinking about growing your business and are looking for the best digital marketing agency to help achieve your vision, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert marketers. Contact us.

    For businesses based in the North East, you may qualify for the NEBSF program, which would qualify you for up to 40% off your first project. 

  20. Web Design That Manchester Can Be Proud Of

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    If you’re looking for expert web design Manchester has become a creative hub in the UK with all the requisite talent to build internationally recognised sites, meaning you needn’t look anywhere else. 

    Web Design Overview

    When we think about website design at AsOne we look at the full process from end to end. This includes:

    web design
    • Holistic strategy – Your website should fit in with your broader digital business development strategy and isn’t something that you should build in isolation without a clear goal. We always start by thinking about how the site will support your long term business growth and work towards that. 
    • Concepts – Before jumping into the detail of the design, it is important to think broadly about the types of things you’d like the site to include and why they might look like. When it comes to web design, Manchester is a great place to build our inspiration from. We work with clients on conceptual ideas and iterate from these to work towards a design specification. This could include far more than just the look and feel of the site, and may also cover things like ecommerce functionality, interactive tools, integration with other systems and email capture. 
    • Wire-framing – Once we have concepts in place we’ll start to draft wireframes which highlight what elements will go where on the site. This gives clients the opportunity to input to the design again before we start to build. 
    • Build – As a full-service digital agency we have the necessary in-house talent to build the site. Our developers work closely with the designers and the clients themselves to make the site a reality. 
    • Optimisation – Good website design never stops and your website should be something that constantly improves over time. We always set up analytics which shows how the site is performing and make suggests for iterations which will further enhance the performance of the site. 

    Web Design Manchester

    Our close relationships with our clients has always been a key factor in our success. We’re not transactional in our approach, we like to work in long-term partnerships with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their business and support their growth. We, therefore, think that working with local web designers is important for a number of reasons including:

    • Better relationship – Having the flexibility to meet face to face on a regular basis helps to cement long-term strategic partnerships far better than simply talking over phone or email. 
    • Quicker turnaround times – You won’t have the trouble coordinating diaries around lengthy travel times when working with a local agency. We’re happy to come to client offices at short notice to help get projects delivered. 

    AsOne – Web Design, Manchester Natives

    At AsOne we’ve been supporting Manchester based businesses for over a decade, but we’ve also expanded our reach to help clients across the UK. 

    Our inclusion in the NEBSF funding scheme is good example of our expansion, as we’re now working with more companies based in the North East. This program allows qualifying businesses from the region to get up to 40% off their first project with us. 

    For more information on web design, Manchester based local marketing or a general overview of how AsOne can help your business grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  21. Serve and Volley – Don’t let it Bounce!

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    Overlook your page speed and bounce rates at your peril.

    The key to winning a game of tennis is to minimise the amount of time your opponent has to critically evaluate your own game or position. Serving fast, and following that with a strong volley, where you don’t let the ball bounce, is one way of doing that.

    Serving fast, avoiding bounces. That’s not a bad lesson for SEO, and in particular, the importance of page speed.

    People on the internet want to find information and they want to find it fast. When they can’t do that, because they are met with a page that is slow to load, they become frustrated.

    We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We see an article, perhaps on a Facebook feed, that catches our interest, we follow the link and are met with grey and white blocks painstakingly printing themselves onto our screens. It only takes a couple of seconds before we abandon our visit, deeming that the content on the page cannot be worth the wait.

    This is what we call a user who “bounces” – in other words, they land very briefly on the site before taking off again, unsatisfied with what they found. A high bounce rate can suggest a number of things about your digital presence – none of which are positive.

    Google knows this, and pages with high bounce rates are unlikely to rank well in its results pages. In fact, Google has been using page speed as a factor for rankings since 2010, and in 2018 even released “The Speed Update”, demonstrating just how important page speed is to Google – and, in SEO, if it’s important to Google, then it’s important to you.

    What’s more, Google’s crawl bots can only read a page that loads, and only spend so much time on a website during a crawl. The lower your page speed, the fewer pages they’ll be able to read and index before they move on. So not only will your pages appear lower in search engine results, but some pages might not appear at all.

    So, what can you do about it? Well, Google built a free-to-use tool to help you see how your site is doing, PageSpeed Insights. What’s more, this tool gives you ideas and tips to reduce your page speed in the “Opportunities” section. Be careful though – some of these ‘opportunities’ aren’t contextualised – so whilst uploading images in next-gen formats might sound like a forward, positive step, they aren’t supported by some common browsers, such as Safari. Swapping to them might cripple your user experience scores, and see your page plummet out of search engine results.

    That’s why it’s important to understand page speed as a part of SEO. The impact of having a slow page speed doesn’t just mean people have to wait longer to see your page, but that they won’t see it at all. Google only wants to provide the best experience to its users, and sending them to a slow page is not doing that. It’s also important to understand how the factors affecting page speed impact on each other, too, and what the right decisions to make for your website are. At AsOne, we have an experienced, professional team of web developers and marketers – meaning that we have all the knowledge and tools to help with your page speed problems.

    Don’t believe us? Check our case studies.

    If you are interested in partnering with AsOne to boost your business, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 368 9100, where you can speak to our expert team and talk us through your business and how we can help you.

  22. Event Marketing Strategies – Planning for Success

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    Over the past decade events have become increasingly popular as people chase “experiences” over “purchases”. This may come as little surprise given that research demonstrates that spending money on experiences over possessions can lead to greater happiness. While this is encouraging and shows signs of a growing market, it also means there is far more competition than previously, and event organisers need to pay close attention to their event marketing strategies. 

    Event Marketing Strategies – Component Breakdown

    event marketing strategies

    Event marketing strategies should start with a clear goal in mind. For example, are you trying to sell a certain number of tickets, attract a particular level of sponsorship or some other goal? Once you have this clearly defined, you can start to articulate a strategy to achieve it. 

    Event marketing strategies typically include things such as:

    • Content Marketing – Articles and blog posts can be a great way to generate interest in the run-up to your event. This could include content on your own site, but also guest posts on other relevant sites that your target audience might read. 
    • Social Media – Event marketing strategies have certainly shifted over the past few years and social media has become increasingly important. Not only can you engage the relevant target demographic for your event, but social media also gives them a platform to discuss and share the event with each other. 
    • Paid Ads – Paid adverts, either via platforms like Google AdWords or banner ads on other sites, can be a great way to generate immediate interest in your event and drive traffic back to your own site. 
    • Platform listings – As events have become more popular a whole network has grown up of sites advertising different events. This includes event discovery sites like Eventbrite, but there may also be more niches sites relating to your specific industry or area of focus. 
    • Email – If you already have a large customer base, depending on their contact preferences, you may be able to easily reach them via email as one of your event marketing strategies. Alternatively, if you’re just starting out, you may be able to use an incentive to collect people’s email addresses through your site so that you can contact them in the future. 
    • Partnerships – Partnering with other brands and organisations with a similar target audience can be a great way to market events. If you are not directly competing with them, working together to promote the event, or leveraging the audience of another brand can be mutually beneficial to both companies. 

    Event Marketing – AsOne Style

    At AsOne we’ve been helping business from a vast range of industries to market their products and services for over a decade. Whether you are looking to host an event to promote an existing aspect of your business, or you want to market a one-off event, we can help you to select the best event marketing strategies to ensure you achieve your goals. 

    For more information on how AsOne can help craft event marketing strategies to meet your specific needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert marketers. For companies based in the North East, we are proud to be affiliated with the NEBSF funding scheme, which entitles qualifying businesses to up to 40% off the cost of their first project.

  23. Digital Agency Manchester – From Strategy to Execution

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    If you’re looking for a digital agency, Manchester is home to some of the best marketing talent this country has to offer, and we’re proud to be part of it. For over a decade, AsOne has been serving customers from our base in Manchester and over time we have expanded to further support our customer’s growth. 

    Digital Agency Servicesdigital agency manchester

    As the leading full-service digital agency Manchester offers, we have experience helping clients across the entire spectrum of marketing products. This includes things such as:

    • Digital business development strategies – We believe that successful marketing campaigns start with clearly articulating what you want to achieve and linking those targets to business goals. We work with many of our clients to design strategies that help make these goals a reality. 
    • Website design – As your online storefront, having an effective website is a non-negotiable for business success in this day and age. Our in-house web designers and developers help craft the ideal sites to suit our customer’s marketing needs. 
    • Paid marketing – Advertising through paid platforms like AdWords and Facebook Ads also plays an important role in the overall marketing toolkit. As the best digital agency Manchester has to offer, we help our customers ensure they get the best ROI for their marketing spend by designing and optimising campaigns that have maximum impact.
    • eCommerce functionality – For customers looking to sell online, we can also develop eCommerce functionality and integrate it with your existing website. This could be via a platform like Magento, or a more custom built solution. 
    • Content marketing – Once your website is in place, you need to drive traffic to it and one approach is with content marketing. We offer end to end content writing services, from strategy and keyword research through to execution. As a digital agency Manchester can be proud of, our content strategies have proven records of success.
    • Social media – Depending on your business, social media could be a great platform to engage and interact with your audience. We help our clients decide which social media sites will be most impactful, and we can run campaigns on their behalf.  
    • Specialist marketing campaigns – Beyond the typical marketing services, we also support our clients with more specialist or niche marketing campaigns, for example:
      • Seasonal marketing – We never assume that the same campaigns will work all year round, and instead think about how best to align marketing strategies to other seasonal factors or specific events.
      • B2B – Manchester is home to thousands of businesses and as a digital agency Manchester can be proud of, we understand how to market products and services to corporate audiences
      • Local Marketing – Many businesses have a physical location and want to rank for specific geographic search terms. We understand the best mechanisms to help you rank for these terms, not matter what your location is. As a Manchester based agency, we excel at helping businesses local to our area. 

    AsOne – Digital Agency Manchester

    In the hunt for a digital agency? Manchester’s best is AsOne. If you would like more information on how we can help you out, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. And if you’re based in the North East, you may qualify for the NEBSF funding scheme which would entitle you to a discount of up to 40% off your first project. 

  24. Event Marketing – Getting Maximum Exposure for Your Money

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    Over the past decade, the popularity of events has exploded with an increasing number of festivals, exhibitions, conferences and other pop up events every year. Events build on the booming customer demand for “experiences” over “things”, particularly with the younger generations, and event marketing is an incredibly effective way of promoting an existing business, or even as a business in their own right.

    There are a wide variety of approaches to event marketing, and the approach should be tailored to the specific event itself. For example, marketing a physical, in-person event like a festival, will be very different from an online event like a webinar or Facebook Live stream. That being said, there are a number of commonalities that can help inform your strategy.  

    Event Marketing in Three Stagesevent marketing

    Whether you are actually marketing an event yourself – or looking to benefit from the hype around an event – there are several steps that you can follow to ensure maximum exposure:

    • Build-up – In the run-up to the event you can share information to help promote it, via social media or via content on your blog. This helps to promote the event, build anticipation and gives potential attendees all the information they might require.
    • Throughout – During an event you can continue to share updates, and interact with attendees who share content on social media. Posting regular photos, videos and other content will help people to feel part of the event even if they couldn’t be there physically.   
    • Post-event comms – After the event, there is still lots you can do to prolong the enjoyment and get the most impact from a marketing perspective. Sharing a highlights reel video, or a wrap-up summary on your blog are both popular ideas. This also has the benefit of increasing awareness for people who might be interested in attending the event next year.

    Using this three-pronged model gives you longevity and an event that maybe only lasts a day can give you weeks or months’ worth of content to share with your audience.

    As we come into festival season, this type of approach is very common and will be used to promote many of the most popular and hotly anticipated events of the year.

    Event Marketing as Part of Your Broader Strategy

    At AsOne we’ve consulted our clients on the most effective digital marketing strategies for over a decade. We partner with our clients over the long-term to find sustainable solutions to help their businesses grow. As part of this, we recognise the value of events to engage your customers face-to-face and have helped many of our clients to leverage event marketing.

    If you’re interested in hearing more about event marketing and how AsOne can help promote your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our expert team. For businesses and organisations based in the North East, you may be eligible for a 40% discount off your first order if you qualify for the NEBSF scheme, so please ask!

    event marketing

  25. Seasonal Marketing: Engaging Your Audience with Timely Relevant Content

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    Content marketing is an effective way to engage your audience, by answering their questions and giving them insight into your brand – but producing high quality, relevant content all year round can be a challenge. One way to address this is by using seasonal marketing campaigns, tailoring your content strategy to suit different events and different times of the year.

    Seasonal Marketing – The Benefitsseasonal marketing

    Producing seasonal marketing campaigns and related content can have several benefits, including:

    • Timely, relevant content – The first major benefit is that the content is timely and relevant, meaning that people will be searching for these types of articles, and you’ll be providing useful information to suit their needs.
    • Tap into emotions – By producing content that changes seasonally, you can alter your approach to the different emotions that people are likely to be feeling. This will help you build a much stronger connection with your audience. For example, as we approach summer holidays, people will be excited about getting out in the sun or jetting off on holiday, and you can create content that reflects that excitement.
    • Link up with events – Seasonal marketing also allows you to ride the wave of other events that are going on. This gives you a constantly rich source of material that you can talk about and that will resonate with your target customers
    • Make it sharable – Another important benefit is that content that resonates really with your audience is far more likely to be shared on social media, particularly if it is very fresh and timely. This will further boost your following.

    For instance, as we approach Father’s Day, people will be looking forward to spending time with their families and the hopefully excellent weather that comes with it. Think about how you can adapt your content, or promotions to help benefit from these existing emotions.

    Evergreen Content

    In contrast to seasonal marketing campaigns, it can also be useful to include some so-called “evergreen” content on your site. This content should rank well all year round and will remain relevant long into the future, driving significant traffic to the site with only minor updates and additions.

    Seasonal Marketing by AsOne

    At AsOne we partner with our clients over the long-term to design content calendars that take advantage of the latest seasonal trends and upcoming events, such as our Christmas marketing campaign for a credit union. By working closely with our clients, we get to understand the ins and outs of their business and can tailor our approach to meet their specific needs.

    For more information on how seasonal marketing can help your business succeed, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our expert marketing team, either by phone on 0161 368 9100, via the contact page on our website, or find us on Facebook or other social media.

    We’re proud to support businesses in the North East by being part of the NEBSF funding scheme, allowing qualifying businesses to get up to 40% grant funding for their projects with us. 

  26. Use Creative Marketing Techniques to Draw in New Customers

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    The landscape of marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade, with businesses now becoming increasingly reliant on digital marketing channels like social media, search engines and online ads. However, this technology does not change the fact that to catch the attention of your audience and potential customers, you need novel, creative marketing ideas.

    Thinking strategically about your approach to marketing and consciously including more creativity can work wonders. Effective creative marketing can live on for years, with adverts and campaigns remembered long after their original release. For example:

    • John LewisThe Christmas advert has been redefined by the John Lewis, and it is now a fixture of the holiday period. People hotly anticipate the John Lewis Christmas ads each year and can recount many of the previous ones off hand.
    • HondaWanting to be known as an innovative brand and a high-performance manufacturer, Honda launched a series of ads based on a “mousetrap-style” system of car parts. This creative approach is still remembered by many to this day.
    • British Airways BA used a billboard in London to point out actual planes flying overhead. This creative, innovative campaign captured the attention of their audience and has been widely shared. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it already.

    Benefits of Creative Marketing creative marketing

    Making a deliberate decision to be creative about your choice of marketing activities can yield several distinct benefits to your business over more standard approaches including:

    • Engages your audience – Creative marketing campaigns can capture the hearts of minds of your potential customers in ways that normal campaigns don’t. This can keep your business in their thoughts for longer and make them more likely to follow up with you to make a purchase.
    • Sets you apart from competitors – Some industries have employed the same marketing techniques for a long time. This is especially true for well established, traditional industries. Thinking creatively about marketing gives you an opportunity to break out of the mould and do something different that sets you apart.
    • Self-perpetuating – Demonstrating genuine creativity in your campaigns gives them a greater chance of being shared and passed on to other people. In the age of digital marketing, achieving “viral” status is something that people strive for, leveraging the free coverage that comes from an army of loyal fans and customers.
    • Creates a legacy – As demonstrated by the brands above, creative marketing can live on well beyond the initial campaign, and create something of a halo around your brand. You become known as an innovative and interesting business and customers will continue to recall that perception long into the future.

    With Father’s Day just a couple of weeks away, this could be an excellent opportunity for brands to experiment with novel, creative marketing concepts to surprise and delight new customers.

    Creative Marketing; The AsOne Way

    At AsOne we pride ourselves on our fresh approach and creative thinking. Our approach has always been to work in close partnership with our clients, getting to know the ins and outs of their business, before crafting bespoke, creative marketing strategies that help them achieve their goals.

    For inspiration or more information on how to inject creativity into your marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our team. They’ll gladly walk you through the options and set you on a path that separates you from your competitors.

    Businesses in the North East may also be eligible for up to 40% off as part of the NEBSF scheme.

  27. Good Website Design – Take Your Site to the Next Level

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    Today it almost goes without saying that good website design is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for successful businesses. We’re well beyond the era where simply having a website was enough, and with customer expectations higher than ever, your website must be of an equally high standard.

    Poor web design can have a very real and direct impact on your business. It reduces the trust customers place in you, it can lead to confusion over where to find things, and ultimately it leads to a drop in conversions and loss of sales.

    While the site must, of course, be fully functioning, in many instances look and feel is equally if not more important.good website design

    Good Website Design Benefits

    While people may choose to spend their time and energy on other things, focusing on design elements can actually have a number of very practical benefits:

    • Increases trust and conversions – A better-looking site, with a modern appearance, makes customers more trusting of your brand and products, which makes them far more likely to purchase from you online or to follow up with you offline.
    • Easier to navigate, better customer satisfaction – Good design simplifies navigation, meaning that customers can find what they want quicker and are more satisfied with their experience. This makes them more likely to come back to your site and more likely to share it with other people.
    • Improves SEO and search position – While it might not be a direct factor in the search algorithms, website design plays an important role. For example, page load times, mobile usability and time on page are all factors that are greatly influenced by the site design and also play a crucial role in search result positions.
    • More secure – Good web design can also extend to the back end of the site. Properly thought-out and designed sites can include additional security measures that make sites more secure and better protected.
    • Reflects your brand image – Spending time on your website design gives you real opportunity to think about how you want your business to be perceived. As opposed to using standard off-the-shelf designs, high quality, bespoke web design can set you apart from your competitors and demonstrate what you stand for as a company.

    Good Website Design – AsOne Style

    At AsOne we’ve been helping companies leverage the power and scale of the internet for well over a decade. We’ve seen various web design trends come and go, and know what it takes to be successful online.

    For more information on how good website design can help your business grow or guidance on how to get started with your first web project, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our expert design team.

    For businesses based in the North East, AsOne is proudly part of the NEBSF funding scheme, so qualifying companies could receive a grant of up to 40% of their first order.

    good website design

  28. Do Holidays Hinder Your Business Plans?

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    If you run a small business, then you know just how important your employees are to you and your business. You don’t have many of them, and all of them have unique skills that are essential for your business to run its day-to-day operations. So when it comes to employee holiday entitlement, and they want to take a week off for their summer family holiday (as more than half of us take), it can leave your business at a disadvantage.

    Of course, you’d never begrudge them their summer holiday; it is only because they are so integral that you are left with this dilemma, and it’s crucial that they enjoy their lives to keep them as productive as they are at work. But that doesn’t change the fact that if half of your marketing team is on holiday for two weeks in August, you might see a real dip in profits during high potential revenue periods. If your web developer flies to France on a Monday morning, and your checkout page stops taking payments on Tuesday afternoon, what’s your solution? Indeed, how can you justify your own holidays – which are crucial for your own productivity and mental health – if your employee holiday entitlement causes you such a headache? More than half of all small business owners take less than five days off a year, and 21% take no days off at all.

    In some departments, the difficulties of employee holiday entitlement can be skirted around rather straightforwardly. Rescheduling a sales call is often unproblematic, or can be easily handled by yourself; an HR dispute can often wait a week until the relevant people are back in the office.

    With your digital presence, this isn’t the case. People on your website are often interacting with your company for the first time, and if there’s a problem then they won’t be coming back. If your paid advertising goes down, then you’re missing potentially thousands of clients. In this department, employee holiday entitlement can cause a real business shortfall – especially in the summer, when you might have multiple employees all off at the same time.

    Partnering with an external digital agency like AsOne solves all of the problems of employee holiday entitlement. With a dedicated team working 365 days a year on your digital presence, there’s no risk of employee holiday entitlement leaving your business at a disadvantage. For less than the cost of hiring a junior employee, you can get access to a team of expert professionals who will work to your business goals, and develop a deep understanding of your business – making it a far better business decision than repeatedly hiring temporary workers, for example.

    At AsOne, we pride ourselves on the deep, close and long-standing relationships that we form with our clients, such that we become an extension of their business, rather than a third party. As a full-service digital agency, we can build your website from scratch, maintain it with key updates, provide full technical support for it, and design, develop and implement the marketing strategy which will drive customers to it. We will do all of this alongside you, ensuring that the strategy fits with your wider business development goals and that you are getting the best from your digital presence. Rather than sweating over employee holiday entitlement, let AsOne take the stresses away by providing you with a dedicated team, all year round. Contact us today to discuss your digital business development.

  29. Simplify Your Life With A Full Service Digital Agency

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    While some agencies will focus on a single specific aspect of digital marketing, a full service digital agency can create holistic, end-to-end marketing solutions, right through from ideation to implementation.

    A full service agency will also work across the entire range of marketing tools, from social media and paid advertising to content marketing and SEO. full service digital agency

    At AsOne we’ve built up skills and expertise in all areas of digital marketing and offer a full suite of services to our clients. We’ll work with you on laying out your strategy, and we have the in-house technical delivery teams to make it a reality.

    Full Service Digital Agency: Advantages

    There are several benefits to working with a full service agency like AsOne, over a collection of niche agencies, this includes:

    • Holistic strategies – If you have in-house capability across all the various areas of digital marketing, you also have a keener sense of the linkages between them. This enables you to build strategies and produces outcomes that are greater than the sum of the individual parts.
    • No breakdown in communication – Coordinating multiple suppliers can sometimes feel like herding cats, trying to line up all the relevant stakeholders for meetings and get them agreeing to actions. Multiple suppliers can also create the opportunity for a blame culture, where one agency blames delays to the project on another and vice versa. This is all avoided by having a single point of contact at a full service agency.
    • Better Return on Investment – Juggling multiple partners also means that lots of time is wasted explaining your ambitions, goals, constraints multiple times over. It is far more efficient to work with one company that captures all your requirements in one place and works with you to craft a solution.
    • Long-term perspective – Working with a full service digital agency gives you the option to build lasting digital marketing strategies that grow and evolve with you as a business without any loss of knowledge. A full service agency will take learning from each new project and build that into the next one, becoming even smarter and more effective over time.

    AsOne – Your Full Service Digital Partner

    At AsOne we’ve built longstanding relationships with customers from a range of different industries, helping them leverage the latest in digital marketing technologies. Our unique mix of in-house talent enables us to deliver best in class campaigns that help businesses grow over the long-term.

    If you’re based in the North East and looking for support from a full service digital agency, AsOne could be the perfect partners for you. We’re part of the NEBSF scheme, meaning that eligible businesses could qualify for up to 40% off their order.

    For more information or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    full service digital agency

  30. Social Media Strategy – Simple Steps to Engage Your Audience

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    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have given companies tools to interact with their customers in ways that would have been inconceivable not long ago. Many companies have experimented with social media, for instance registering a company Facebook page and posting the occasional comment. However, for the best results, it is important that you outline and execute a well thought out social media strategy.

    Social Media Strategy Elementssocial media strategy

    Some core components to keep in mind include:

    • Plan ahead – Proactively creating a content plan for social media enables you to target and piggyback on the momentum behind certain events. For instance, on Star Wars day (May the 4th be with you!) you’ll no doubt have seen countless references to Star Wars on social media. Or for Vegetarian Week (13th -19th May) you could expect to see a coordinated approach to sharing relevant content throughout the week.
    • Be agile enough to reactOne of the great benefits of social media is that it enables you to respond very quickly to external events that are occurring. Many companies have been applauded for seemingly quick-witted responses online, or humorous commentary of current affairs – but planning this reactive content requires a dedicated social media strategy.
    • Make it interactive – Social media is interactive by nature, but you can make it even more so depending on the type of content you post.
      • Ask questions – Rather than simply posting content, ask your customer what they think and take time to respond to their comments.
      • Run competitions – This is a great way to drive up interest in your social media platform. Engage your customers through competitions and encourage them to share the competition with their connections.
      • Be part of the conversation – Don’t be shy on social media, follow the discussions that your customers are having and join in the conversation, proactively addressing any questions that people might have.

    Combining all three of these elements will give you the best results is the cornerstone of a successful social media strategy, allowing you to plan strategic campaigns for events (like Vegetarian Week) while still having the agility required to respond to ad hoc opportunities.

    AsOne – Social Media Partners

    Crafting and implementing a social media strategy for your business is a skill that should never be underestimated, and most businesses recruit the support of expert agencies to help them get the best results.

    At AsOne we work with many longstanding customers to help drive their social media following as part of a broader, integrated digital business development campaign.

    For more information on how a successful social media strategy could help to drive your business forward, and guidance from industry leading experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re proud to be associated with the NEBSF program, meaning that businesses based in the North East could be eligible for grants of up to 40% off the first project.

  31. Quality Content – The Key to Digital Marketing Success

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    It has long been known that in SEO “content is king”. While in the past this simply meant writing great articles, producing quality content now has far broader appeal.  

    While you can try to take shortcuts to speed up your SEO campaigns, ultimately the only sure-fire way to stay at the top of the search engines and at the forefront of your customers’ minds is to consistently produce high-quality, original, relevant content.

    For certain seasonal events or times of the year, your content will make or break your campaign. For example, Father’s Day is next month and we’re expecting lots of companies to show off their best deals with a mix of great written, photo and video content.

    These types of events can be a great time to show off your best creative content in order to captivate your audience.

    The Power of Quality Contentquality content

    Focusing on great content has several key benefits.

    • Engages your audienceOne of the key benefits of producing quality content is that you can use it to establish yourself as a thought leader and authority in your field. It also gives an insight into your values as a business. For example, if you’re promoting a hotel for Father’s Day and your content is of uncompromisingly high quality, it sends a message to your customers that you’re a reputable organisation.
    • Satisfies the search enginesSearch engines get smarter every day, and they are striving for the ultimate goal of promoting only the most relevant and highest quality content relating to a given search term. Focusing on producing high-quality content, rather than how you can game the system, will ensure that your pages continue to rank well even after the latest Google updates.
    • More sharableBy producing high quality, original content, it is far more likely that people will share it with their friends and colleagues. This not only immediately gives you much higher readability, but also increases your chances of people linking back to the content, which in turn improves your search engine performance.

    Key Considerations for Quality Content

    Understanding that you need to produce quality content is one thing, but how do you actually go about doing it? Well, along with investing time, effort and practice into research, drafting and publishing, these are some important things to keep in mind:

    • Multi-media – Content is no longer just words on a page, images and video have become far more important in recent years.
    • Relevance – Producing quality content means understanding what your customers want to know, how they want to learn it and when they want to receive it.
    • Originality – Copying other people’s content will not cut it. You need to take a different stance or go beyond what people have produced already.
    • Quality, not quantity – Don’t worry about churning out loads of content, you’ll see more impact from one incredible piece of content that you will from 100 bad articles.
    • Naturally written – Trying to game the search engines by cramming your pages with certain keywords leads to poorly written text. Focus on writing naturally and the search engines will reward you over time.

    Producing quality content is hard, and that’s exactly why it makes (or breaks) marketing campaigns. If you’ve got the rest of a business to run as well, you might struggle to produce content that does your business justice; and if your marketing campaign falls through, it doesn’t matter how fantastic your product or how superb your customer feedback – your sales will drop significantly.

    At AsOne, we have the ability to produce quality content for your business, with knowledgable experts either within our team or in our network of copywriters. We aim to work closely with our clients and foster long term relationships, allowing us to deeply understand the business and industry and therefore produce quality content. Contact us today on 0161 368 9100 or via the contact page on our website to discuss your business needs.

    If you’re a business in the North East, you may be eligible for a funding grant of up to 40% against your next project with us, through the NEBSF program. We’ve seen clients through the process before and we’d be happy to help you through it too – just give us a call as soon as possible, as the fund is guaranteed only until the end of 2019.

    quality content

  32. Local Online Marketing – Targeting the Right Customers for Maximum ROI

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    Digital marketing has revolutionised the way that companies reach out to and interact with their customers over the past decade. Traditional local businesses have been slower to adopt these new technologies, but with the rise of the smartphone, local online marketing has become increasingly important.

    At AsOne, we’ve worked with a variety of customers, tailoring marketing techniques to help them target a local demographic.

    Local Online Marketing Approaches

    Aspects of most digital marketing strategies can be adapted to make them more suited to a local audience, including SEO, social and paid ads.

    There are several steps you can take to help ensure that your site ranks organically for local search terms including:

    • Contact page – Ensure your “Contact” page is up to date with the correct address
    • Register for Google My Business – Make sure that all your details are registered and correct with Google so that people can easily find your business pin in searches. Local online marketing is worth doing because you want local customers, and customers want local businesses.
    • Register for local directories – This is useful as a link building tool, helping to establish your credibility in a local area
    • Location-based titles – Where appropriate, include your city or town in page titles and other metadata

    local online marketing

    Paid Search for Local Marketing

    While it is important to do the above steps to help boost your organic search ranking, it can be some time before they start to make an impact and in some instances, paid ads can be far more effective.

    You can take two different approaches to paid search for local businesses. Let’s say, for instance, that you are designing a paid search campaign for a shoe shop in Manchester that is looking to do some local online marketing:

    1. Broad search terms, narrow geographic focus – In this approach you target a broad search term related to your business. So you would use the search term “shoe shop” but in the settings for the campaign, you select to only show the ad to people in your target area. This means that you’ll appear at the top of the search rankings for people searching for “shoe shop” in your target area.  
    2. Narrow search term, broad geographic focus – This approach involves specifying the location in the keyword that you want to target. So, with this approach, you would target the search term “shoe shop Manchester”, but you don’t specify an exact location in the ad settings. This means that anyone in the UK searching for “shoe shop Manchester” could potentially see your ad. This approach works better for businesses where someone is likely to travel to a particular location. For instance, if you were managing the local online marketing campaign for a hotel, you may prefer this approach, as people already in your city are not likely to need a hotel in the same place.

    Paid ads such as this are also very effective for targeting specific events. As you don’t have the lead time of content marketing or SEO you can very quickly set up and test campaigns related to a variety of different seasonal events, and you could even test multiple ads at the same time.


    Local Marketing, AsOne Style

    At AsOne, our approach has always been to partner with our customers over the long-term, getting to know the ins and outs of their business and crafting digital business development strategies that help them to thrive. For businesses targeting a specific local audience, we take the time to analyse the local landscape, including any major competitors – and factor this into the plan as well.

    For more information on how AsOne can accelerate your business through local online marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. For businesses located in the North East, we are proud to be involved in the NEBSF program, meaning that you could qualify for up to 40% off your first project.

    local online marketing

  33. Small Business Grants – Take Your Business to the Next Level

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    While many businesses understand the potential benefits of digital marketing initiatives, such as building a new website or launching a content marketing strategy, they might not have access to the budget required to make them happen. If you’ve got a project in mind, but aren’t sure how you’d fund it, small business grants could potentially provide the answer you’ve been looking for.

    There are a wide range of grants available from the UK government and the European Union, as well as other regional entities.

    small business grants

    At AsOne, we’re pleased to have recently joined the NEBSF program supporting businesses in the North East and entitling qualifying businesses to up to 40% off the cost of their projects.

    Small Business Grants – Fast Track to Success

    The North East is fortunate to have access to excellent programs that help businesses grow and we’re proud to be supporting them:

    • Northumberland Business Service, NBSL – Since 2007 NBSL has provided support or funding to businesses in the North East, including helping over 1700 people start up with small business grants. They have a team of full-time Business Support Managers and Funding Advisors tasked with helping local companies grow. The range of NBSL programs includes:
      • The Club, an opportunity to network with like-minded owners and get expert advice on topics such as digital marketing and GDPR.
      • Enterprise Support Northumberland, free advice and workshops with specially trained business advisors to support people looking to launch their own businesses.
    • North East Business Support Fund, NEBSF – Using funds from the EU European Regional Development Fund, NEBSF has already helped over 2500 businesses in the North East. Operating in Local Authorities across the North East area, the fund offers specialist masterclasses on topics like social media and growth planning, as well as grants for business improvement projects. The small business grants can be used for virtually any initiative that will help your business grow. To be eligible for these grants your business must be based in “Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or County Durham with plans to grow turnover and/or employ more staff”.

    AsOne – Digital Business Leaders

    At AsOne our philosophy has always been to partner with our clients over the long-term, getting to know the intricate details of how their business operates and crafting strategies to help them achieve their maximum potential. We’re looking forward to working with companies through the NEBSF program, either helping to get their first business off the ground, or taking their business to the next level.  

    For more information on how AsOne can support your digital business development, and advice on business grants that might be available to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert team members. We’ll also be at the North East Expo on May 2nd if you’d like to come and say hi!

  34. Forging a New Relationship with Multiquip UK

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    We’re delighted to announce the launch of Multiquip UK’s new website, and this becomes the first element of their wider marketing tactics going forward in partnership with AsOne.

    In the USA, the Multiquip brand name is synonymous with high quality in the construction trade. Indeed, the products are so widely used that it is remarkable if a large construction firm does not own any Multiquip equipment. In the UK, however, they do not have the same level of market penetration, and they have teamed up with AsOne in order to develop their marketing tactics to reflect the successes they have across the pond.

    The first step to develop Multiquip UK’s marketing tactics has been to build and launch a new website for them. Their old site was not fit for purpose; the contact numbers were American lines, it did not reflect the modern technology that their products feature, and it was not mobile responsive, so when viewed on a phone the text was illegible and touch targets were tiny. In launching a dedicated website for the UK arm of the business, our marketing tactics can become far more relevant and targeted to the UK market.

    In terms of the functionality of the website, it’s most crucial feature is that it allows users to compare products easily, the site also features a comprehensive range of filters in the product store allows users to quickly find exactly the product which they require from the catalogue of Multiquip equipment. In terms of marketing tactics, having a useful and easy-to-understand website will build a positive image of the brand in the minds of the consumer, who may transpose these qualities onto the products.

    marketing tactics

    A further role of the website within the wider marketing tactics of the client is it serves as a place from which to capture customer data, to then be used in future marketing efforts. For any brand, building up its list of customers that it can contact directly is crucial, whether that be for a monthly email, over social media or through SMS messaging. Multiquip UK did not have access to these compliant customer lists when they came to us as their digital efforts had been disordered, and interactions were going through the US team. This website gives them a space to manage their own clients and amplify their marketing tactics by making them more relevant and specific.

    From a sales perspective, this digital business development takes some pressure off the live sales team. As a fully functioning e-commerce website, individuals who know what they need can navigate straight to the item, purchase, and have it shipped without having to take up a phone line to complete their order, saving queue space for those customers who actually need to talk to a sales advisor.

    marketing tactics

    All that’s left for us to do is invite you to check out the site – and if you like what you see, and think that partnering with AsOne could be beneficial for your business, then we’d love to hear from you. You can ring on 0161 368 9100 or you can get in touch via our website.

  35. The Complexities of B2B Marketing Strategies

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    Marketing is not just for those businesses who are trying to flood the consumer market with their latest products – it’s also crucial in the b2b marketplace, where businesses trade goods and services with each other. B2b marketing strategies are different from b2c strategies and it’s imperative to understand these differences.

    At AsOne, we have extensive experience in marketing for b2b companies and have successfully enacted b2b marketing strategies, each tailored to a specific client in need of a solution. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and therefore no two b2b marketing strategies will be the same either. We are not a one-size-fits-all agency, we develop long-term solutions that grow and develop with your business.

    Whilst no two b2b marketing strategies are the same, the considerations under which they are conceived are very similar. These include:

    b2b marketing strategies

    SEO/PPC – The b2b marketplace is more global than its b2c counterpart. Purchases are typically less impulsive and this means a business is happier to factor in something like longer shipping times to find a better, or cheaper, product from anywhere in the world. Unlike the b2c world, very few b2b brands are household names, with guaranteed revenues in the billions. For these reasons, it’s crucial to ensure your business appears near the top of a search for your service or product in search engines like Google or Bing. More and more b2b marketing strategies are recognising the importance of using SEO and PPC as their major sales funnels in the digital age.

    Content – Providing relevant content to customers at the right time is crucial to securing sales online. Whether you capture your audience with imaginative ideas, or convince with problem-solving products, ensuring that your content is shared far and wide is great for generating leads and sales, as well as growing your business’ positive reputation. B2b marketing strategies should include a content plan which details what content will be produced, when it will be released, and how it will be shared.

    Ecommerce – Are you selling a product, or a service? If you are supplying a product, developing an ecommerce store could allow you to process more orders than requiring people to visit a shop or wait in a phone queue whilst your sales team deliberate over the numbers. If so, you may want to include features such as a retail store, where you can sell lower quantities at higher profits to the general public, as well as an industry store for big businesses who receive bulk discounts.

    Email and Social Media – Time-zone conflicts mean that voice communications are no longer preferred by many international businesses, and cloud business services and integrated connectivity mean that even local businesses may prefer to communicate online too. For these businesses, developing b2b marketing strategies that can reach out with meaningful email and social media communications is vital in making your business just as approachable online as you are in person. Indeed, it is estimated that 57% of inbound marketers find leads on Linkedin, the social network for business.

    Finally, the most important part of all b2b marketing strategies is that the approach is a holistic one – that all parts and channels work together in driving revenue for your b2b business. As an experienced agency, AsOne have developed numerous holistic b2b marketing strategies for our long-standing clients which have seen great success.

    If you’d like to talk about how your b2b business could be boosted by digital marketing, contact us today on 0161 368 9100 or via our website. Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo, Newcastle Falcons Stadium, Newcastle, on May 2nd 2019.

  36. What’s the Point? The Importance of Legal Marketing Services

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    Everyone picks their lawyers on personal recommendations, don’t they? If your best work is your best advert, what exactly is the point in specialised legal marketing services? Well, the fact is that all lawyers need clients, and with more legal firms than ever operating in the UK, the importance of marketing your legal firm has never been greater.

    Digital marketing attracts new clients whilst allowing you to do what you do best, and what you dreamed of when you took the bar – providing legal expertise to those in need. The specialist solutions aligned with strategic advice that AsOne offers can inspire trust and confidence in potential clientele.

    legal marketing services

    With over 180,000 solicitors advertising their services in the UK, making your legal practice stand out in such a competitive market can seem like an impossibly daunting task. Whilst you are reassuring existing clients and providing expert advice, sometimes advertising your practice efficiently drops on the back burner.

    This is where the expertise from an agency specialising in legal marketing services comes in handy. Legal marketing itself is a unique manner of marketing that requires practice – it is a skill distinct from the legal qualifications of a barrister, and yet it can so often determine who gets the work. In the legal sector, it takes real skill to foster the trust of a client during emotionally difficult times in their life, when stress is often running high. Your website should instil the same feelings in a user as your office does a client – a reassurance of professionalism, a clear message as to the services you offer; your social media profiles should be as approachable as your team members.

    Outsourcing this work to a legal marketing agency such as AsOne allows you to concentrate on the things that matter the most: the legal services you specialise in.

    At AsOne, not only do we take time to understand your vision for your brand, and how to communicate your key messages to your audience, but we also carefully consider how to deliver those messages. For instance, emotional cases such as divorce or family law may require a more personal approach – advertising through a variety of social media platforms, raising awareness for services within a perceived safe space online. In contrast, a personal injury claims practice may have more success if specialised marketing is focussed upon another platform, such as Google search network, and the language often need not be so delicate.

    Our commitment to continually researching and developing your strategy makes AsOne unique within the industry of legal marketing services. Able to draw on years of experience, our techniques allow your legal firm to reach its full potential, and reach more people in need – which is why you became a lawyer in the first place.

    We offer industry-specific legal marketing solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today on 0161 368 9100 to discuss your business needs.  

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.Legal Marketing Services

  37. Digital Creative Agency – Surviving and Thriving Online

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    Online sales and digital marketing is becoming an essential part of modern business. Whilst lots of companies have already embraced this shift, many are struggling to recognise the potential benefits it could have for them. Where they don’t have the skills in house, turning to a digital creative agency can help these businesses thrive in the digital age.

    digital creative agency

    Full Service Digital Creative Agency

    As a full service agency we help our clients with any and every aspect of the digital marketing lifecycle, including:

    • Goal setting and Strategy – It is important to establish exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve and any underlying principles you want to include in your strategy. We help our clients set a long term vision of where they want to go, then make actionable steps to help them get there.
    • Website development – The website is often the core of the digital marketing strategy. You want to direct traffic to your site to make a purchase, or find out more about your services. You will therefore want to make sure that your site is up to date, and is a good reflection of your business. You should continually be thinking about how you can update or optimise your site to increase performance, just as you would any other part of your business. Updating and maintaining a website you can be proud of takes up a lot of time and effort – which is why many companies choose to outsource this to the experts at a digital creative agency.
    • Custom apps – For the running your business day to day, or as part of a promotion, you might require a custom app. This is something that we’ve worked with many clients on to great success.
    • Digital marketing – There is no point in having a great product or service if people don’t know that it exists. Digital marketing can help to make sure your site gets in front of the right people in the right places using a number of different methods such as:
      • Content Marketing – Writing high quality content and optimising for search engines so that you appear near the top of the search results.
      • Pay Per Click – Using platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to buy premium spots on pages.
      • Social Media – Running social media profile on sites like Twitter and Facebook allows you to interact directly with your clients and keep them up to date with your latest offers or developments in your business.
    • Analytics – Data and reporting is a vital part of the service from a digital creative agency. By using analytics to track the success of your campaigns you can pinpoint exactly what is working and what isn’t. This allows you to improve the performance over time and maximise the ROI on your marketing spend.

    The AsOne Philosophy

    At AsOne, our clients see the benefit of working with a digital creative agency every day. Our approach has always been to build long-lasting relationships, gaining a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and proposing solutions that will help them grow. We don’t look at any one aspect of marketing in isolation, as a full service agency we look end to end and craft holistic digital business development strategies that work.

    For more information on how a leading Digital Creative Agency can help to accelerate your business growth, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have recently become a provider for the North East Business Support Fund, meaning that eligible businesses could receive a grant of up to 40% off their next project.

    We’ll also be exhibiting at the North East Expo on May 2nd at Newcastle Falcons Stadium, so be sure to come and say hi!

    digital creative agency

  38. A Very Busy Start to 2019

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    The start of 2019 has been a very exciting time for AsOne – between enacting our social responsibility programme, arranging to visit a large business expo and taking on a new member of staff, we’ve been very busy!

    We’re really pleased to be able to see the continued expansion of the AsOne team, and in March we brought in Joe Glyn-Davies as our Digital Marketing Assistant. With a background in social media, and fresh out of university, we’re excited to add his skills and expertise to the team. His arrival puts us in a better place than ever to deliver tailored, precise and holistic digital marketing strategies for your business.

    social responsibility
    Joe Glyn-Davies

    This year, we’re taking our corporate social responsibility more seriously than ever; and we had a great night attending the Tameside4Good fundraiser in March. The dinner was Indian themed and featured a guest performance from a talented Guinness World Record breaking Bollywood dancer – and it wasn’t just our social responsibility that was impressing the attendees.

    social responsibility
    The AsOne team at the Tameside4Good fundraiser

    Our very own Nik Lovely won the Bollywood dancing competition, showing off his limitless ability with a complex routine. Cheered on by the AsOne team, Nik shimmied and swayed to the win – but the real victory here was for Tameside4Good, who raised £1200 to be put right back into the local community. Nights like these make us proud of our Tameside roots; all the businesses attending showed great social responsibility that night and came together in aid of others.

    social responsibility
    The victorious Nik Lovely

    Finally, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be attending the North East Business Expo in Newcastle on May 2nd – so if you in the area come and say hello! Tickets are free and can be booked here. If your business is based in the North East, get in touch with us – you might be eligible for up to 40% off your digital project with us.

  39. eCommerce Website Development – Building a Solid Foundation for Success

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    Over the past decade businesses have increasingly shifted online, and customers are now more likely than ever to look online first when making a purchase. Adding eCommerce functionality to an existing site or business is an excellent way to monetise existing traffic, or create a new revenue stream, particularly for seasonal events like Easter, when you can entice your audience with special offers and promotions. Launching an online platform isn’t easy and eCommerce website development has a number of components that you need to get right in order to be successful.

    eCommerce Website Development Considerations

    When building an online store, and optimising performance for key events throughout the year, there are several important things that you should consider:

    • eCommerce platform – One of the major considerations is which eCommerce platform you decide to use. There are lots of good platforms available, such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce, each of which will appeal to different needs. You should also factor in how much customisation you’ll need, or integration with other systems. If you are expecting large spikes in sales over particular seasonal events, you should ensure that the platform can scale sufficientlyeCommerce Website Development to handle the traffic.
    • Traffic generation – There is no point in having a high spec eCommerce website development. Therefore you need to invest sufficient time and energy into thinking about how you’ll send traffic to the site. This could include a combination of a number of different marketing techniques such as paid advertising, social media, or content marketing. It is also good practice to optimise your site for SEO. This would include things like properly labelling product images so that they appear in the search results. For seasonal events such as Easter you might consider running special promotions on social media or in your content to drive extra targeted traffic.
    • Security and Compliance – Over the past few years, cyber security and data protection have become an increasingly important part of modern business. With the new GDPR regulations that came into force in 2018, companies that fail to look after their customer’s data risk heavy fines. You must take adequate steps to make sure that your site is secure, such as installing the correct SSL certificates.
    • Analytics – One key benefit of investing in eCommerce website development is the vast amount of data you can collect about your customers and their shopping habits. This enables you to optimise the customer experience to increase sales. For example, you can see exactly how many people visit the site, which products are most viewed, how often products are added to a shopping cart and how many sales you make. Understanding the flow of customers through this process is key to maximising revenue, and successful businesses invest significant amounts to capture, analyse and act on this data. It can also be used to help forecast demand over seasonal events so you can ensure that you stock the correct amount of products.

    eCommerce Website Development – AsOne Style

    While it’s true to say that adding eCommerce functionality to a website is easier than ever, running a successful online store in an increasingly competitive market place is no easy task. That’s why most businesses turn to external experts who can help accelerate their growth.

    At AsOne we’ve helped businesses from a wide range of industries set up selling their products and services online. We always start with the bigger picture, setting out exactly what you’re looking to achieve and crafting a holistic digital business development strategy to meet your goals.

    For more information on eCommerce website development, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts, we’d be happy to talk you through the options. If you’re based in the North East you should also ask about the North East Business Support Fund as you may qualify for a grant that would give you up to 40% off the cost of your project.

    eCommerce website design

  40. Finding the Balance with a Membership Website

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    In the sexual health marketplace, a great digital presence is crucial. Some customers may be embarrassed to speak on the phone, so having a place where they can garner some initial information anonymously can be really helpful in putting them at ease. Building a membership website for the Leger Clinic allowed us to build a site that was accessible to all, but it was also easy to ensure that only paying customers received attention from the doctors.

    Within the membership website, we added features which allowed a patient to talk to a doctor, book an appointment and manage their membership all from the comfort of their computer. On the public site, we were sure to communicate reassuringly with potential customers; by including an extensive “Frequently Asked Questions” section, we were able to establish a positive relationship with the user early without conceding too much expertise.

    membership website

    Positioned in a generally – although not exclusively – older market, ease of navigability on the site was imperative to our success. Clear navigation bars, large buttons and effective colour contrasts were some of the ways that we designed the membership website to be as easy to use as possible. Additionally, using simple and clear language throughout the site improves the accessibility of the brand.

    membership website

    The membership site was built with the capability to offer two tiers of membership. This gives the Leger Clinic the scope to either expand and diversify their business model without needing to rebuild the entire site, or offer limited time discounts on membership packages. At AsOne, we believe that it’s not only our job to provide a solution to the question you ask, but to look ahead, and lay the best foundations for work you might wish to undertake in the future.

    Finally, we understand that a more holistic and proactive strategy is required for digital marketing, and as such we integrated the membership website with an eMail marketing package, which sends appointment reminders and quarterly catch-up messages to all patients and members. Particularly in the healthcare market, maintaining a long-term relationship with patients is crucial, and our system ensured that the Leger Clinic was able to do so.

    membership website

    If you’d like to talk more with us about how the work we did here could be relevant to your digital marketing job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  41. The Best Marketing Strategies for Seasonal Events

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    Using marketing to align with different events, holidays and festivals over the course of the year is a technique used by most major brands, and finding the best marketing strategies for seasonal events can be the key to a successful year. For example, the debate over which company has the best Christmas TV advert, or how early supermarkets start advertising Easter eggs, are both hot topics of discussion.

    Targeted marketing can be vital to adding extra peaks of custom to your standard rate of business, and events should be explored as an opportunity to increase your revenue. With Easter fast approaching, we explore the best marketing strategies for seasonal events.

    Marking Strategy Pointers

    There are several steps you can follow that will help to ensure that you maximise the value of seasonal events:

    • Be organised – There is no substitute for good planning when it comes to seasonal events. If you’re not on the ball you will miss big potential opportunities. In contrast, if you have a content calendar of all the events you want to target for the year ahead, advance planning will ensure that you have sufficient time to do the campaign justice. If Easter is the perfect time of year for your product or service, ideally you’ll already be talking about it with your customers weeks or even months before, getting them excited about the big day.Best Marketing Strategies
    • Cater to your audience – By taking the time to understand your audience you can tailor your approach and message to them. This includes the special occasions that you decide to target for your campaigns. Your average customer might have more interest in St. Patrick’s Day than Mothers’ day, and therefore you’ll get a better ROI by focusing on where your customers’ interest lies.
    • Engage – By asking your customers to engage with your content you’re making them more interested and invested in your product or service, which should lead to better long term relationships. For Easter you could think about running a competition, with a prize that people can pass on to their Mums.
    • Holistic strategies – The best marketing strategies for seasonal events don’t look at one any single marketing channel in isolation, but at a combined effort. You should be talking about your campaign on your blog, your social media channels and your print material in the same tone, at the same time. This could also include the messages that you ask your staff to share with customers. This joined up, holistic approach reinforces your messages and makes sure that customers don’t miss them.

    Best Marketing Strategies by AsOne

    At AsOne we’ve worked with great companies from different industries for over a decade, helping them reach new audiences and increase their revenue. We know that the best marketing strategies for seasonal events develop and evolve over time, that’s why we look to form long-term partnerships with our clients to help them succeed.

    If you’d like more information on how to develop a winning marketing strategy for your business don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expects. If you are located in the North East, we’re a proud provider for the NEBSF funding scheme which can offer up to 40% off your next project.

  42. Business Grants in the North East of England – Accelerate Your Growth for Less

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    Ready to access up to 40% grant funding? 

    As every business owner knows, starting and scaling a successful business can be incredibly challenging. You’ll probably be happy to admit that you don’t have all the answers, but turning to external expertise to help address your challenges can be prohibitively expensive. 

    Now, heres some good news that the Brexit talks won’t dampen, thanks to EU backed business grants, North East England based companies can access professional digital marketing services and website development projects, amongst other services, at significantly reduced costs.

    The North East Business Support Fund provides both financial and business support services to help companies grow, and AsOne is proud to be a provider for the program, enabling businesses to apply for grants which can be redeemed against web and mobile app development projects and digital marketing services we deliver. 

    If you are a business located in the North East, and you’re looking for financial support to help develop your business, you may be eligible to access up to 40% funding. We have already supported business in accessing the grant fund successfully and aim to help other businesses benefit from the scheme.

    North East Business Support FundNorth East Business Support Fund

    If you’re looking for business grants, North East England has a range of options, but the North East Business Support Fund, which is run by NBSL, has emerged as one of the most attractive. The fund is open to applicants from four regions, with slight variations in each:

    • County Durham
    • Northumberland
    • Tees Valley
    • Tyne and Wear

    Depending on your precise location, the program will typically offer you access to a range of masterclasses, and/or funding of up to 40% of costs towards business support/growth projects and services, such as website development, eCommerce & digital marketing solutions.

    To be eligible, your business must be located in one of the four relevant regions listed above, turnover less than EUR50m and employ fewer than 250 people.  

    Funding for the program is provided by the European Regional Development Fund and the fund has already helped over 2500 companies.

    AsOne Digital Business Development

    AsOne announced recently that they are a registered provider for the North East Business Support Fund. As a leading digital business development agency established for almost two decades, AsOne offers a suite of services that help companies grow. AsOne partner with companies for the long term, establishing a sound online foundation and developing marketing strategies to drive traffic, raise business profile, increase ROI and improve conversion to sale. Some of our core services include:

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how AsOne can help your business prosper, or how to secure funding from the North East Business Support Fund. One of our experts would be happy to talk you through the process. 

    As part of the application process you will require a written quote from us to provide to NBSL and we would be happy to talk through this with you.

    Further details about the North East Business Support Fund scheme can be found at https://nbsl.org.uk/nebsf

  43. Another Successful Website Redesign with Langley Interiors

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    At AsOne, we’re happy to work with all of our clients in the way that most suits them. For some, that means we take the lead on every part of the process; for others, it means a more supportive role. When Langley Interiors approached us, they already had the mock-ups of updated pages, but they wanted their website redesign to focus on user-friendliness.

    We reworked their mock ups in two key areas before building the new site for them. Firstly, they wanted to improve the navigation in an effort to improve user friendliness. To solve this, our website redesign split the navigation bar into two making it easier to distinguish between products and company information and also ensuring there was enough space for the navigation elements.

    website redesign

    Secondly,  we added navigation to expand the galleries of images and allow the visitor to explore more stunning projects. Putting the user in control of how much they see is a great way to engage the user in your website, and makes them more actively take in what they see.

    website redesign

    From an optimisation point of view, having users choose to explore the galleries means that you can see which galleries are looked at more frequently – as these pages are likely to have a higher “time on page” than others – and this can give you an indication into the desires and interests of your audience. Due to this, our website redesign not only improves the experience of customers interacting with Langley, but also helps Langley to shape their business going forwards.

    Both AsOne and Langley Interiors were incredibly pleased with the website redesign. As designers, we were proud of the way that we had made a large site with hundreds of images easily navigable, as well as making the website more interesting for the customers.

    As clients, Langley were not only extremely satisfied with the final build, but also the collaborative process that got us there. They provided the following testimonials after the project.

    “Very good teamwork – come back with queries and issues as they arose quickly. Great service and final result. Thank you!”

    “I also think that the website really looks and works amazing. The guys really have outdone themselves as its all singing and dancing now. I really love it.”


    If you’d like to talk more with us about how the work we did here could be relevant to your digital marketing job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  44. On Page SEO – Optimising Your Content for Greatest Exposure

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    Producing high quality, original, long-form content should be the primary focus for anyone trying to rank well in the search engines. However on page SEO also has an important role to play.

    Depending on the keywords you want to rank for, in this ultra-competitive world great content simply might not be enough. To win in this scenario, you have to also think about elements of on page SEO that give the search engines another reason to rank your page above everyone else’s.On Page SEO

    On Page SEO Factors

    There are several techniques that you can use to optimise your content for search engines, including:

    • Keyword placement – It goes without saying that you need to include your target keywords in your content, but you also need to think about the specific placement of these keywords. It is good practice to include them in the opening paragraph and spread throughout the text. With search engine algorithms getting smarter it’s also important you don’t fall into the trap of keywords stuffing. This age old on page SEO technique will now send warning signs to search engines and your page could penalised.
    • Multimedia content – Great articles consist of more than just text. To improve your search engine ranking you should also include images, or embedded videos. You should also make sure that images are appropriately titled, including the file name, so that they appear in image results. Ensure that image Alt tags are used appropriately as well to improve ranking.
    • Headings – Some text takes precedent in the eyes of the search engines and this is certainly the case for headings. Firstly make sure that your site is properly set up to use “H1” tags for titles and ensure that you include your target keyword in the title. Secondly, make appropriate use of H2 and H3 titles throughout the text, including target search terms and long tail keywords.
    • Meta descriptions – These descriptions give a brief summary of your article that help search engines and users understand what it is about. Setting this up correctly to include your target search terms should not only boost your ranking, but it should also improve your click through rate.
    • SSL certificates – Google takes site security seriously and you should too. Ensuring that you have the proper security certificates installed on your site will not only protect your customers’ data, but it will also help to improve your ranking.

    Optimising with AsOne

    With so many factors in the ranking algorithms, it is difficult to be sure which will have the greatest effect. Therefore it is important to employ a holistic on page SEO strategy, where you address all the key things that search engines look for each time you post new content. This can be a challenge to do on a consistent basis and this is where many companies fall down.

    By partnering with an external agency like AsOne, you can be certain that all your content will be fully optimised, and that there will be sustained effort to have a serious positive effect on your ranking.

    For more information relating to on page SEO, or an overview of how AsOne can help to improve the performance of your site, don’t hesitate to get in contact and speak to one of our experts.

    If you enjoyed this post why not read some of our other latest blog posts: How to Improve Google Ranking & SEO Content Strategy – Forward Planning for Long-Term Success

  45. eCommerce SEO – Tactics for Success

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    Growing a successful online store relies heavily on attracting enough relevant potential customers to your site. People often refer to the internet as the “information super highway”, but increasingly search engines are becoming more like the shopping super highway, with product listings taking many of the top spots. To help your business thrive, you have to take eCommerce SEO into account, and give yourself the best chance of ranking well.

    eCommerce SEO Techniques

    There are several elements to effective eCommerce SEO, which should be used in parallel to have maximum impact:

    • Keyword Research – Choosing the right keywords to optimise for is vital to the success of any SEO strategy. Mistakes at this point can make it very difficult to get your product pages to rank. Effective keyword research will identify search terms that relate to your specific products with sufficient search volume, but with less competition than more generic terms. Planning out your keywords and their structure is a great first step to take before jumping head first into their implementation. With a cohesive keyword plan you can maximise the amount organic traffic you manage to pull to your website 
    • Site structure – Properly setting up the site and product pages with categories and tags makes it easy for users to navigate, and simple for search engines to understand. Using the keywords for categories also helps search engines to process exactly what the pages are about, which gives them the best chance of ranking appropriately.eCommerce SEO
    • Technical SEO – There are a number of technical tweaks you can make to improve your chances of ranking for your target keywords. This includes things such as changing the file names for product images to include your keywords, updating page meta descriptions, including keywords in the URL, site linking to other products on your website and adding image alt tags.  
    • ContentEcommerce SEO has specific nuances compared to traditional content marketing as you typically have less content on the pages. You should make sure you optimise all your on page content including relevant keywords and alt text.
    • Mobile Friendly – Going “mobile-first” makes good business sense as such a huge percentage of search volume today is through mobile channels. With Google also announcing a change to their indexing algorithm to put mobile first, it’s vital your website is optimised for mobile to rank higher.
    • Site security – Security is of utmost importance today, with many sites falling victim to hacking and exposing sensitive customer data. Search engines want to promote reputable and secure sites, so they will give preference to sites with proper SSL certificates.

    Setting up your site properly in the first instance goes a long way, but you also need to review constantly to check that all of the above pointers are implemented properly as you add new pages and products. Analytics and tools such as Google Search Console can give you a really good indicator of how effective your eCommerce strategy is working. By looking at which keywords you are ranking for, you can optimise for these specific keywords and further enhance your ranking.

    Holistic Solutions

    At AsOne we know the importance of looking at the full digital business strategy as opposed to looking at any one element in isolation. It makes little sense to have a great eCommerce store if you’re not leveraging the right opportunities to drive traffic to your site to convert into sales. This is why it is so important that you think about eCommerce SEO.

    Through long running relationships with clients across multiple industries we have built up extensive experience of the most successful ways of optimising search rankings for eCommerce sites.

    If you’d like more information on how eCommerce SEO can help to grow your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  46. Google G Suite: The Essential Tools For Business

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    Whatever the size of your business, security, productivity and simplicity are crucial to your success. Without a centralised system such as Google G Suite you could be halting your businesses development.

    Google G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Business) is a range of apps including gMail designed by Google to be an essential tool for business. All your business data is stored on robust Google servers with a large amount of storage which are available quickly and easily on any device using one login.

    Using the power of Google and gMail you benefit from their advanced anti-spam filters, protecting you inside and out. See only the emails you want to see whether it’s that new contract or the large invoice you’ve been chasing, no longer will these be lost amongst the spam. Get the emails you need from anywhere you want with Google G Suite you can take your business with you with access to your cloud from any device.

    Alongside gMail you have a range of additional powerful administrative tools at your disposal like Calendar available with G Suite Business. Easily collate your office’s calendars and share documents with only the people that need to know, meaning you can get on with what you do best – your business. Use Google Docs and Sheets to collaborate with your colleagues and have your documents backed up immediately and securely, as well as saving on expensive Microsoft fees.

    Google G Suite

    There’s a reason everyone knows Google – it’s so simple. The same is true for Google G Suite. Simply laid out, effective and clever innovation characterises your new email, calendar, word processing, number crunching and meeting tool. Software that’s built together works together, and Google Apps are so compatible with each other that you won’t need to worry about searching for the right document – it’s there, right where you left it.

    There are even more tools with Google G Suite:

    • Video and Voice Conferencing with Google Hangouts with up to 25 parties
    • Secure internal messaging
    • 24/7 support by phone and online

    and much more…

    If you’re considering migrating to Google G Suite but worried about the migration process then trust the professionals at AsOne to make the process as smooth as possible.

    *Limited time offer* AsOne are offering for a setup fee of just £300 + VAT*, AsOne will migrate your existing email accounts to gMail as well as ensuring that the rest of your Google G Suite is ready to go. This is only available to the first 20 businesses who claim this offer before the 31st March! As a bonus or the first 10 customers we are also offering 20% off your first 12-months of G Suite fees.

    Find out more by contacting us today.

  47. Essential Digital Marketing Strategy for your Hotel

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    Hotel digital marketing initially put a strain on hoteliers as ‘internet first’ aggregators took an increasingly large share of bookings. This increased competition between hotels and drove down margins due to commission payments.

    Thankfully, the landscape has started to shift, and hotel digital marketing has become more focused on promoting individual hotels and driving up direct bookings.


    Digital marketing gives you a channel to inform your customers about developments that are happening in your hotel and give them the information they need to decide on where to stay.Hotel Digital Marketing

    There are a number of specific techniques that achieve this, and a good hotel digital marketing strategy combines both:

    • Content marketing – By writing a blog and producing regular content you can engage your audience. This will also help to improve your search engine rankings which will increase the traffic to your site.
    • Email marketing – If you keep an email list of previous guests or people who have signed up via the site, you can send them periodic emails with information and special offers. One consideration is that in light of the new GDPR regulations you will need customers to opt-in to receive these emails.


    Your hotel digital marketing strategy should acknowledge the pivotal role that social media plays in the customer’s decision-making process. Via social media, you can not only share short updates with your potential guests but leverage their wider network by encouraging them to share with their friends.

    • Shared experiences – Current guests sharing photos and messages about their stay sends positive signals about your hotel to other potential guests.
    • ‘Liking’ content – Another option to encourage people to share content is to embed social media share buttons on your site. This gives people the option for people to ‘like’ particular pages and alerts them to their friends.
    • Social influencers – Considering this in the context of a broader strategy, you could offer complimentary stats to influential social media personalities in exchange for them promoting the hotel to their followers.

    These social signals are also increasingly taken into account by the search engines, making it more likely that you will rank highly in search results.


    Another factor that hotel digital marketing can provide is social validation for potential guests that are looking to book a stay.

    The best mechanism for this is third party reviews as this gives customers the option to leave honest feedback on their stay and show you have nothing to hide. You can use these reviews in two ways:

    • Embedded – You can plug in third party review directly to your site showing people that you are proud of the feedback you’ve received
    • Off-site – Sites such as trip advisor are well established and people will most likely leave feedback on their stay whether you want them to or not. Via TripAdvisor you have the option to interact with customers and respond to their comments, this can be useful to thank customers for positive feedback, and apologise for any negative experiences guests had.

    Hotel digital marketing: getting started

    At AsOne, we have been working with a number of clients in the travel tourism space, helping them become more digital savvy, and shifting a larger proposition of their bookings through their website.

    We have extensive experience building holistic digital business development plans that help businesses to thrive over the long-term.

    If you’d like some information on what a hotel digital marketing strategy could look like for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    hotel digital marketing

  48. Online eCommerce – Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

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    A steady flow of traffic and sales all year round is great on your online eCommerce shop, but you can increase your revenue further by embracing seasonal periods or targeting specific public holidays. This will give you additional spikes in revenue that you might otherwise have missed.

    With Mother’s Day approaching fast, are there steps that your business could take to win some extra customers?Online eCommerce

    Seasonal Online eCommerce Considerations 

    To ensure that you are properly set up to embrace public holidays and other special events, there are several things that you can and should do:

    • Seasonal promotions – Setting up promotions that cater for a specific occasion is a great place to start. You could build a bespoke landing page that includes all your products that relate to the event. You might also want to create a specific discount code to help people make up their mind.
    • Targeted marketing – Planning in advance for special occasions will allow you to integrate them with your marketing plan. For instance you could write a series of blog posts in the run up to the event, buy ads targeting relevant keywords, or build up interest in any promotions among your social media following.
    • Think creatively – You might find that your competitors all look to offer some sort of promotion or deal for each particular event. By thinking creatively and working with the creatives types from an agency like AsOne, you can devise marketing strategies that will stand out from the crowd.
    • Test and re-test – If you’re hoping for an influx of traffic it is vital that you test your site to ensure that it can cope. Is your eCommerce platform scalable enough to deal with the sort of volume that you’re hoping for? This applies equally to your offline processes that keep your business running.
    • Cyber secure – Make sure you also examine your cyber security processes and procedures. If you are handling customer data, is essential that you take sufficient steps to protect and control it. Since the GDPR regulation came into force last year failing to look after your customers’ data, or secure the right permissions from them, could see you hit by some heavy fines.

    Preparing for Mother’s Day

    As an example, here are steps you could follow to prepare for Mother’s Day in a few weeks’ time:

    • Update your homepage with a Mother’s Day inspired logo or banner and links to appropriate products.
    • Build a bespoke landing page, showing your most relevant Mother’s Day inspired gifts.
    • Put together a content calendar targeting specific search terms relating to Mother’s Day and your products, aim the traffic at your bespoke landing page. Similarly promote through your social media channels.
    • Review your GDPR policies and check that your site is secure, including making sure that you have up to date SSL certificates.

    Online eCommerce – AsOne Style

    At AsOne we’re constantly finding new ways to help our clients increase their revenue. We’ve built eCommerce sites in a range of industries and have devised strategies that have allowed these sites to flourish over time. In many of these strategies we’ve found targeting specific events or special occasions with short term tactical campaigns can pay dividends in the long run.  

    For more information on how you get your online eCommerce business ready for Mother’s Day, or other seasonal events, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert team. Contact us today.

  49. Marketing of Financial Services: Going Digital

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    Financial services is a notoriously competitive industry, with companies continuously vying for attention from their target audience. Each conversion can be worth thousands, so financial services have a real incentive to differentiate themselves from the crowd. AsOne has extensive experience in the marketing of financial services, and when margins are so tight, it’s so important to trust an experienced agency with your marketing – it really can make or break your business.

    Marketing of Financial Services

    Further to this, promoting of financial services can be fraught with difficulty, and the industry has a number of specific challenges:

    • Differentiation – Many of the products sold by financial services companies appear outwardly very similar, so companies need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and promote a differentiated message.
    • Simplicity – In some instances companies will be required to explain complex financial products in a simple way to get the message across to potential customers without overwhelming them.
    • Regulation – There are a number regulatory issues surrounding the marketing of financial services, concerning how you promote products and services to customers and you have to ensure you word content correctly so as not to mislead or misinform potential customers.

    Successful Digital Marketing of Financial Services

    Digital marketing strategies can help to address the issues outlined above, and presents a cost effective method for finding new customers. In the context of marketing of financial services, it has a number of benefits over traditional marketing:

    • Get your brand across – Through social media and content marketing, you can really emphasise to your customers the things that make your brand unique. You can also speak in your own tone of voice that will help you to connect more directly to your target audience.
    • Educate your audienceDigital marketing gives you really good mechanisms to educate your audience as to the technical details of a product, or the benefits of one product over another. Beyond using simple text explanations, you can also employ video and graphics in the marketing of financial services.
    • Target specific cohorts – Unlike some traditional marketing channels that relied on reaching a huge audience with a very low conversion rate, digital marketing allows you to send personalised messages to the specific target segment that you are interested in. This ensures that you get a much higher conversation rate and therefore a high return on your marketing investment.

    Further to this, digital marketing empowers you with data and analytics on all aspects of your campaign. This enables you to adjust your strategy over time, removing the elements that don’t work and doubling down on the things that do.

    Ultimately the benefits of digital marketing translate into more customers and increased revenues. Companies have had a great deal of success by employing these techniques and changing the ways in which they talk to their customers.

    Seeking Expert Advice

    Digital marketing is becoming more and more important in the financial services industry. In an industry where trust is such a crucial emotion to inspire in your target market, improving both the frequency and quality of your connections with your customers is invaluable.

    At AsOne we understand the complexities of operating in a competitive market and the need to differentiate yourself from the crowd. In the past, we’ve conducted long-standing digital marketing and business development campaigns in the financial sector, and leveraged new technologies to grow their business.

    If you have specific questions about marketing of financial services or would like advice on building a digital strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

  50. Building Connections with Legal Marketing

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    Legal marketing presents challenges like no other sector – maintaining a clear message and brand, it is important to convey your firm’s extensive experience and expertise whilst remaining personable, approachable and trustworthy; all in the space of a single tweet or post. Thankfully, more than a decade of experience means that you can leave your legal marketing to AsOne, and concentrate on what you do best – providing expert support and help to those in need.

    Legal marketing is no longer optional for legal firms; it is not a tactic employed only by the big brands, or the risk-takers. It is a non-negotiable facet of any business model, and getting it right can be the difference between surviving and thriving as a business. With AsOne, you get access to a team of dedicated, expert employees marrying their extensive marketing knowledge with their understanding of the legal sector, your business vision and your target audience to create legal marketing campaigns that are innovative, scalable and deliverable.

    Legal Marketing

    One of the most important aspects of any legal marketing campaign is the holistic, joined-up nature of the strategy. By having your channels (such as your website and your social media accounts) all pointing towards the same place, you effectively turn your digital presence into a funnel – wherever and however an individual finds your widely shared content, in just a few clicks they’re signing up for a free initial consultation. What may have previously taken thousands of pounds of leafleting, or months of word-of-mouth encouragement, can now be achieved quicker, cheaper and more reliably.

    The more connected your digital business is, the more effective your marketing campaign will be; and the more connected you are to your audience, the easier the conversion process will be. Building and maintaining these connections takes time, effort and money; by outsourcing your legal marketing work to AsOne, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your legal marketing is being handled by experienced, confident experts – all for less than the cost of hiring a junior employee to do the work for you.

    More often than not, a client will come across your website before they come across your shop. AsOne’s legal marketing packages can help to get you to the top of the Google searches, put key messages in front of targeted audiences, and ensure your website’s professionalism and security instils trust in its users.

    Digital legal marketing is not for the risk-takers; the risk-takers now are those few firms who have still not embraced the power of digital marketing to help their business succeed.

    To talk more about your business visions, and how digital legal marketing can help to get you there, contact AsOne today on 0161 368 9100. What’s more, if you’re based in the North East, our status as a provider for the NEBSF means you could be eligible for up to 40% off your digital business development with us – so there’s never been a better time to get in touch.

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2, 2019, at Newcastle Falcons Stadium, Newcastle.


    Legal Marketing

  51. AsOne: The Leading Manchester Digital Agency

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    As a leading, full service, Manchester digital agency AsOne has built up unique perspectives on how to implement successful digital business development strategies. Through working with clients across a variety of different industries, in multi-year engagements, we’ve developed an approach that helps businesses thrive.

    Full Service Agency: From Consultation to Results

    One of the things that we pride ourselves on at AsOne is not looking at marketing in isolation. We always consider the holistic business outcomes that you are trying to achieve, and craft strategies to make them happen in the most effective way. From ideation, right through to execution and ongoing maintenance, we guide our partners through the process to ensure they get the best results.

    We see the core steps of the end to end digital business development process as follows:

    Manchester Digital Agency

    • Strategy definition – An effective strategy starts with defining the business goals, thinking about your target audience and who your ideal customer is. Once defined, we can start to think about the best combination of marketing channels to achieve this. Putting in the effort to get this right at the outset gives any marketing plan the greatest chance of success.
    • Website development and maintenance – We have the in house expertise to design and build you a custom made site from scratch. This could include everything from simple content sites with a blog feed to complex eCommerce functionality and integration with other systems. We can also look after the ongoing maintenance of the site, ensuring that it is properly updated to provide the best experience for your customers.
    • Security – Cyber security is becoming increasingly important. We help to ensure that your site is secure, and that you are fully compliant with the latest regulations when it comes to looking after customer data.
    • Digital marketing – Once you’ve built a great looking and functioning site, you need to think about how you attract traffic. We have experts in every aspect of digital marketing, from technical on page SEO, through to paid ads and social media content strategies. We’ll craft a bespoke plan, integrating the necessary marketing tools to ensure you acquire new customers at a cost effective price point.
    • Performance analysis – Success in digital marketing and digital businesses development is an ongoing process. By working with our clients to constantly analyse the performance of the campaigns and strategies, we can make gradual improvements and refinements with guaranteed long-term success. This also means we can be 100% transparent with our clients about what works and what doesn’t.

    Manchester Digital Agency – The AsOne Way

    At AsOne we started our journey to becoming a leading Manchester digital agency well over a decade ago and while we’ve grown and expanded, the core of our business remains in the wider Manchester area.

    As our strategies suggest, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, getting to know the details of how their businesses run, and building marketing strategies to help them continue to grow.   

    For more information or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to one of our expert strategists who will be able to give you a more in-depth overview of our services. Contact us today

  52. In IT Marketing, Your Website IS Your Advert

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    In some sectors, it can be difficult to convince business owners of the relevance of digital development. A lawyer, for example, does their work in archaic courts, using laws that were written decades ago; the modernity of digital marketing sometimes seems at odds with the tradition and history of their industry. For IT marketing, however, this is not the case.

    For IT services, the importance of a strong digital presence is unrivalled amongst your business interests. Whereas most industries use their digital presence to advertise their product, in IT marketing, your digital presence is your advert. Simply, if your digital presence is weak, a potential client will be hesitant to trust you with your other web-based or technological solutions.

    For this reason, your website holds a unique position within your IT marketing strategy, and as such it’s crucial to get it right, first time. At AsOne, we’re an experienced, full-service digital agency – so, unlike other agencies, we are skilled both in developing your website and also understanding its role within your wider marketing strategy. Below are just a few tips we have for IT marketing, gathered from the deeper understanding that our position as a full-service agency allows us to have.

    IT marketing

    User Experience
    A client visits your site, and they imagine themselves as a potential customer interacting with their own company; whether you build websites or not, the fact that you are an IT company means that your website is held to be representative of the service that you provide. Due to this, your website has to be smooth and easy-to-navigate, it has to have the right security certificates, and it has to feature clear calls-to-action so that your client knows where to go next – any confusion at this point and you will not be making a sale to this user. This is the key reason that your website has to be considered as part of your IT marketing mix.

    Coherent Branding
    Many IT companies’ products are sold on their cross-channel performance – whether it is a chat service which can be installed on many websites or a cloud service that can be accessed from multiple accounts, or something in between, it’s accessibility and convenience is often a selling point. To this end, a potential client is likely to try to access your business from multiple touchpoints, which may include directory listings and your social media channels. Failure to incorporate these channels onto your website, failure to include a clear contact form or section on your site, and failure to make clear that all these channels fall into the same brand, will, in turn, dissuade that client from making a purchase.

    Whilst many IT service companies still prefer to do sales over the phone – as many firms offer bespoke and unique solutions to their clients – there is more competition than ever before. In a marketplace with limited search terms, ensuring that your firm appears at the top of searches is crucial. Any IT marketing strategy should include a specific and detailed approach to SEO because, without a dedicated approach, your otherwise strong digital presence will remain undiscovered by your customers.

    Ultimately, to convince a client that your tech will work for them, your IT marketing has to prove that your tech works for you. At AsOne, we can ensure that your digital presence inspires the trust and confidence that you need to instil in your clientele. More than a decade of experience and our position as a full-service agency means that we can ensure that your IT marketing sits smoothly within your wider digital business development strategy. 

    To discuss your IT marketing today, contact the experts at AsOne today on 0161 368 9100. Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2, 2019, at Newcastle Falcons Stadium, Newcastle. It’s not too late to get your tickets, which can be booked at northeastexpo.co.uk 

    it marketing

  53. Being Proactive with Your Law Firm Marketing

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    Few things are as crucial to the success of a business as its marketing – and marketing a law firm is no different. Due to our extensive experience in the sector, AsOne are well-versed in the conventions and the legislation that surrounds the industry, as well as the strategies that have worked for us historically. In partnering with your firm, we will be able to draw on these experiences and successes, as well as your business proposition and vision in order to create a bespoke digital marketing campaign that is innovative, holistic and unique
    Law Firm Marketing

    One of the most crucial elements of marketing a law firm is ensuring that your strategy is proactive – that it is reaching out to people who may have not yet decided whether they even need legal advice. Using behavioural tracking, AsOne endeavours to put your brand in front of your clientele just as they realise they need you, ensuring that yours is the firm they reach out to. This strategy takes time to develop and perfect, and is why outsourcing to an agency makes sense when marketing a law firm – as it gives you access to experts who are able to fully concentrate on the digital side of the business, allowing you to get on with dealing with your influx of new clients.

    This proactive approach could not be possible without the close, ongoing relationship that forms the basis of all AsOne’s professional partnerships. Reacting to the new developments within both the marketing and legal worlds has been fundamental to AsOne’s historical approach to marketing a law firm, and with a full suite of analytics available, we are able to quickly and effectively understand the marketing that is working for your business.

    Our primary aim is to work with your legal practice to ensure that your business grows and develops. Marketing a law firm shouldn’t be an arduous task, it should be a digital extension of your business, and the clients it brings in will ultimately be the source of your continued growth.

    We are adept in marketing a law firm, and look forward to building a long-lasting relationship that will ensure your practice or chambers steps up to the next level. Call us today on 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk to get the conversation started.

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    Marketing a law firm


  54. Brexit Beware .eu Domains Prepare!

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    It’s impossible not to be concerned about Brexit and how will affect your business within the UK, this especially rings true if you have dealings within the EU. Following recent developments it has been brought to the attention of every business registered within the UK who owns a .eu domain website they will no longer be able to use their .eu domains.

    The full notice from the registry can be viewed here:  https://eurid.eu/en/register-a-eu-domain/brexit-notice.

    In short, the .eu registry, EURid, will revoke existing rights to all .eu domain names where the registrant contact data uses a GB (UK) or GI (Gibraltar) country code. The registry have detailed two scenarios come March 30th that will affect everyone.

    1. If there is no deal agreed prior to the 30th March

    You won’t be able to register a new .eu domain name with a GB/GI postal address

    .eu domain

    If you currently hold a .eu domain you have from 30 March 2019 to 30 May 2019, 00:00:00 CEST before it is closed down if it’s not transferred to an eligible EU registrant. You will not be able to transfer your domain to a GB/GI country code registrant during this period.

    After 31 December 2019, 00:00:00 CEST, non-compliant domains will be shut down by the registry. This means that they, and any related services, will no longer function. However, they will remain in the registry’s database. On 30 March 2020 00:00:00 CET, all withdrawn domain names will be revoked from the registry’s database and made available for registration to eligible EU registrants.

    1. If the UK leaves the EU after a transitional period ending 31 December 2020 (or later)

    The same rules apply as before however the time scales change. Between 23 December 2020 and 2 March 2021, 00:00:00 CET, there will be a transitional period, enabling registrants to update the domain’s contact data to comply with the EU rules.

    What to do if you own a EU domain?

    If you’re a resident or have a legal entity such as a business or organisation within one of the remaining 27 member states, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you can update the registrant contact details now with a legitimate EU address.

    Alternatively, you can transition your website traffic to a non-.eu equivalent domain. It’s important you act quickly to minimise the effect this ruling will have on your business.

    We understand that is may come as a shock to those holding an EU domain however we are here to help. Here at AsOne we can help you with your migration from your .eu domain or any of the points discussed in this blog. Feel free to contact us via our contact page online here.


  55. HR In Hospitality Has a New Online Home

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    We have put together websites for a diverse range of clients from all industries and backgrounds. So when HR in Hospitality approached us to construct a members and events website we were more than happy to help.

    HR In Hospitality is the leading forum for HR professionals in the Hospitality Industry. The forum brings together industry professionals throughout the year through a whole host of events and networking opportunities.

    HR In Hospitality

    The HR In Hospitality website utilises their existing strong portfolio of event imagery which is used throughout the site shown here on the home landing page.

    HR In Hospitality

    Embedded video is also used on the website to add more multimedia elements to the website not only engaging users but also improving the search engine page results ranking on key pages.

    HR In Hospitality

    The HR In Hospitality awards is a key event for the forum. We created a dedicated entry page which is not only visually great but also very user friendly. The awards category page makes it easy for potential applicants to select their category and apply through the website.

    Check out the HR In Hospitality website for yourself and see what they are all about!

    If you’re looking a new bespoke event website or forum website then contact the experts at AsOne today for a consultation. Find our contact details online here.

  56. Developing Modern Website Design

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    It’s one thing just having a website but in today’s world everyone has one! Keeping up to date with modern website design, features and functionality is vital to stand out in an ever cluttered web space.

    One of our most recent website development projects was for The British Racing & Sports Car Club. The BRSCC is a car club which holds over 35 race meetings and 25 championships in the UK and is one the most influential clubs in domestic motor racing.

    The club came to us with a dated a website and a whole host of issues they wanted addressing. Their website although was operational it didn’t provide the functionality they desired. They wanted a sleek bespoke event website which would also form a central hub for all their car club members and internal administration.

    Our team of creative website design experts put their heads together and proposed an innovative modern website design packed full of functionalities and clever features.

    Modern Website Design

    The homepage features a dynamic slider promoting key areas of the website, latest news and upcoming events. Events being such a central part of the club an events countdown was installed to advertise the next event, this is featured at the top of the screen and throughout the website. This modern website design features smooth transitions throughout with the dropdown menu being no exception.

    Modern Website Design

    For an improved user experience key information can be accessed from the home screen reducing clicks and improving the customer journey immensely.

    The website is packed full of features. With events at BRSCC’s core they wanted to give users the ability to find the events of interest quickly and efficiently. With a bespoke events page with installed filters makes this easy for visitors to do.

    Modern Website Design

    Using the filters on the events page you can drill down into the events by month, formula type and by circuit. When selecting an event each has its own unique event page complete with slider images, countdown, downloadable content and general event information.

    Modern Website Design

    Modern Website Design

    As well as having a sleek modern website design they also wanted to make sure the website was easy to use. With local club secretaries, event organisers and administrators likely to be using the site regularly this was key. In order to support to these local clubs each club has been setup with user friendly pages which can be used to house all their own events and details.

    The website is a real success and gives BRSCC a modern website which is packed full of the features and functionality they were looking for. This modern website also has the option of integrations. Adding eCommerce functionality is currently being explored by the club.

    If you’re looking to update your website or want a new bespoke website contact the experts at AsOne today for a consultation. Find our contact details online here.

  57. SEO Content Strategy – Forward Planning for Long-Term Success

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    Getting to the top of the search engine rankings is a key priority for most marketers, and doing so requires a solid SEO content strategy. Investing the time and effort to build this strategy and subsequently ranking for important keywords will have significant long-term benefits for your business, as you attract a stream of relevant potential customers.

    Content plays an important part in SEO ranking, and due consideration should be given to building a content plan that will engage and inform your audience appropriately.

    SEO Content Strategy Techniques

    There are several key points that you should keep in mind when devising your SEO content strategy:

    • Content is king – On page SEO will of course play a part in your marketing strategy, but this should always be a secondary concern. Content is still “king” and your main focus should be on writing great, unique articles that your customers love.SEO Content Strategy
    • Be the authority – Don’t waste your time writing content that is the same as everyone else in your industry. Strive to stand out from the pack and be seen as the leading authority in your field. This could include writing more in depth articles that cover topics in such a comprehensive way that a user would have no need to go anywhere else.
    • Make it shareable – Think about techniques that will make your content more shareable on social media and via other outlets. Social likes and links both contribute to the ranking of webpages, so it pays to make your article stand out. Writing high quality content, but often taking a stance, or being provocative is a more effective way to get people talking about your post.
    • Consider user intention – When targeting specific keywords, think about what the user is looking to get from the search results. Serving content that is highly relevant to the search term increases the time a user spends on your page, which in turn improves your ranking.
    • Seasonal content – Posting content that targets specific seasons, industry events, or set periods in your trading cycle shows that you’re in tune with the latest developments in your space, and you will often find that it is easier to rank for these key terms as there is less competition.

    Building Your Content Calendar

    One of the most important factors in achieving success with SEO is having a well-researched, carefully planned content calendar that outlines all the content you intend to publish over the coming months.

    This has a number of important benefits, such as:

    • Enabling you to plan content to coincide with industry events without having a last minute rush
    • Setting clear, unambiguous deadlines for content production to ensure that content is published at a consistent frequency
    • Shifts the focus to committing to a long-term schedule rather than looking for short-term results

    While creating this calendar undoubtedly requires more effort upfront, it will greatly improve the success of your SEO strategy.

    SEO Content by AsOne

    Planning ahead for a content calendar can be a challenge, and so many businesses choose to outsource this to a partner with dedicated, expert resource. When the pressures of every day work kick in, writing the weekly blog post is often kicked to the back of the to-do list, harming the progress of the site.

    By working with a partner like AsOne you can ensure this never happens, and instead your content is updated regularly, steadily improving the traffic to your site and helping your business to grow.

    If you would like more information on how to build an effective SEO content strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. Contact us.

    If you enjoyed this post why not read some of our other latest blog posts: How to Improve Google Ranking & Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

  58. Accelerate Your Growth with a B2B Digital Marketing Agency

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    B2B companies have been slower to adapt to the latest digital marketing channels, having traditionally relied on in-person sales teams. However, the most successful companies are turning to a b2b digital marketing agency to act as an extension of their sales force, drawing in new leads to the sales funnel, collecting contact information and educating users on the benefits of their products and services.

    Harnessing the full potential of digital marketing doesn’t require large increases in headcount to grow your marketing team; instead you can leverage the expertise of a B2B digital marketing agency like AsOne.  

    b2b digital marketing agency

    B2B Digital Marketing Agency Services

    As a full service agency, AsOne supports your business with the complete suite of marketing options, from ideation and strategy right through to analytics and optimisation. This includes:

    • Strategy development – Successful digital marketing has to start with a solid understanding of what exactly you are trying to achieve, i.e. increase inbound enquiries, improve average revenue per sale, improve conversion rate of new leads. Once these goals have been laid out, we can help craft a strategy with the appropriate mix of marketing channels to hit them.
    • Website design and build – The website is effectively your online store front, and therefore a key part of digital marketing. We have design and development teams in house that can build innovative web designs that convey what you stand for as a company and engage your audience.
    • Security and regulatory – It is vital that your site meets all the appropriate security standards to protect the integrity of your business and your customer’s data. With the GDPR regulation that came into effect last year, there are now strict fines for companies that misuse data or fail to adequately protect it. As a b2b digital marketing agency, we understand how important data protection is to your business and are wary of it throughout your relationship with us.
    • Content marketing and SEO – Once you’ve built your site you need to think about the best ways to attract potential customers. Content marketing is an effective way to educate your clients about your products and services and keep them up to date with developments in your business. This can also help your rank well in search engines, increasing the number of visitors to the site. As an experienced b2b digital marketing agency, we have done a number of SEO and web optimisation projects for customers where we have dramatically increased the number of visitors.
    • Pay per click – Paid ads allow you to bypass some of the waiting that typically comes with a content marketing strategy, by paying extra for the top spots in the search results. By improving the landing pages and targeting specific key terms we can dramatically improve the performance of PPC campaigns, just as we did in this case study.
    • Social media – While many perceive social media to be of less relevance to B2B companies, it can actually be a great source of traffic and leads. We can assess your target market to help work out which social media platforms make the most sense for your business, before implementing a program of regular posts and updates.

    For more information on previous work, view our other case studies.

    B2B Digital Marketing, AsOne Style

    At AsOne, our approach has always been to build holistic strategies to help companies achieve their business goals. We don’t look at any one component in isolation, but work closely with our clients over the long-term to implement the combination of marketing channels that will have the maximum impact and the best ROI.  

    For more information on how a B2B digital marketing agency could boost your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experienced consultants. For SMEs based in the North East, we have recently joined the NEBSF, meaning that eligible businesses could receive up to 40% off projects with AsOne. We’ll also be at the North East Expo on May 2nd, so if you’re in the area, come and say hi.

    b2b digital marketing agency

  59. Understanding Marketing for Accountants

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    Many accountancy businesses are traditional firms that have long-standing relationships with a few key clients. New clients are often referred by word of mouth and therefore they have not historically invested a great deal in marketing initiatives. However, in an ever-digitising marketplace, those word-of-mouth conversations are now happening online more than ever, and digital marketing for accountants has never been more important.

    Digital marketing is changing the landscape of how businesses and consumers operate, and firms who do not explore its potential risk not only limiting their ability to expand their customer base, but also losing their existing clients.

    Marketing Channels

    Like other industries, marketing for accountants includes a number of different techniques that are used together as part of a joined-up strategy. These include:

    • Paid ads – Paying for advertising space online is a simple introduction to digital marketing for accountants. By using ad networks, like Google AdWords, and only paying for customers who click on your ads, this can be a very quick way to increase traffic to your site.Marketing for Accountants
    • Content marketing – If you want to share valuable information with your customers, content marketing for accountants is a great route to take. This could be in the form of blog posts, or in longer, more in-depth articles. This is also an excellent way to demonstrate your authority in your field, or to share your unique approach that separates you from your competitors.  
    • Search Engine Optimisation – Tailoring your content to optimise it for search engines like Google and Bing increases the likelihood of web traffic finding your through keyword searches. This includes things like naming images, completing descriptions for each of your pages and ensuring your site has an appropriate SSL certificate. These are small, and often free, careful steps that can make a huge difference to the ROI of marketing for accountants online.
    • Social media – Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be great for sharing information and interacting with your customers more directly. This could include tips on anything from how to manage accounts more effectively or other business advice.
    • Email marketing – Keeping a list of email subscribers and sending our strategically timed emails can be a great approach for marketing accountancy services. You can send out prompts at relevant times of year, such as tax deadlines, and explain how you are well placed to help take this burden off your customers.
    • Third-party reviews – Embedding testimonials and third-party reviews on your site is a great way to turn your best customers into your extended sales team, helping to promote your services to other potential clients that land on your site. It is also a good way of getting real feedback that you can take on board to help improve your services.

    AsOne’s extensive experience in marketing for accountants, as well as our expertise in digital business development, places us perfectly to advise you on your digital strategy. With a full suite of analytics behind any campaign with us, you can be sure you’re getting the best out of your budget.

    At AsOne, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the digital business we enact today is in line with your business plan of 2, 5 and 10 years down the line. By fostering close relationships with all of our clients, we ensure that there is no risk of misunderstanding or misdirection; we go above and beyond to eradicate the risks commonly associated with outsourcing work to agencies.

    For more information on marketing for accountants, or a more in-depth discussion about how AsOne could help your business to grow don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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  60. Effective Marketing Strategies for 2019 and Beyond

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    Effective marketing strategies are a fundamental part of growing any business, with the pressures of day to day work, hitting client deadlines and making the next sale, it is easy to see why many companies struggle to find the time to think strategically.

    If you don’t already have a marketing strategy in place, it could be the best investment you make in 2019. By carving out some time to think more holistically and longer-term about who your ideal customers are, and the most cost effective ways to reach them, you’ll rapidly accelerate your business growth. You may also see new opportunities or revenue streams that you hadn’t previously considered.Effective Marketing Strategy

    Effective Marketing Strategy Components

    The most effective marketing strategies typically encompass:

    • Goal Setting – It is important that you don’t embark on marketing initiatives just for the sake of it. You should set out clear goals from the beginning, stating what you want to achieve and by when. For example, you might want to increase revenue by a certain percentage, increase sales of a particular product line, or appeal to a new audience.
    • Target Audience – Identifying your target audience, or more specifically your ideal target customer will help to inform every other decision you make in your marketing strategy. Many companies use “personas” to make sure everyone in the company understands who they should appeal to. I.e. Your perfect customer might be John, a 65 year old retiree, who enjoys golf and reads the Daily Mail newspaper.
    • Tone of Voice – Whether it is a conscious decision or not, every company will have a certain tone of voice that carries through to the customer. Taking time to consider this upfront will ensure that you speak consistently in a manner that appeals to your customers. Following on from the example above, how would you tailor your language or message to appeal more specifically to John?
    • Marketing Channels – There are a number of different channels that you can use to engage with your audience, each with different benefits, costs and timeframes. You should select the best combination to help you achieve the goals you outlined at the start.
      • Paid – Paid ads on search engines or social networks can get you good visibility very quickly, but come at a cost.
      • Organic SearchContent marketing and SEO will help to ensure you rank well in the search engines, giving you a steady flow of traffic over time. This is also a really good way to engage your audience and share you messages with them.
      • Social – Today almost all businesses benefit from having a presence on social media, where they are interact with their customers more directly. With a range of different social networks it’s important you understand which platforms will be most beneficial and give you direct access to your target audience.
      • Email – creating an email list of past and prospective customers, who agree to receive your email marketing communications can be great way to get your latest news or product offerings directly in front of your target audience.
    • Analyse and Optimise – Modern digital marketing methods are so effective partly because of the wealth of information you can collect about how well they are working, allowing you to tweak your approach in real time. This involves closely monitoring your analytics, building on what works, and making changes to the things that don’t.

    Effective Strategy – The AsOne Way

    At AsOne we have been working with clients for well over a decade, designing marketing strategies that help to propel them forward, opening new revenue streams and attracting new customers. While the specifics of each strategy will differ, there are a number of common principles that we apply, allowing us to craft cohesive plans for virtually any company in any industry. 

    Our approach has always been to look at digital marketing as a component of a broader digital business development strategy, 

    For more information on how our experience of crafting effective marketing strategies could help your business thrive in 2019, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. 

  61. Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends 2019

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    Marketing has evolved significantly over the past decade, with the introduction of new technologies enabling radical new approaches as well as revamping traditional marketing techniques. When it comes to digital marketing trends, 2019 looks set to see many important advances as businesses invest in smarter and more cost effective ways to reach their target audience.

    Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

    Some of the key trends that we are anticipating for 2019 include:

    1. Personalisation – As companies collect more and more data about our spending patterns and online behaviour, it becomes possible to create more personalised user journeys and offers that will appeal uniquely to specific customer segments or even individual customers. Recommendation engines have been around for some time, but as the underlying machine learning technology has improved and become cheaper, personalisation will become more commonplace in 2019.Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends 2019

    2. Marketing Automation – As technology advances it is becoming easier to automate more and more of the marketing lifecycle. Email marketing automation is already fairly well established, but expect in 2019 to see more advanced automation coming into play. This will include things like automated personalisation as outlined above, but will also be far more comprehensive, encompassing email marketing and targeting on social media.

    3. “Authority” Content – Content marketing remains a key focus area for most marketers in 2019, but the approach will continue to shift towards high quality original content. As the sophistication of search algorithms increases, sites that can establish themselves as the “authority” on a particular topic will be rewarded.

    4. Omni-Channel Experiences – A few years ago companies started talking about “multi-channel” and “mobile first”, but in 2019 more companies will look to take that a step further, embracing the shift to “omni-channel”. This essentially means offering customers a consistent experience whichever method of communication they decide to use, and also being able to switch from one channel to another. This might mean browsing an online shop through a mobile app but completing the order on a laptop at home.

    5. Data Protection and Integrity – 2018 saw the introduction of GDPR, which aims to put some of the control of data back into the hands of the public. It also punishes businesses who misuse their customer data. Awareness of what companies are doing with personal data will continue into 2019, with many still updating their terms and conditions to ensure that they are being totally clear and transparent with their audience.

    Partnering for Success

    With so much going on in the marketing space, keeping abreast of the latest digital marketing trends isn’t easy, and many companies get stuck using the same tired old methods. At AsOne we help to take this strain away from our clients, by constantly monitoring the latest advances and making recommendations where appropriate.

    By building long-term partnerships with our clients, we understand their appetite for change and we can ensure they are well positioned to lead in their industry.

    For more information on these trends or an overview of how they could impact your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our expert digital marketers.


  62. Understanding the Intricacies of Boutique Hotel Marketing

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    Boutique Hotel MarketingBoutique hotel marketing poses unique challenges and opportunities; it is vitally important to convey the right brand personality, yet you can use a great deal of creativity in how you achieve this.

    Campaigns for boutique hotels require intricate, bespoke and eclectic thinking, with the personality of the brand at the forefront to sell the truly unique characteristics of the hotel.

    Boutique hotel marketing factors

    There are several key factors that you should keep in mind when building your boutique hotel marketing strategy:

    • Get your personality across – People are drawn to boutique hotels because they love the individual charm that you don’t get with a big hotel chain. It is therefore vital that your boutique hotel marketing emphasises your unique qualities, and make it clear that a stay in your hotel is different to what you get elsewhere.
    • Think creatively about how you market – The way you sell your brand should come across not just in your messages, but also in the channels and mechanisms you use in your marketing campaigns. Don’t be confined to the traditional marketing methods, think creatively about how you can reach your target audience.
    • Don’t over promote – While most businesses benefit from shouting far and wide about their products or services, part of the appeal of boutique hotels is that they often have an element of ‘hidden charm’, by targeting a niche audience and letting your messages spread organically you can retain an element of this. 
    • Understand your audience – A key part of successful boutique hotel marketing is having a clearly defined view of who your ideal customers are. This is something you should articulate from the outset, but you should also test and track this as you go. You may find that the hotel is popular with a demographic that is entirely different from what you intended and this could be an excellent additional source of business for you. 
    • Use high-quality media –The more customers can visualise themselves in your hotel the more likely they are to book a stay. Help them with this visualisation by including lots of high-quality images and video, both on your site and through your marketing channels.
    • Leverage third-party reviews and rewards – Your best salespeople are your happy customers. Including great reviews or positive feedback from previous customers in your boutique hotel marketing strategy provides social validation to people who are thinking of making a booking. This is particularly important for boutique hotels where the brand is less likely to be known. Equally, if you win any awards, this is definitely something you should shout about.

    These are traits that we understand intimately at AsOne and we always seek to ensure that the personality of the brand is at the forefront of all marketing activity.

    Boutique hotel marketing done the right way

    If you’re looking for truly creative options to promote your boutique hotel, AsOne is uniquely placed to help.

    We pride ourselves on being an ‘ideas’ agency and work in partnership with our clients to build digital business development strategies that match the unique characteristics of each client.

    With boutique hotel marketing, finding a partner that can get across the core values of your brand is key.

    If you’d like more information on how AsOne can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

  63. The Importance of Digital Marketing for Consulting Firms

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    The internet has revolutionised the way that people interact, and by extension their businesses too. For this reason, we believe that it’s never been more important for consulting firms to explore digital marketing.

    Marketing Consulting Firms
    Marketing consulting firms is both imperative and difficult. In a saturated marketplace, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd, but it’s difficult to find the time to maintain your digital presence and give your clients the attention that they deserve – and pay for. You wouldn’t leave your phone unattended, and sometimes off the hook altogether; the same should be true of your digital channels. After all, that’s how the modern customer will contact you. If they can’t contact you, they’ll simply contact someone else – someone with a well-maintained site, good Google reviews and active social channels.

    consulting firms

    The AsOne Way
    To market consulting firms digitally it takes effort, skill and time. With AsOne, you have access to multiple experienced employees working for your business, armed with tested and refined approaches to marketing consulting firms on the internet.

    • Expert knowledge, innovative application – Our experience has been gained working with clients across a wide range of industries, and honed for the consulting industry across a number of clients. This gives us excellent sight of the latest trends in digital marketing and allows us to borrow ideas from other industries and apply them to consulting firms.
    • Holistic strategy – Our approach to digital marketing is always to keep in mind the bigger picture. Increasing visits to your website, or likes on social media counts for very little unless it translates into improved customer experience and increased revenue. We always keep these business goals in the front of our minds as we craft our strategies.
    • Long-term relationships – We understand that no two consulting firms are the same and one size certainly doesn’t fit all; we look to work with our clients over the long-term, understanding the complexities of their business and tailoring the approach as necessary.
    • Agile approach – We’ve been operating long enough to know that what works, changes. To enjoy long-term success you have to be willing to adapt your approach, and understand the needs of the customer base change. It is only by reacting to (or even predicting) these changes, that your business can truly get ahead.

    Get Started Today
    At AsOne, we have experience working with companies who have very little understanding of digital marketing, as well as those who just need a refreshing PPC campaign, or SEO tweaks. Whatever your business goals are, taking advantage of digital marketing methods and adding them to your marketing mix gives consulting firms more opportunities to succeed. AsOne can offer the whole gamut of digital techniques and skills to help develop and boost your business. If your business could do with a refresh, or a whole new start, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at AsOne today on 0161 368 9100.

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    consulting firms

  64. Credit Union Marketing: Helping to Get the Word Out

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    Trust in the banks in the UK has never recovered from the 2008 financial crash. Compounded by the mis-selling of PPI and high-profile data breaches, more customers ever are looking to find an alternative to traditional banks, who they believe serve themselves and their owners more than their customers and public good. Out of this distrust, the credit union model thrived; and credit union marketing made sure to differentiate itself from the banking sector on these points of trust.

    1. These are non-profit organisations, often with their members as shareholders, are often twinned to a local community where they provide useful services.
    2. They serve as an alternative to greedy bankers, illegal loan sharks and extortionate payday loans
    3. They aim to provide loans at low rates, to encourage members to save regularly, and to help members in need of financial advice and assistance

    Credit Union MarketingAs a result, loans to customers from credit unions increased by 6% in 2017. Some local councils are even encouraging constituents to seek credit unions to help resolve their financial troubles.

    The Growth of Credit Union Marketing

    As the need for credit unions has grown, credit union marketing has digitised, the modern approach to marketing reflecting the modern approach to banking. Digital marketing is a very cost effective method of reaching a targeted audience and sharing information with them.

    Some of the options available include:

    • Content marketing – Blog posts and articles are a great way to provide valuable information to people about fiscal responsibility, and the options available to them should they run into money troubles. Sharing this information is a useful service and helps to build trust with potential members.
    • Paid Ads – Credit union marketing has embraced paid advertising – using behavioural targeting on social media sites and Google, they have been able to present themselves to those customers who may be ready to leave their traditional banks. Cost per click models mean that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your site.
    • Social media – Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to provide real-time updates on the union and interact more directly with customers on a personal level. They also give the option for members to “share” and “like” content, helping to spread the message further.  

    Partnering for Success

    While many credit unions recognise the benefits of digital marketing, they might not have the expertise required to build a strategy in house. At AsOne we make the process of articulating and executing a credit union marketing strategy easy, drawing on successful partnerships with other credit unions and techniques from other fields as well as developing strategies that are unique to each of our partners’ business visions

    At AsOne, our philosophy has always been one of putting people first and giving back to the community, as demonstrated by our participation in community events, such as the recent Tameside4Good dinner. These values align nicely with the goals and aspirations of credit unions and we always enjoy seeing these organisations thrive.

    If you’d like more information on the most effective credit union marketing techniques, or advice on how to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our digital marketing experts. You can find all the contact details on our Contact Us page.


  65. Email Marketing Automation – How To Scale Your Sales

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    Many successful businesses will cite automation as a key pillar of their success, as it enables the business to react instantly, and scale easily without the need to hire more staff. Email marketing automation in particular has a number of benefits that can help to drive your business forward.

    Ultimately this type of automation allows you to offer regular, personalised touch points to individual customers, without the need for complex tracking systems, or having to rely on people to send them out.

    Email Marketing Automation Use Cases

    Depending on the complexity of the system you use, you can set up automated email communications for virtually any event, below are some of the most common:

    • Welcome new subscribers – A simple task that automation can be used for is sending welcome emails. When a customer signs up to your site, they will instantly and automatically receive a welcome email confirming their subscription.
    • Abandoned cart email – If a customer leaves your eCommerce site with unpurchased items in their shopping cart, rather than just losing this potential sale, you can send an automated email to ask them why they didn’t complete their purchase and remind them of the items they left behind. You could even offer them a voucher code to further encourage them to buy.
    • Custom reminders – Whether on your customers birthday, or at a set date after their previous purchase, you can schedule reminders to prompt them to return to your site and look at what has changed.
    • Share content – Rather than manually promoting new content on your site, you can set up automated campaigns so that customers are emailed each time you post a new article. This gives customers a reason to keep coming back to the site and hopefully increases the chances of them making a purchase.
    • Ask for feedback – A short period after people have completed a purchase, you can send an email asking them to leave a review. This is a useful way to encourage people to leave reviews, which can be excellent for building up social proof and helping win over new customers.
    • Educate – If you want to educate your customers on a topic over a period of time without overwhelming them, you can send a series of staggered emails. This could be a multi-part email campaign, where customers get an email once a week for example. Automation means that you don’t have to send the emails manually each week, or worry about customers joining at different stages.
    • A / B tests – Another feature of many email marketing platforms is the ability to automatically split test email campaigns. This could involve either sending different emails to customers to see which has the best response or conversion rate, or otherwise sending the same email to different cohorts to see which performs better.

    In many areas, people now subconsciously take this type of automation for granted, for example getting an instant email on sign up. Without automation happening in the background it would simply not be possible to react to all these events in a timely way.

    Email as Part of a Broader Strategy

    At AsOne, we’ve worked with clients for many years to implement automated email marketing campaigns alongside more holistic digital business development strategies.

    For more information about how email marketing automation can enable your business to grow in a sustainable way, or for help on how to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert team.

    email marketing automation

  66. Using Professional Photography to Enhance a New Build

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    We did some great work in challenging circumstances with SG Equipment – including commissioning professional photography to bring the website to life.

    SG Equipment are world leaders in their field, their name synonymous with professionalism and quality – but their digital presence didn’t reflect this. We built a new, sleeker, more commercialised website that more accurately reflected their position in the market – and we commissioned professional photography to replace the old shots they had, which had held them back until our involvement.professional photography

    We were proud of the website we were able to build for SG Equipment. Throughout the entire site, we positioned clear “calls to action” and intralinks to relevant information designed to keep the user exploring the site before being encouraged to contact the company. We were pleased with the user-friendly structure of the site, which allowed the professional photography to take centre stage.professional photography

    In addition to the professional photography we commissioned, we were also pleased with a number of other parts to this project. SG Equipment are part of The Hyde Group, one of the UK’s largest and most trusted subcontract engineering groups; we established and maintained a good relationship with the Head Office to ensure we met GDPR regulations across the whole of the newly built website. On any brief, we are always keen to work with you to ensure that your website meets the most up-to-date and relevant GDPR legislation.GDPR compliant

    We delivered the build  on time and on budget, and both AsOne and SG Equipment were extremely satisfied with the finished product.

    We felt that the professional photography really helped us to achieve the commercialisation that was specified in the brief, and we were pleased to build a site that was both GDPR compliant itself and would assist SG Equipment in their future GDPR compliance. The website has a very professional aesthetic and we were pleased to bring SG Equipment’s digital presence in line with their world leading reputation.

    If you’d like to talk more with us about how the work we did here is relevant to your digital marketing job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  67. Marketing Best Practices for 2019 and Beyond

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    When launching any campaign, it makes sense to start with an understanding and appreciation for some marketing best practices, building these into your strategy to ensure the best chance of success. Sadly, too many companies overlook these elements and see their marketing and their businesses struggle as a result.

    Below we’ll outline seven key things that you should keep in mind for long term success in digital marketing.

    Marketing Best Practices

    Marketing Best Practices – 7 steps:

    While some of the specific marketing best practices might have evolved, 2018 showed that core principles of successful digital marketing remain unchanged, this includes:

    • Take a holistic approach – From day one make sure you think about marketing in the context of your larger business strategy. You’re not simply trying to increase your brand awareness, or traffic to your website, you’re doing this as part of a wider goal, such as increasing revenue or attracting a new customer demographic. In 2018 we helped a number of key clients use digital marketing to enter new markets and build new revenue streams by selling direct to consumers.
    • Understand your audience – The attitudes and desires of consumers is continually shifting, so making assumptions about what motivates people to buy your products or services is asking for trouble. Staying close to your customers on the other hand will arm you with great insight that you can use to drive your marketing campaigns.
    • Analyse your stats – One of the key benefits of digital marketing is the simple access to vast amounts of data. Regularly tracking the performance of the various aspects of your strategy allows you to make data driven decisions about what to do next.
    • Double down on what works – Once you’ve analysed your data, you can start to iterate and optimise your performance. Digital marketing strategies should continually evolve and get better, so focus on doing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.
    • Think Mobile-First – Through 2018 it became widely accepted that search engines give preference for mobile friendly sites, so if organic search traffic is important to you, then you have to be mobile friendly. But beyond that, the vast majority of traffic is shifting to mobile anyway, so you need to ensure that you’re giving your potential customers a great experience on their mobile devices.
    • Don’t compromise on quality – The days of letting the summer intern run your social media profiles are well and truly behind us, and many companies learnt the hard way that getting social wrong can have serious reputational damage. Content is still king, so if you’re putting out any material, be it a blog post, a tweet, or an image, make sure that it represents the qualities that you stand for as a company.
    • Be search engine friendlySEO has become increasingly competitive over recent years, with large companies investing heavily on figuring out how to claim the top spots. While your focus should be on producing high quality, naturally written content, you should also follow basic SEO hygiene factors to help search engines find and rank your pages appropriately. In 2019 long-tail keywords will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people turn to voice recognition tools for search queries.

    Long-term Marketing Expertise

    At AsOne we’ve been focused on digital marketing for over a decade and we’ve noticed that while certain elements and tactics might change year on year, fundamental strategies and marketing best practices tend to remain fairly consistent.

    By working closely with clients across a wide array of industries, we’ve built up deep expertise of how to apply best practice, and how to couple it with the latest innovations to have maximum impact.

    If you’re looking to refresh your marketing strategy for 2019, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of the team.  

  68. The Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Best Left in 2018

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    Over the past decade digital marketing has moved on at a rapid pace, and 2018 was no exception. However, many firms fail to keep pace with these trends and end up making common marketing mistakes.

    Analysing your strategy and highlighting these mistakes will help to ensure you get 2019 off to a solid footing, by crafting a plan to rectify them or make sure you avoid them altogether.

    Top Marketing Mistakes from 2018

    These are some of the most common marketing mistakes that we worked with our clients to fix through the course of 2018marketing mistakes

    1. Not publishing content regularly – It is easy enough to include a blog page on your site but nothing looks worse than a blog that is clearly neglected, with no recent content.

    2. Leaving social media to your intern – Some businesses are still not taking social media seriously and leave it as a side project for someone to pick up. All too often this leads to embarrassing mistakes.

    3. Failing to track your marketing impact – Without looking at your statistics it is virtually impossible to figure out whether your marketing is having the desired effect. You need to collect data and analyse regularly to make sure you’re getting the ROI you need.

    4. Looking at marketing in isolation – Marketing isn’t something that should happen in a silo, you should look at a holistic business development strategy to drive your business forward.

    5. Using old SEO tactics – Search engine optimisation is now well known but don’t be fooled into thinking you can trick the search engines anymore with old keyword stuffing tactics or packing posts with irrelevant links. As search engines get smarter they increasingly favour high quality, naturally written content.

    6. Failing to identify your target audience – Don’t make assumptions about your audience, make sure you get out and talk to customers regularly and build customer profiles that will help you understand exactly who you are marketing to.

    7. Ignoring new platforms and techniques – What worked last year won’t necessarily work this year, you need to keep an eye out for whether your audience is using new social media platforms, and shift your approach appropriately.

    8. Not getting up to speed on GDPR – GDPR regulation came into effect in 2018, and harshly punishes companies that misuse customer data. If you haven’t already done so, ensuring GDPR compliance should be one of the first things you look at this year.

    9. Not updating your website – Many companies assume that simply having a website is good enough, but to ensure that you’re making a great impression on your clients you need to periodically update the site to take advantage of the latest technologies and styles.

    10. Overlooking personalisation – Personalisation was a big trend for 2018, using data to give your customers more targeted marketing messages. This is something you could start to factor into your plans for 2019, or risk being left behind by the competition.

    With digital marketing evolving so quickly, it is little wonder that businesses continue to make these marketing mistakes. In 2019, make it your resolution to get ahead of the pack, by partnering with expert digital marketers like AsOne who can help craft a marketing strategy that will have maximum impact.

    For information on how to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of the team.

  69. Another Successful Year For Our Digital Agency – 2018 Christmas Closing Times

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    With Christmas just around the corner, people are starting to look forward to the new year and the annual leave that it entails. This includes our merry digital team here at AsOne, as of 5 pm Friday 21st of December our office will be closed for the winter holidays and returning on Wednesday the 2nd of January 2018 at 9.00am.

    Although we are closed for the holidays, critical/urgent support requests raised via our Support Ticket System will be investigated during our closure as normal. Server issues will be dealt with automatically as per our normal service agreement. Any non critical update requests, questions and queries will be dealt with when we return from the holidays.

    With these dates fast approaching we just have time to reflect on what has been another successful and momentous year here at AsOne. From our new business partnership with Zoo Communications at the start of the year through to picking up an award in November with plenty of memorable moments in between, it’s been quite a year!

    On March 7th we announced the merger between ourselves and Zoo Communication, a highly respected London agency. This partnership came as a natural evolution for us as working with Zoo Communications previously it became apparent that we both have the same passion to achieve excellence. Becoming part of this digital group has maximised our capabilities as an agency. Our experts in our Digital Business Development, eCommerce & Digital are now accompanied by professionals in film & animation, branding & licensing and the luxury brand hotel sector. This partnership has already proved a successful collaboration of minds and skills, bringing some of the most talented, creative and innovative professionals together from around the country, inspiring new ideas and scope for growth that we share with our customers.

    Zoo Communications - Digital

    During the year the team took part in many team building exercises but none quite as memorable as the ‘Via Ferrata Xtreme’ in August. The entire team signed up to what was described as “An extreme way to see some of the most spectacular and hard to reach cliff sides and outcrops in the Lake District!” The course was by no means easy – scaling rock faces, walking tightropes and battling extreme heights in questionable conditions. The team however battled the elements, conquered everything in front of them and even managed to put on a brave face for a group photo at the top of mountain.

    Via Ferrata Xtreme - Digital

    With the year drawing to a close all attention turned to the business awards and our 2018 achievements. Being shortlisted in 2 categories at the Pride of Tameside Business Awards we hoped all our hard work would result in a repeat of last year’s win. The awards night did not disappoint. We proved that by sticking to our core values – promoting long term success through digital business development we were able to replicate our 2017 success and win the Technology Business of the Year 2018 award. The night held other surprises as it wasn’t just a night to celebrate our own success we were also proud to celebrate with Matthews Environmental Solutions who picked up the Export Business of The Year Award. We have been working with Matthews Environmental Solutions for a number of years now, developing their digital prowess and to see them lift their award was another sweet moment.

    Award Winning Digital Agency

    All in all it has been another very successful year for AsOne. With our expanding capabilities, award winning innovation and dedicated team, we can’t wait to go even further in 2019. If you’d like to find out more about AsOne and what we can do to help your business in the new year, we’d love to hear from you.

    From everyone at AsOne we would like to Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Closing Times - Digital

  70. How to Improve Google Ranking – Getting to the Top Spots

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    By most estimates, Google commands over 90% of search engine market share, therefore it is of little surprise that many businesses want to know how to improve Google ranking for their sites. This can be particularly true for localised listings, where users are typically drawn to the small number of search results that make the first page.

    Thankfully there are a number of steps that you can take that will help to boost your sites performance in Google.  

    Techniques to Improve Google Ranking

    While the inner workings of Google’s ranking algorithm remain a closely guarded secret, several factors are widely known. Understanding these factors enables marketers to implement changes that will make Google look on their pages favourably. Improve Google Ranking

    There are a variety of techniques that can be implemented, including:

    • Content creation – Original content is the cornerstone of any strategy to boost search engine rankings. This will no doubt include blog posts and articles, but could also feature useful infographics, images or videos.  
    • Keyword Research – There are a variety of keyword research tools available that will help you to understand the competitiveness of certain key terms. By focusing on specific terms that other people aren’t, it’ll be easier to get to the top of the rankings.
    • On page SEO – While high quality, natural content is always preferred, you can take certain steps to help Google understand the types of keywords you’re trying to rank for. For example, you could include your key word in the meta-description, image titles, or image alt tags.
    • Link building – Google looks at the number, quality and variety of websites that link to individual pages as an indication of their authority. High quality content will naturally attract links, but you can help to accelerate the process by promoting your site, and specifically asking people to link to it.
    • Mobile friendly – Google want to promote a great user experience to its customers, and given that more and more search traffic is through mobile devices, Google now actively penalises sites that are not mobile friendly.

    These tips can be used tactically to boost your ranking, but the generation of high quality, original, naturally-written content should be your main focus. Ultimately Google wants to reward the most relevant content for its customers, so high quality content will win out over the long term.

    The AsOne Approach 

    At AsOne, we’ve been helping to boost the search engine performance of our customers for over a decade. Having worked with clients from across multiple industries, we have a keen understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Our tech teams are well placed to make technical updates to your site to make it more suited to Google’s requirements, such as ensuring it is mobile friendly and with the necessary security certificates. In parallel, our content teams can help craft a calendar of relevant content that will ensure you rank well for all your target search terms.

    For more information on how AsOne can help you improve Google ranking for your pages, or about digital business development more generally, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. Contact us today.

  71. Luxury Hotel Marketing

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    Luxury Hotel MarketingIt is becoming more and more important for hoteliers to embrace modern marketing techniques to help promote their brands and differentiate themselves from the competition, and none more so than in the world of luxury hotel marketing.

    Luxury hotels have a wealth of options available to them when it comes to marketing, but is essential that the high standards that the hotel maintains shine through in both the choice of channel and the messaging.

    It is also vital that these marketing techniques demonstrate the high levels of creativity and quality that warrant the hotel to charge a premium.

    For example, a website with broken links does not fill customers with confidence that they will experience a premium stay.

    Where to start your luxury hotel marketing?

    Find a strategic partner – marketing your hotel is something that requires deep marketing expertise and dedicated resource. Most hoteliers find they are better off partnering with third parties for these skills rather than trying to hire and build  in-house teams. An external team brings expert talent and leaves you to focus on the things you are best at.

    Identify your audience – For your marketing campaigns to be successful and profitable, you must first clearly identify your target audience. This will ensure you properly tailor your message to reach your desired niche, as opposed to wasting money talking to the wrong people. This is particularly applicable to luxury hotel marketing where you want to attract a certain type of clientele.

    Assess your options – As outlined above, there are lots of options when it comes to marketing your hotel. But luxury hotel marketing should be about carefully curating a handful of different marketing channels that will appeal directly to your target audience. For example, you may decide to do a small scale Facebook campaign targeting a very specific audience.

    Launch your strategy – Quality needs to shine through in every aspect of the luxury hotel marketing campaign, so content of a very high standard is a must. This means exceptional photos and graphics, with a well thought out copy. It is also vital that everything ‘just works’, exactly as people expect when they stay at your hotel. If you offer someone a discount code, be 100% sure that it works when they come to book their stay.

    Optimise – A marketing strategy should never be a static thing, but rather something that evolves over time. Ensuring that all your campaigns are properly set up with tracking and analytics will enable you to quickly pinpoint what is and isn’t working. Armed with this information you can tweak your campaigns, doubling down in the areas where you’ve seen success, and revising areas that were less successful.

    Charting a course for success

    While there are some techniques that will give a quick boost to your revenue, it is best to approach luxury hotel marketing as something that you will invest in on an ongoing basis.

    At AsOne we have experience working with luxury brands from a number of different industries and know what works and what doesn’t.

    Partnering over the long term with our clients enables us to constantly monitor the performance of the campaigns, making gradual refinements and improvements as new techniques and ideas emerge.

    If you are wondering whether it is time you review your luxury hotel marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


  72. Kickstart your eCommerce Strategy

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    Physical-only businesses are finding it more and more difficult to compete in a globally connected, digital world. Selling products and services online vastly widens your pool of potential customers and infinitely increases the range of business development tools available to you. Implementing an eCommerce strategy could give your business a signifiant boost and give you a competitive edge in your industry. 

    While some companies have made the simple shift from selling in store to selling online, others have created whole new revenue streams, or dramatically improved their margins by cutting out the middleman and selling direct to consumer.

    But how do you go about getting started, and what does an eCommerce strategy look like?

    eCommerce Strategy – Getting Started

    Building an eCommerce strategy needn’t be overly complicated, and there are several simple steps that you can take to help get your business off the ground:

    • Decide on your demographic – While it might sound obvious, having a good understanding of your customer from the outset will help you significantly through the development and implementation of your strategy. What does your ideal customer look like, what age bracket do they fall into, which websites or apps do they likely use?eCommerce Strategy
    • Start small – If you have an existing website, adding eCommerce functionality can be done with relative ease, particularly if your site is built on WordPress. Before you launch into a complete redesign, you can test the water using something like WooCommerce. Over time you might want to look at other solutions to add new functionality, for example by upgrading to a Magento 2.0 platform.
    • Generate traffic – There is no point in having a great eCommerce site that doesn’t get any visitors. In the early stages of testing your site, you could use paid ads to ensure an influx of traffic, but in the long run you will want to explore other channels like social media and content marketing.  
    • Focus on the customer experience – Test and retest the sales cycle from a customer perspective. What does the user experience feel like, is your shopping experience simple and intuitive? Failing to assess this journey could leave you with unhappy customers or low conversion rates.
    • Install analytics – One of the core benefits of eCommerce platforms is the vast amount of data available to you about customer behaviour. By constantly assessing these analytics you can make small changes that will optimise the experience for the user and drive more sales.  

    Digital Strategy – AsOne Style

    At AsOne we’ve been helping businesses succeed online for over a decade. We appreciate the value of a holistic business development strategy as opposed to looking at any one aspect in isolation. We also partner with our customers over the long-term, going on the journey with them, and helping them make iterative improvements to ensure they stay ahead of their competition.

    If you’ve thought about implementing an eCommerce strategy, or want to add eCommerce capabilities to your existing site, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can talk you through the options.

  73. eCommerce Digital Marketing – Thriving Online

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    The explosion of the internet completely revolutionised the retail experience and changed the way we shop forever. Analysts increasingly talk about the “death of the high street” as more and more revenue shifts from physical to online stores, and businesses that fail to make this shift are left behind.

    eCommerce Benefits

    There are several benefits to eCommerce over traditional brick and mortar shops including:

    • Lower costs – The cost profile of an online store is significantly cheaper as you don’t need to pay for a physical retail location, and you don’t have to staff the shop to interact with customers.
    • Global reachWhile a high street shop has only a very limited footfall, an eCommerce business can easily attract and sell to customers from anywhere in the world.
    • Agile and adaptableOutfitting a physical shop takes time and money, therefore making changes is difficult and slow. An eCommerce platform lets you make changes very quickly as you learn what your customers like and don’t like.eCommerce Digital Marketing
    • Direct to consumerFor manufacturers, eCommerce offers the opportunity to cut out the middleman and sell direct to the end consumer. This allows you to significantly increase your margin and open new revenue streams. 

    eCommerce Digital Marketing

    One of the other great benefits of eCommerce is that there are a plethora of ways to attract and engage your target audience. While it is notoriously difficult to track the success of traditional marketing channels, with digital marketing there are a variety of tools that allow you to target very specific customer segments:

    • Blog – By writing engaging content that relates to your products you can attract your target market back to your online store time and again. Optimising this content for search engines means that your site will appear near the top of the search results for relevant terms, further increasing the traffic to your site.
    • Social media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to interact directly with a global audience in a way that would have been completely impossible in the past. Sharing latest deals and promotions will keep your business in the front of your customers mind.
    • Third party reviewsTraditional business used testimonials to show the quality of their work, but online you can go a step further, allowing customers to leave honest, unbiased feedback. Third party reviews are a great way to build trust and credibility, and are a useful source of feedback for you to take on board and make your products better.
    • Analytics Free tracking software lets you see precisely where your traffic is coming from, which pages they land on and how long they spend on your site. This gives you valuable data that you can use to gain greater insight as to what is working and what isn’t.

    Holistic Digital Business Development

    Launching an eCommerce business requires a combination of digital strategy, marketing and technical skills. At AsOne we create long-term partnerships with our clients, helping them realise their business aspirations using our in-depth knowledge of eCommerce platforms and digital marketing.

    We’ve helped high street retailers create an online presence, and we’ve helped manufacturers launch new revenue streams by selling direct to consumers.

    If you’d like more information on launching an eCommerce platform, or improving the performance of an existing site, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

  74. Magento to Shopify – Making the Migration Work

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    Magento is one of the most used eCommerce platforms around, and has been used successfully by many companies to sell their products online. But there are a raft of alternatives, and if the needs of your business change you might start to consider switching from Magento to another platform like Shopify.

    Why Consider Shopify?

    Businesses switching from Magento to Shopify typically cite a few key things that influenced their decision:

    • Ease of use – Unlike other platforms that require a great deal of work to setup and customise, Shopify is simple to set up and use from the get go.Magento to Shopify
    • Ease of maintenance – As a closed, hosted solution, Shopify development teams take care of ongoing patches and bug fixes, you don’t have to do this yourself.
    • Extensions – Shopify comes with a wide range of extensions (Shopify Apps) that can be set up in one click to add new functionality to your store.
    • Security – Again, as Shopify is a hosted solution, they effectively handle all of your data for you and they have invested in the highest levels of security to keep their clients data safe.

    Switching Sides

    While many people put off migrating from one platform to another, if approached correctly it needn’t be a complex process:

    • Consider the alternatives – The landscape of eCommerce platforms is constantly changing and evolving. Don’t assume that the evaluation you did previously is still up to date, it is worth looking at all options with fresh eyes before you move platforms.
    • Test it out – Before you commit to moving, be sure to test out the new platform. There are likely specific constraints or things that you don’t like about your current platform, experiment to make sure they you won’t have the same issues with Shopify.
    • Consult the professionals – Despite what the Shopify teams might tell you, migrating from Magento to Shopify can be tricky, particularly if you have a complex business with lots of customisations. Getting the migration wrong can cause significant delays, while also resulting in missed sales and damage to your brand. To mitigate this risk it is advisable to consult with a team who has expertise in this field and can guide you through.
    • Track the progress – To determine whether the migration has been a success, you should set yourself metrics and look periodically to ensure that you achieved them. Make a judgement retrospectively whether migrating was the right option, or whether you will need to move platforms again in the future to achieve your business goals.

    The Shopify Plus platform has additional tools to help ease the pain of migration, but this also comes at additional cost, typically starting at around $2000 (£1500) per month. When you factor in the costs associated with Shopify, an alternative like WooCommerce could be a more suitable option.

    AsOne eCommerce Migration

    As experts in the eCommerce space, we’ve helped countless businesses get online, and countless others switch from one platform to another as the demands of their business have changed.

    We work with all the major eCommerce platforms, and have first-hand insight to the pros and cons of working with each. Our technical teams are therefore uniquely positioned to manage a smooth transition from one platform to another, ensuring that your business keeps running and setting you up for long-term success.

    If you’re considering moving from Magento to Shopify, or any other eCommerce platform, and would like some advice to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.

  75. Ensuring your Website Design Reflects your Business Acumen

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    The best advert for the standard of customer service and the quality of work that AsOne delivers is the track record of repeat and long-standing customers we have. When Walker Safety Cabinets wanted to design a new website, they came to us first, having been our client for the last decade.

    The brief for Walker’s website design was a common one; Walker wanted a website that would emit a corporate and professional image, whilst retaining a contemporary and friendly look and feel. Although the brief may be a common one, every solution is different and at AsOne, we take the time to tailor every piece of work to our clients’ specific needs and marketplaces.

    Walker Safety Cabinets was no different. The leading name in their field for the last generation, we ensured that their website design reflected their standing in the market; scroll bars listing their prestigious clients were added to the homepage, conveying the quality of Walkers service to the user.

    website design

    Beyond this, we ensured that the website design was easy for a user to get around, reflecting Walkers’ helpful approach to customer service. The range of services offered by Walker Safety Cabinets was also given prominence in both the build and the copy, assuring the client that they would not need to interact with multiple companies to complete their job.

    website design

    We understood the importance of images to the client’s market, rather than sales-focussed copy. We ensured that the website design used scrolling images on each page, including the homepage, to further demonstrate the quality of Walker’s work.

    website design

    We were very pleased with the website design project that we completed for Walker Safety Cabinets, and even more pleased to leave a repeat customer satisfied once again. The brief was completed on schedule and to budget, and both parties felt that we achieved the balance that the client sought.

    If you’d like to talk more with us about how the work we did here could be relevant to your digital marketing job, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

  76. Magento Alternatives: Finding your perfect ecommerce platform

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    Magento is without question one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around, and thousands upon thousands of businesses use their solutions, including many famous brands. But it isn’t necessarily suitable for everyone, unless you have very specific needs that require the Magento platform it is wise to weigh up other options. This is particularly true if you are looking for a simpler, lower cost solution that doesn’t require complex integration with other systems.

    In this article we’ll look at some of the Magento alternatives.

    Magento Alternatives

    There are a vast array of eCommerce platforms available today, each seeking to offer slightly different functionality or performance. However in reality, there are only really a handful of platforms that power the majority of online shops:

    • Shopify – One of the best known shopping platforms, Shopify offers a range of all-in-one eCommerce solutions to help you start selling your products online. Packages start at as little as $29 per month for Shopify Basic, and at the other end of the scale they offer full enterprise support packages.magento alternatives
    • WooCommerce – The WooCommerce plugin is simple and easy to install on WordPress sites and offers a familiar interface to manage products. There are a wide range of extensions and customisations available which enable businesses to add new functionality as they grow.   
    • OpenCart – OpenCart offers extensive functionality for businesses with more complex requirements, but perhaps not the budget for Magento.

    WooCommerce – The natural starting point?

    We tend to recommend WooCommerce to our clients who are willing to give up some of the features and functionality of Magento for a cheaper alternative. For customers that are already running a WordPress site, installation is quick and easy, therefore making it a great fit for anyone looking to launch their first online store.

    The simple user interface is another factor that makes WooCommerce a great starting point for new eCommerce businesses. Once the business becomes more established and you requirements change, you can make the decision to add extensions, or switch to another platform like Magento.


    For over a decade, AsOne has been helping businesses get online. We’ve worked with clients from a wide range of industries to launch their first eCommerce stores, and have partnered with them over the long term; through upgrades, redesigns, platform changes and other improvements.

    We’ve built up a vast depth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in terms of eCommerce and take this expertise into every new client engagement.

    For more information on Magento alternatives, or general guidance on eCommerce platforms, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert technical team.

    This year we will be attending The Business Show at the Excel London on November the 14th and 15th. At the show our team of experts will be addressing all things eCommerce on stand 1514. We also have an exclusive show offer for you – if you meet us at the show and agree to commission a WordPress eCommerce solution before 2019 we will give you 1 years’ free hosting and warranty worth £1000! On top of the teams attendance our very own Digital Director Joel Rush will be talking show attendees through ‘The Right eCommerce Solution & How To Choose It’ on Wednesday in Seminar Hall 4 at 16:15. To find out more about the show and how to book your FREE tickets visit their website. See you at the show!

  77. Best eCommerce Platform – Finding the Solution that Fits

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    There are a wide array of eCommerce platforms available on the market today and choosing the best eCommerce platform can be tough. Options range from designing a custom shopping experience entirely from scratch at one end, through to using simple off the shelf WordPress plugins at the other.

    Ultimately finding the best eCommerce platform for you will depend on a number of factors including:

    • BudgetIf you only have a small budget, or you’re new to eCommerce and want to gauge how successful the venture will be before investing significantly, there are options available to you. In contrast, if you have a larger budget or more aggressive plans, there are platforms that will cater to these needs.
    • ComplexityIf you plan for a high degree of customisation, or want your eCommerce platform to integrate with other systems like inventory or accounting, you will be steered towards the more premium platforms with a high degree of functionality and flexibility.
    • ScaleIf you already have established business and expect high volumes of traffic and large numbers of sales from the get go, or you are a high growth business, you will need to find a platform that is capable of handling that demand without outages, and scaling with you.

    Best eCommerce Platform – What are the options?

    At AsOne, we tend to recommend one of three platforms:

    • MagentoFor highly complex businesses that need a large number of integrations to other systems, Magento is usually the de facto choice. Not only does it offer complex functionality, but there is also full enterprise support available should anything go wrong. It is also able to scale to cope with significant loads and handle spikes in demand.Best eCommerce Platform
    • WooCommerceFor smaller businesses with less complex requirements, WooCommerce makes for an excellent option. It comes at a much lower price point, and integrates seamlessly with existing WordPress websites. It is therefore also a good choice for small or medium sized businesses that are looking to monetize some of their existing web traffic.
    • OpenCartIf you’re looking for a highly scalable, extendable, customisable platform that is easy to use, then OpenCart is a great choice. The open source software can be integrated with a wide range of external systems and payment providers and is therefore a good option for many projects.

    eCommerce the AsOne Way

    At AsOne, we’ve been building eCommerce functionality for over a decade, helping businesses to get online and create new revenue streams. We understand that eCommerce is about more than marketing and requires a holistic digital business development strategy.

    We work in tandem with our clients to shape their strategy and set them up for long-term business success. Needless to say, part of that strategy will involve finding the best eCommerce platform for their specific requirements, and we guide them through that selection process to help them make an informed decision. Contact us today if you have any questions about Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, or eCommerce more generally.

    This year we will be attending The Business Show at the Excel London on November the 14th and 15th. At the show our team of experts will be addressing all things eCommerce on stand 1514. We also have an exclusive show offer for you – if you meet us at the show and agree to commission a WordPress eCommerce solution before 2019 we will give you 1 years’ free hosting and warranty worth £1000! On top of the teams attendance our very own Digital Director Joel Rush will be talking show attendees through ‘The Right eCommerce Solution & How To Choose It’ on Wednesday in Seminar Hall 4 at 16:15. To find out more about the show and how to book your FREE tickets visit their website. See you at the show!

  78. The Challenges of Law Firm Marketing

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    Marketing is a dynamic discipline: the field evolves constantly, and strategies that were historically effective cannot be relied upon today. There are challenges which face marketeers as a whole, and there are additional challenges in specific fields; law firm marketing is perhaps one of the most difficult sectors to operate in. At AsOne, we have enjoyed extensive success in the field over more than a decade, and in this blog post we’re going to share a couple of the unique challenges facing marketeers in law firm marketing.

    Law Firm Marketing

    Audience Mood
    Let’s face it, nobody wants to have to use a lawyer. Lawyers are often there for when things in our lives break down – from intimate relationships, to corporate contracts, as well as personal injury and the death of loved ones. This means that law firm marketing does not approach hopeful individuals, who are ready to spend big as a result of their positive outlook. More often, the target audience is struggling, if not financially then certainly emotionally, and fostering trust in them is even more difficult than with a marketing campaign in another sector.

    Shrinking Margins
    This isn’t necessarily unique to the legal sector – margins in many businesses have shrunk recently; but there are specific challenges for law firm marketing here. Firstly, with the rise of “no win no fee” offers with lawyers, legal business owners are spending even more time ensuring their cases are water-tight; which leaves less time for marketing. Secondly, young lawyers now have a large amount of student debt and high living costs, and as such are seeking a higher wage than they may have previously been happy to start working at. Finally, with a stark rise in the number of legal firms operating – there are now 180,000 solicitors operating in the UK, up 22% from just 18 months ago – the competition is higher than ever.

    Legislation and Regulation
    As with any marketing, law firm marketing cannot promise to do something that it ultimately cannot guarantee – like win a case. Unfortunately, this is often the only factor which governs the choice of the consumer – very few clients pick a lawyer based on their low environmental emissions, for example. These leaves law firm marketers in a tricky situation, whereby you are left to talk of your firms past credentials, and your lawyers’ expertise, without ever confirming the key piece of information that the customer wants – whether you will win their case or not. Clients left frustrated by not getting this answer will not be booking a consultation, so the skill is to make them feel as if it has been.

    As a full service digital agency, AsOne is perfectly placed to not only offer digital marketing advice, but also wider business development strategy planning, and able to ensure that your marketing strategy is working in service of that strategy. Having your digital business development run from the same office as your digital marketing is a huge advantage, as it means that you only deal with one point of contact, and that point of contact has a much better contextual and holistic understanding of the work being done. This is especially beneficial when looking at the analytics, of which we have a full suite, to assess the effectiveness of the campaigns and alter them in line with your wider business goals.

    Contact the marketing and business development experts today at AsOne to find out how employing a new law firm marketing strategy could boost your business to the next level. Call us today on 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk to get the conversation started.

    Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    Law Firm Marketing

  79. Creating a Content Marketing Strategy 

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    For a long while, companies have known and understood the benefits of regularly posting content to their blog, but for many this is as far as they get. Without a clear, joined up plan, blogs often sit idle and suffer from long periods of inactivity between posts. Creating a clear content marketing strategy from the outset gives you the best chance of succeeding and ensuring that your content has maximum impact.

    A good content marketing strategy can do a number of key things for your business, including:

    • Generate traffic – Regularly posting high quality content to your site gives you the best chances of ranking in search engines like Google and Bing for your target terms. This will secure you a steady stream of traffic over the long-term.Content Marketing Strategy
    • Raise awareness – You can use content marketing to inform your customers of developments in your business or industry, keeping them up to speed and positioning yourself as the leading authority in the space.
    • Increase sales – Content marketing can act as an extension of your sales force, explaining to your customers the benefits of one product over another, or emphasising why now is a good time to buy. This helps your customers to make buying decisions, ultimately increasing your sales.

    Content Distribution

    Many people see increased organic search traffic as the primary goal of their blog and while this can take a long time before you start to see the impact, there are lots of things you can do to increase the viewers of your content in the short term.

    There are a number of ways that you can take back control and increase the number of people that see your content, including:

    • Email lists – By capturing email addresses from your customers, suppliers and partners, you can send out a weekly or monthly email newsletter with links to your latest posts. This is a great way of informing people when you have new content available without them having to check back all the time.
    • Social media – To give your content a chance of being seen more widely, you can post your links on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. This quickly alerts your followers to new content, but also gives it much wider reach once people start “liking” or sharing it.
    • Direct / syndication – Another method is to email other relevant sites directly to tell them about your new content and if it is interesting to them, they may decide to reference it or link to it in their future posts.

    Content Marketing, AsOne Style

    At AsOne, our approach has always been to look holistically at digital marketing as part of a broader digital business development strategy. Content is key to this, as it is a vital way of sharing your messages with your customers. Creating a content marketing strategy that aligns with other marketing efforts and the overall goals of the business is a sure fire way to accelerate your success.

    For more information on creating a content marketing strategy to help drive your business forward, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. Contact us today


  80. AsOne takes on London

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    Our AsOne web developer James Collins took on a local London office for a friendly game of football and came out on top against the Shoreditch office. Read James game report of the game and how he helped lead his team to victory.

    Our Whitechapel team was made up of: Koran Murphy-Saffet, Tomi Ladi, Andrei Croitor, James Collins, David and Adam Groves (actually from the Shoreditch office)

    Andrei guaranteed we would win before we had even kicked a ball and turns out he was right!

    Destined for glory we started the first match, our Whitechapel team already known as the Whitechapel Massive (thanks to Andrei) were playing in an intimidating all black strip vs the White team (Shoreditch team). We made a great start with James getting the first goal of the tournament within minutes. After conceding a soft penalty while still adjusting to the rules we went on to win the match 7-1, striking fear into the rest of the opposition. A brilliant start, but it was still early days and a long way to go to reach the final.

    The fixtures were set in our favour and as luck would have it we played the Red team (more Shoreditch people) immediately after they had just finished their first game. Hoping to take advantage of their fatigue we made a good start but a resilient comeback from the Reds meant our second game ended up 5-5. James picked up a slight injury towards the end of the game. Worried he would make it worse by playing had to be substituted for the rest of this game.

    Our final game of the league group came against the Green team (City office) who had yet to win a game but they were getting better with each match. We played very well in this match reminiscent of Barcelona at their best,  with James scoring a hat trick including a cheeky back heel flick just like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeOhnaBARqA

    We then had a 40 minute wait until the grand final where we would face the Reds after they made an impressive comeback from 5-1 down to win 6-5 in their final league game. There was a mixture of excitement and nerves in the air while we waited knowing we were one match away from endless bragging rights.

    Finally we were ready for our final challenge and after a nervous start the game was 3-3 after 10 minutes. We pushed hard for victory, picking up a few bruises along the way but we managed to contain the Red team in their half of the pitch and score a few vital goals. The match was finely balanced with a  slender 6-4 lead with 5 minutes to go, luckily we managed to grab two vital goals and finish the game 8-4 with James scoring another hat trick.

    So Andrei was right from the start and we dominated the tournament with James picking up 12 goals along the way.

    Congratulations to our web developer James for representing the AsOne name and winning!

    Web Developer takes on London

  81. Digital Marketing Management for Ambitious Businesses

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     digital marketing management
    digital marketing management

    Innovation Club has a clear vision to help you to create a digital marketing management strategy with real impact. Our bespoke packages are designed to meet your needs and requirement so that you are able to smartly measure your successes. As a member of Innovation Club, you will gain exclusive access to our award winning creative team, innovative marketing, events and consultancy.

    Our Innovation Club believe that in order to succeed, it is vital that you monitor and report on your websites achievements and performance. We allow you to choose a fixed price digital marketing management package based on the level that meets your business aspirations, allowing you to budget and evaluate your return on investment.

    Our Entry package is priced at £500 per month, and is designed to build a strong foundation for your marketing. Once we have created highly optimised content for your website, we will distribute it using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and work towards attracting a strong and loyal clientele. We also provide you with a Monthly Success Report, so that you can clearly and confidently understand your progress.

    If your business has previously become acquainted with a marketing strategy, our Growth package may be more suitable. Priced at £1,400 per month, this package aims to increase your content and publishing levels and monitor closely your website security. With our Growth package we offer a quarterly consultation and strategy meeting to ensure your marketing consistently aligns with your business goals.

    Our Innovation Club will help guide your company through the ever changing developments of online technology. We dedicate an account manager who is invested in your success. And in addition to our fixed rate packages, we offer custom digital marketing to enable a wider reach and satisfy your ambitious business needs. By analysing your strengths and weaknesses, we can together craft a marketing campaign that fits accordingly with your objectives.

    We have created bespoke marketing packages developed to meet all of your needs. You can compare the Innovation Club packages on Innovationclub.co.uk.

  82. AsOne Bake Off ‘Marauder’s Map’

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    The third week of the AsOne Bake Off and the bakes just keep getting better and better!

    This week saw Alex take on the Bake Off challenge with his amazing Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter books.

    Alex made a mocha and hazelnut cake which definitely pleased the coffee lovers in our office. To get the old paper stained look Alex painted his fondant with coffee giving it a great caffeine kick.

    Alex was scored on the following:

    Presentation – Each person will vote on how well they believe the baker decorated their cake. This can be done with anything the baker chooses and with any theme.

    Taste – Each person will vote on how good they believe the bakers cake tasted. This does not have to necessarily have to be a sweet bake.

    Skill – Each person will score the baker on how much skill was required to execute the bake. For example if it is a box made cake this requires little much skill, but if everything is homemade this will be classed as more skillful.

    Alex has this to say about his baking experience – “This was the first cake I’ve ever made so I decided to put my eggs in the design basket and forget about the taste. I think my inexperience shows through in me accidentally making a cake that tasted much better than it looked (after my “parchment” effect made the icing crack and my design work separate!).”

    Bake Off Challenge

    Alex scored the following:

    Presentation: 36/45

    Skill: 39/45

    Taste: 35/45

    Total: 110/135

    Congratulations to Alex for now making it to the first place position!

    Join us next week as Danielle takes on the baking challenge. Follow our Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest bakes.

    Help us score Alex’s excellent cake!

    Create your own user feedback survey

  83. Latest Magento Website Project

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    Healthful Pets has gone live with a Magento website!

    Healthful Pets is an eCommerce Magento website. They sell a carefully selected range of products for your pets that are high quality without the harmful chemicals that some pet products contain. They sell the best natural products, many of which are not available on the high-street.

    magento website homepage
    The homepage of the Healthful Pets website

    When building the Healthful Pets website they knew that they wanted to keep it bright and fun to reflect the personality behind the brand. The website is fully responsive with an integrated blog built on wordpress. Meaning that they can keep their customers up to date with the latest advice and products. All while raising their brand’s awareness.

    The website’s easy to use navigation means that their customers can find the products that they want with ease and checkout efficiently.

    Do you need a Magento website solution that is fully responsive? We specialise in the Magneto platform with precision and a full understanding of the build. Speak to us today regarding your specific Magento requirements by calling 0161 368 9100 or eMail here@asone.co.uk

  84. Successful email marketing case study

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    AsOne successful email marketing
    Successful email marketing with AsOne.

    At AsOne Creative Digital Marketing we believe that there are many ways to retain your audience. However Todaysure Matthews Ltd has shown how a successful email marketing campaign can help to retain a customer’s attention 10 years later.

    Firstly successful eMail marketing can be incredibly beneficial for your company, if done right. It is a way to retain your audience and keep them up to date with the latest products, services and news. This enables you to drive traffic back to your website and keep customers constantly aware of your brand and what your company can offer.

    Each month Todaysure Matthews Ltd have an eShot created and sent on their behalf from AsOne Creative Digital Marketing to all their customers. Within this, we include the latest news and blogs which usually revolve around their future plans and the successes that they are experiencing. Their blogs are a good way to keep their customers up to date with what is happening internally within their company. This month their latest eMail caught the attention of a old customer who they had not had communications with for over 10 years and believed to be a cold source.

    The customer had opened the email 28 times in total. This means that the customer took multiple viewings before getting in contact with Todaysure to discuss a contract with the company.

    The client in question had been living in Iraq but had travelled over to the UK. The client contacted Todaysure to discuss buying three of their hospital incinerators worth over £500,000. If this eMail had never been sent out the customer may never of got back in touch with the company. This proves how email marketing can be a beneficial addition to your marketing strategy. It enables you to keep a connection with clients that may be overseas and those who are not regular users of social media. It keeps your clients up to date and builds brand loyalty with your clients.

    As you can see a successful eMail marketing strategy can give you the potential to broaden your geographical reach even further. From this particular eMail, Todaysure was able to reach the United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India plus many more making it a truly global campaign. Therefore email marketing is a great way for companies that market their products worldwide and want to maintain strong customer relations across the globe.

    The eShot itself had a open rate of 22.3% and a click rate of 22.58% which is above the industry standard for open rate. Todaysure Matthews have always maintained a steady open rate with the average eShot having 25% of recipients opening the emails. This is due to the consistency that we keep the eShots at. People like familiarity but not so much if it is repetitive. Therefore we make sure that emails are sent out once a month and that the template remains the same too. Since the start of December their click rate has been increasing, consistently being above the industry standard percentage.

    Todaysure Matthews Ltd however do not just rely on their successful eMail marketing to gain customers. They are under our Innovation Club® package in which they have social media management, PPC and blogs. This accumulated mix makes a successful marketing strategy.

    Going forward with Todaysure Matthews Ltd we will be looking to increase their geographical reach further so that they can hit every corner of the earth. To do this we would look into increasing more location based PPC campaigns and using more social tools like Facebook Ads which will help to boost the post to a demographic of their choosing.

    Below is a testimonial from Todaysure Matthews Ltd who we look forward to developing with in the future.

    “Todaysure has worked with Asone for in excess of 12 years, and have always found them to be extremely pleasant and helpful to work with and professional and knowledgeable in their field.  They have designed and developed more than one web site for us, helped us with branding of our products and produced corporate stationery and marketing materials, which we have found to be modern and innovative. Over the last couple of years, we have utilised their services to optimise our website using Social Management, PPC/adwords, which has proved successful and in recent months we have used their copywriting services and produced some interesting blogs and the e-shot campaigns, which have reached out to old and new customers alike, resulting in resurrecting our relationships.”

    – Karen Schofield

    Do you want a successful email marketing campaign?

    If you would like to learn more about how we can manage your eMail Marketing then please get in touch with us on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk.

  85. Design Agency Manchester, Our Latest Project

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    Blue Door Flowers came to us, a leading design agency Manchester, wanting a website that reflected their shop’s unique style.

    design agency manchester bluedoor flowers opening
    Front page of the Bluedoor website

    The Blue Door flower website has gone live! Blue Door Flowers is a natural florist with natural, super-fresh and top-quality blooms located within Stockport.
    They wanted an authentic ‘shabby-chic’ vision that looked timeless, just like their flowers. They wanted to focus on the flowers making them the focal images of their website.

    They asked for an events page so that their clients would be able to be kept in the know with the latest upcoming events. Making sure that their clients don’t miss out!

    They made it very clear from the beginning that they wanted to raise their brand’s awareness effectively, as the leading design agency Manchester we worked to achieve this. They have been able to do this with an integrated blog so the customers can stay up to date with the latest information from them. This helps to higher their search rankings as they post more content to their website.

    design agency manchester bluedoor flowers
    Page navigation on the Bluedoor website

    Are you looking to have a bespoke website built for your brand from a leading design agency manchester? We can create you a website that reflects your brand, company’s style and image. Get a quote from us by calling 0161 368 9100 or eMail here@asone.co.uk

  86. How to find Blog Post Ideas

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    Blog post ideas
    Blog post ideas

    If you are stuck trying to find a blog post ideas,use the following starting points. If you have more than one product or service you already have a lot of content.      

    Blog post ideas

    •   One of your services    
    •   How one of your products can/should be used    
    •   How one of your products is made    
    •   A testimonial    
    •   A Case Study    
    •   An Award or Accreditation    
    •   How your equipment helps you do your job or produce a product    
    •   Where did you get your experience    
    •   What is in the news that is relevant    
    •   Answer a question you get asked    

    If you are still stuck, try using a keyword suggestion tool to find out what people are looking for and then write a blog post to answer their question or request. Try to think about what that person might be looking for or what they might wish to read. Once you give them what they want you can then sell your product or service to them.    

    For example if you are a mechanic and people are searching how to prepare a car for winter you can write a step-­‐by-­‐step guide and finish it off with a price for you to do their winter service for those who would rather pay after reading how much should be done.    

    To get ideas and information about what people are searching for, try the Google AdWords Planner. You will need a free AdWords Account. https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner Search for “new keyword and ad group ideas”    and enter one or more phrases you think people might be looking for. When the results appear click on the “Keyword Ideas” tab and sort the result by volume by click on the “Average Monthly Searches” column. This is a great way to help get your blog post ideas.  

    If you struggle to find the time to write blog post or can’t think of blog post ideas then maybe copywriting is for you. If you would like to take off the pressure of writing blogs then we can help you. Get in touch with us on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk

  87. Website Design Manchester Project, BMW

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    BMW Race Days came to AsOne, leaders in website design Manchester with an existing site that was using an old version of WordPress.

    The website had begun to look dated and needed to be refreshed with a new design. As a leading website design Manchester specialist, we designed a bespoke modern theme that would run on the latest version of WordPress and would be fully responsive. Allowing for them to viewed on many devices.

    website design manchester BMW Home
    Homepage of the BMW Website

    The new website features several new elements such as countdown timers to race days allowing their customers to keep track of their events. This additional feature gives the website a unique and fun look.

    The website also features custom post types for drivers where customers can see the positions and points of drivers for the racing season. The website also includes race circuits with integrated events where you can find out more information about the circuits.

    The website has a fully integrated shop/eCommerce system for purchase of their products and of course a blog, so they can keep you up to date with the latest news!

    BMW Race Days found it much easier to update their new site and after training was able to add their own blog posts, image galleries and video portfolios.

    Are you looking to modernise your website? As a specialist in website design Manchester we can create you a modern and responsive website that is bespoke to you. Please contact us for a quote on 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk.

  88. Greater Collaboration and the Future of Work

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    The ability to innovate and provide creative solutions to complex problems is becoming a key differentiator in modern business. Making the time to look externally and gain a fresh perspective on your business can often yield significant results with greater collaboration.

    Greater Collaboration

    Collaboration is something that I actively encourage and have personally seen success with in my role as Director at AsOne, Creative Digital Marketing.

    Cultivating a community of creative personalities to share ideas and insights has been incredibly rewarding, and led me to think more about how we can leverage collaboration to our benefit and the benefit of our customers.

    Co-Working Spaces

    Greater Collaboration and the Future of Work
    Greater Collaboration and the Future of Work

    One area that we’ve been looking at for some time is co-working spaces.

    This type of flexible working environment originally started in the US, providing an inexpensive solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses that needed a place to work.

    The practice has since spread to Europe, with the UK, and London in particular, now regarded as an excellent destination for businesses seeking collaborative work spaces.

    As the barriers between work and home life have fallen away, the demand for creative work spaces that reflect this has increased dramatically, and co-working spaces have evolved to meet this demand.

    Some of these venues have become a hot spot for creativity and collaboration, by creating an environment where like-minded individuals can bounce ideas off each other and help each other succeed.

    They do this in a number of ways:

    • Flexible meeting spaces – As the nature of work has changed, the way that teams interact and work together most effectively has also evolved. Collaborative work spaces offer companies access to facilities and meeting room spaces that actively support this interaction.
    • Break out areas – Creativity can’t be forced, and taking a break in a suitably relaxing environment can often help to stimulate breakthrough ideas. These spaces also present the opportunity for serendipitous encounters with other individuals who can provide a different perspective to your problems.
    • Continuing education – It is often said that the companies that succeed are those that learn the fastest. Many co-working spaces host regular talks, inviting guest speakers to come in and share expert opinions on key business challenges.
    • Collaboration – Consciously working with other companies can help you to reach clients that might previously have been unattainable, by jointly supplying a bundle of services at a competitive price point. Co-working spaces can help you to foster relationships with these potential partners and share ideas on exciting new propositions.

    Further to these benefits, collaborative working environments have also taken on some features traditionally associated with start-up accelerators, providing the support mechanisms to help small businesses grow. They seek to actively build connections between their members, helping identify opportunities that might otherwise have been overlooked.

    These extra support services also allow businesses to remain focused on solving real world problems, rather than wasting time fixing logistical issues, or circumventing red tape. If you’re having a specific problem, the likelihood is that someone around you has been through this too, and can help you solve it quicker than you could on your own.

    Starting a business can be a lonely and daunting journey, and having a community around you comes as a great relief for many.

    The Future of Work

    The notion of work is fundamentally changing, and we see these types of collaborative, co-working spaces becoming increasingly important in the future.

    As a growing business in the creative and digital sector, here at AsOne we look to opportunities to expand our exposure to collaborative working. Cross-company greater collaboration is something that I have been actively encouraging as a DCN Founder and I see a natural synergy between established businesses and new talent starting out as sole traders who bring the added bonus of fresh enthusiasm and ideas.

    As more and more people shun the corporate career path and instead set up as independent freelancers, there is a huge opportunity for loosely coupled networks of micro-businesses to work together more collaboratively, and create something that is greater than the sum of their parts.

    While co-working spaces have typically only been used by start-ups and small companies, I believe there is an opportunity for established companies to become a bigger part of this ecosystem.

    In fact, this isn’t just something that I believe in, but something that we’re actively embracing at AsOne. We’re really excited to be taking up residence in the Central Working space in London and look forward to getting an insider’s view of the realities of collaborative working environments.

    We’ve also been closely following the transformation of the Ashton Old Baths into a start-up hub focused on providing incubation and support for fledgling digital businesses. The spectacular £3m redevelopment is a fantastic step towards establishing Tameside as a centre for digital and creative industries and I’m expecting great things to come of it.

    If you have any questions regarding collaborative working or co-working spaces, then feel free to get in touch.

    Tracey Rush

  89. The Bottle People Look For A Web Design Company

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    As a leading web design company we want to give our clients a website design that they feel shows off their personality and brands values.

    Web design company Bottle banner
    The banner from the homepage of The Bottle People

    The Bottle People approached us for an eCommerce system to sell a variety of products. We built the site on the latest version of OpenCart that had several user friendly features on both the front and back end of the site.

    We created them a website on OpenCart that has a smooth and clean look, reflecting the clarity and quality of the products that they supply. The navigation is easy to use, making buying their products an easy process for their customers. The Bottle People are also able to upload a excel spreadsheet of their products to easily manage their stock, add and edit categories as well as being able to update the site with blog posts.

    Another great feature is the layer slider allowing The Bottle People to make their own slideshows complete with text to really engage with their audience.

    The website also has another feature that makes for easy product view, when you hover over the product you will see an example of the filled container. This allows their customers to see examples of their products in use while injecting colour to the images.

    This is all made possible because of an easy to use page builder system allowing a wide range of options from drag and drop page elements to re-arrange how the website looks, change colours for elements like titles, links and much more.

    As a web design company we always want to find new ways to make each website unique. With The Bottle People we added an extension to allow the client to update their shipping prices on a per product basis as they wished to be able to have individual prices for each product when it came to the delivery cost.

    Natalie, from The Bottle People, who is their Marketing Manager had these kind words to say about the work that we did for them.

    “We had very particular requirements with our new packaging venture, both design and concept wise. I’m happy to say both were met. From the fresh & clean look design to the ease of the shopping experience. We’re more than happy with our new site, just hoping our customers like it too!” – Natalie, The Bottle People

    If you are looking for a web design company to create you a unique website, who will listen to your wants and needs. Then get in touch with us on 0161 368 9100 or eMail us at here@asone.co.uk for your quote on your very own bespoke website.

  90. April IC Seminar: Social Networking and Planning.

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    Social Networking and Planning
    Social Networking and Planning Seminar.

    Social networking and planning is a way in which you can reach your audience directly, easily and effectively. There are many different social networks that enable you to build your audience, retaining their attention and loyalty by targeting them through specific content.

    We know that it can be difficult to find time in your busy day to post content to your social accounts, especially when you don’t exactly know what content you should even be posting! That is why we are bringing you this seminar, so that we can give you the tools and knowledge to plan your content effectively in order to reach your audience through social networking.

    The seminar Social networking and planning seminar will cover the following points:

    • Understanding Social Media
    • The Role of Social Media
    • Profile Types
    • What Social Networks work for your business?
    • Tuning your Message
    • Managing Interactions
    • Trigger Events
    • Planning the Fundamentals
    • Gaining and Maintaining
    • Engaging

    We will be able to show you the basics of how you can retain an online presence on social media. Making sure that you are taking the steps that are necessary in order for you to push your audiences reach.

    Details of the seminar


    Thursday 21st April – 2pm


    Our offices – AsOne Design, Mary Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4RD

    Book Now

    There are only limited places available so our Social Networking and Planning seminar so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to expose your company further through social networking. If you are a non Innovation Club member there is a ticket price of £25 to attend. To book your place please call us on 0161 368 9100 or email lauren@asone.co.uk

  91. Facebook Safety Check activated after attacks

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    Facebook Safety Check
    Facebook Safety Check reactivated.

    After the devastating events that took place in Brussels, Facebook activated again their Facebook safety check.The Facebook safety check feature activated immediately after the bomb explosions that rocked the Belgian capital and the lives of those affected by the attack.

    The Facebook safety check allows people who are in the affected area to alert their friends and family that they are safe. The feature automatically sends a status for family and friends to see and check on. Facebook users are able to check on friends and family who are within the vicinity of the terrorist attacks.

    When was the Facebook safety check created?

    The Facebook safety check was first thought of after the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan which affected a staggering 12.5 million people nationwide. During the crises many people turned to social media to alert family and friends of their safety. This then gave Facebook the idea to give people a place where they could alert family and friends of their safety.

    This feature was then first used after the devastating earthquake in Nepal last April. It was then used again in the Paris attacks that took place in November.

    This Facebook feature is one of the many ways that Facebook shows it’s versatility, giving us all one place to come to for events like those that have just taken place. It also reflects how it has become an integrated system within our lives.

    If we want to find out information about someone we now turn to Facebook for information that usually we would not know unless we had personal contact with the person.

    Facebook has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other and is always looking at new ways it can become an ever more permanent part of our lives.

    Like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news and updates from us.

  92. Google search ads keep advancing

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    Google search ads are changing again! As of today Google will be changing the way that certain apps on Android are displayed within their Google search app.

    What will be changing on Google search ads?

    With the new Google search ads update it will allow you to trial run certain apps from the Google search app.

    The update allows you to use the app for 10 minutes without committing to buying or downloading the app, by streaming the app in real time to your device. Earlier in the year Google introduced the feature of being able to see apps in your organic search results. They found that even with this, that one in four apps were never used again after being downloaded. They hope that the introduction of the ‘try now’ button will give people teasers of the app and allow them to make a judgement of whether they like it or not before clicking download or purchase. This will then ultimately lead to more people staying engaged with the app once they have installed it.

    In order to see the Google search ads update you must be running Android L or greater. You must also be on WIFI when you complete your search in the Google search app. Unfortunately IOS users will not be able to see this update. It is unsure whether this is something that they will be introducing to IOS users in the future.

    Below you can see how the new Google search ads will look like in your search results.

    Google search ads
    Source: http://searchengineland.com/figz/wp-content/seloads/2016/02/wordsearch-google-app-stream-try-now.png

    How much will it cost?

    Until they give us more information we are not sure what will be the cost to run the ad. However for those looking to get their app noticed through multiple channels this looks like a great way to entice your audience to buy or download your app and keep them engaged with it.

    With Google search ads constantly on the change we look forward to the further announcements.

    Keep up to date with the latest updates and news on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

    If you would like for us to create a Mobile App for you? Get in contact with us by calling 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk.

  93. Facebook Introduces Facebook Reactions!

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    By now you have probably heard or seen the new Facebook reactions that have been introduced to the Facebook community.

    There has been quite a bit of talk about Facebook delivering a ‘Dislike’ button but this new update is so much more than just the one button! The new update allows you to choose whether you Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and feel Angry about a post.

    The new Facebook reactions allows for a more dynamic interaction between people, because does anyone really want to like a post about a friends tragic break up? No! We want to show how sad and angry we are for them. Well now we can do that!

    Below you can see an example of how the new update works on desktop. it’s as simple as hovering over the ‘like’ button and then selecting the emoji. For mobile users to see the emojis you just have to press and hold the ‘Like’ button which will then display your options.

    We think that the update has been long awaited! However some do think it may open a door to cyber bullying. A post from TrueMedia said “It’s an open door for cyberbullies and crude sarcasm. If a user comes across a post their enemy has created, they can hit the angry button as a mode of intimidation” We would hope that in an ideal world that these buttons stay as fun and innocent as they are intended but with changes like this it is hard to predict what the outcome will be.

    On a lighter not however we can’t wait to really test these buttons out and see what people really feel towards their fellow friends post!

    Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter how you feel about the new Facebook Reactions!

  94. Google ads have changed!

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    If you haven’t noticed yet Google has been making some very big changes to its Ads! Now normally when you search up a term you will get 3 Ad listings at the top of the search engine and ads on the right hand side of the page.

    This has changed! You will now see 4 Ads at the top of the search engine and no Ads at all at on the righthand side of the page.

    Now you may be wondering ‘What does this mean for those of us who do PPC?’ Well as this change has only incurred within the last few days and it has not been out long enough for us to judge how it will effect everyone. As you can imagine there will be both positive and negative effects from this.

    The only side bar that you will be able to see will be Googles product listing Ads. these will appear on the right hand side bar with appropriate queries.

    At the moment the mobile Ads will be staying the same as these do not see the four Ads on the right hand side.

    Will this effect organic searches being seen?

    For this it really depends what you are searching. We experimented with ‘House Clearance’ and we was unable to see a organic search as you can see from the image below.

    Google ads removed

    However this does not happen when we search up ‘Content Marketing’ We are only shown two Ads and the rest are organic. This means that people may now really have to focus more on their SEO in order to have a chance of being seen if there is more searches like ‘House clearance’ where you are unable to see the organic searches unless you scroll down.

    Will the cost go up for PPC?

    This part we can not fully predict until we have seen the full impact of the change. However if we were to take an educated guess we would say that it is likely to go up because of supply and demand of the positions. However that is just a guess and may not ring true!

    We suspect that we will all learn more as time moves on and we find out the full impact of these changes.

    Keep updated with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

    Are you considering Pay-Per-Click? Why not get in contact with us to discuss PPC! Call us on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk.

  95. The new Dealer Compliance website has gone live!

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    We have recently finished the brand new website for Dealer Compliance!

    We have been working with Dealer Compliance to improve their online marketing strategy and create a brand new website for some time now and we’re excited to say that it’s finally complete! The website is fully mobile responsive and was created with a professional attitude that has been reflected in the visuals and functionality of the website.

    Dealer Compliance is a cost effective alternative to direct authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are able to offer Appointed Representative status to suitable businesses and individuals wishing to be authorised to operate in the Consumer Credit market. This fully comprehensive service can be found over on their websites home page while their various other services can be found by using the websites simple to use navigation. We have also included a blog page onto the website that Dealer Compliance have already started to add to, so head on over and take a look for some insight into the credit marketplace!

    If you would like a new website created for your business you can contact us on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk. We don’t just offer web design we specialise in a range of areas and services that are all available to you right now! You can head on over to this page for more info on all of the different things that we can offer to you and your business!

  96. The New Amphorea Website is now live!

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    We have recently completed a new website for one of our clients, Amphorea.

    We have been working with Amphorea for a while now as a part of our innovation club, one of the projects that we were asked to undertake was a complete redesign and reworking of the original Amphorea website, and now it’s complete.

    Amphorea wanted a website that looked professional and had all of the functionality of their old website as well as some noticeable extras, so that’s exactly what we did for them! The new website was created on open cart and has extensive eCommerce functionality as well as being fully mobile responsive, both of which go well with the sleek professional visual design. We have also included a blog similar to the one on the original website that Amphorea have already started to update! Even though we have finished the website we will continue to work alongside Amphorea on various other projects as they are a part of our innovation club. You can find out more about our innovation club here.

    Amphorea is a company that specialises in providing excellent quality packaging in a variety of materials, from huge bulk containers to glass jars and plastic jerrycans they’ve got it all. Amphorea stock a huge variety of products all designed for a specific purpose. There are containers for chemicals, drinks, food and even beauty products! But don’t take our word for it head on over to the brand new Amphorea website here.

    If you would like a website created for you by the AsOne team feel free to get in touch on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk. It’s not just web design that we offer but a range of services all of which are available to you right now. You can take a look at the services that we can offer to you here.

  97. June Seminar: Creating a successful Email Marketing Campaign

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    Innovation Club - AsOne Design

    Email marketing is an easy and effective way to retain your audience each month and keep them up to date with regular industry news, products, offers and company news. Email Marketing allows you to send a monthly newsletter out to your audience and then direct them back to your website through links. By adding the content that will be within your Email onto a blog or page on your website first, you are then able to direct your audience back to that post/page for further information through links on your email. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a successful Email structure with content that is specific and direct. Therefore, we want to provide you with the guidance and help needed to create a successful Email Marketing campaign that you can then apply to your companies monthly routine.

    • Do you struggle to know how should you should create and build your Email for maximum effect?
    • Are you struggling to know what content should be within your monthly Email?
    • Are you unaware of where you should add the content to on your website first that will be within the Email?
    • Are you struggling to see the benefits of Email Marketing for your business?

    Then our seminar will provide you with the knowledge and answer for each of these points. We will show you how to create a successful Email Marketing campaign from the beginning. The seminar will also include how to direct the content specifically to your audience along with where to include the links directing back to your website. Make sure that you are retaining your audience each month and doing everything that you can to keep them up to date with company/industry news as well as special offers and products.

    If you are already using Email Marketing to reach your audience each month then think to yourself, could your Email Marketing campaigns be improved further? We will help you understand how you can take your campaigns further and create a well structured campaign with relevant content and links.

    Details of the seminar


    Wednesday 24th June – 2pm


    Our offices – AsOne Design, Mary Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4RD

    Book Now

    There are only limited places available to our seminar so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to create an effective Email Marketing campaign.  To book your place please call us on 0161 368 9100 or email lauren@asone.co.uk


  98. Besseges’ Brand New Website Is Now Live!

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    We’ve been working with Besseges for a while now on their first website http://www.besseges-vtf.co.uk/, and now they have decided to have a brand new ecommerce website http://valvestubesfittings.com/. As we have been working with Besseges for so long on their first website and on our innovation club we knew exactly how to handle a fresh Besseges project.

    Besseges VTF
    Besseges VTF

    This brand new website will run alongside their first website and we will continue to provide support and updates for these websites. We will now be working on the Besseges marketing strategy more specifically on their email marketing SEO and social media marketing. Visit the Besseges VTF Facebook page here.

    We provide a range of services from Website design and creation to graphic design and branding, we can do it all. Visit our services page and have a look for anything we can do for you or take a look at our portfolio of past work. If you have any questions feel free to email us at here@asone.co.uk or phone us on 0161 368 9100.

  99. Are social media accounts necessary for your business?

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    Social Media FacebookNow we all know that one of the most important aspects of business is how exposed you are to the public, we also know that it can sometimes be difficult to increase your exposure through contemporary methods. The introduction of social media has made increasing your company’s exposure infinitely easier, especially for new or smaller companies.

    Social media gives your company an online presence that is easy to find and interact with. Customers can easily contact you through social media without having to know your email and phone number before hand, although all of this can be provided on your social media pages. This provides an excellent opportunity to build a positive reputation in the online marketplace by simply responding to those who interact with you in a helpful and friendly way. This is like advertising yourself without advertising yourself! The more you interact with your customers this way the more ‘human’ you appear to be, you are actually there not just another faceless corporation.

    A large amount of the exposure you will receive from social media will be from people randomly stumbling across you. This is relatively easy to increase intentionally as well; the beauty of the social media platforms is that there are commonly these things called ‘trends’. Things like the recent election, holidays and news in general all provide excellent opportunities for you to increase your exposure online. Using popular hashtags and making posts relating to these trends will expose you to others who are interacting within these topics.

    Social media is an invaluable tool for exposure at the moment and should be used by anyone looking to build themselves an online presence, especially if you want to reach out to new customers. Ignoring social media is a big mistake, so make your profiles today!

    If you would like to know more about how social media can benefit your business call us on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk.

  100. Email server issue 27th Feb 2015

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    Unfortunately today we are experiencing an issue with our email server, affecting how long it is taking for emails to arrive.

    If you host your emails with us and today have noticed your emails are coming through slowly or even not at all, don’t worry you’re not on your own and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    A brief overview of what is happening is our server – a nasty spammer/spam bot is sending large volumes of emails containing viruses (of course) at our email server. Our anti-virus system is identifying them and blocking them but due to the sheer volume of emails arriving in a short space of time the server is becoming overloaded. This leads to a large queue of emails waiting to arrive to their mailboxes.

    Your emails will arrive eventually, you may have noticed the odd email has managed to get through but the bulk of emails are still sat on the server waiting to be processed.

    As mentioned we are working to get this issue solved and will provide an update when we have more information.

    Thank you for your patience.