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AsOne: The Evolution of a Brand

Change is inevitable in the world of business, and it often starts with a simple idea – a spark of innovation that ignites a transformation. Read how we have transformed ourselves. AsOne, a trusted partner in the realms of business development, web development, design, and marketing, has embraced this concept by embarking on a rebranding journey that symbolises the essence of unity and transformation.

The New AsOne Logo: A Visual Symphony of Services

At the heart of our rebranding is our new logo, a vibrant representation of our identity and purpose. We’ve built our brand around our four core services: business development, web development, design, and marketing. Each of these services is associated with a distinct shade of green. These colours, when blended together, create a captivating gradient that is now the hallmark of our branding.

The significance of this gradient extends beyond just aesthetics. It’s a visual testament to the interconnected nature of our services. Just as the various shades of green combine seamlessly to create a beautiful gradient, our services blend together harmoniously to provide a holistic solution to our clients. This symbolises the unity that defines AsOne.

The Square: A Powerful Symbol of Integration

The gradient isn’t the only star in our new logo; it’s housed within a square. This square is more than just a geometric shape – it’s a representation of the harmony that exists within AsOne.

The square encapsulates all our services and the expertise we bring to the table. It signifies that our team is one cohesive unit, working together to provide clients with a singular and intensely effective solution. The square also seamlessly incorporates itself with the AsOne name, emphasising how integral we are to the success of our clients. Even without the lettering, the square alone communicates the impact we have.

Just as your customers may never see or hear about us, but they’ll undoubtedly experience the results of our work on your business, the square encapsulates our role as the silent but powerful force behind the transformation you seek.

The Power of Consistency: Style Guide, Colours, Graphics, and Fonts

A successful rebranding is not just about a logo or a name change; it’s about building a cohesive and consistent identity. AsOne has created a comprehensive style guide that ensures consistency across all our materials and channels.

Our style guide outlines the appropriate use of our colours, graphics, and fonts. The various shades of green in our gradient, along with the square, will be present in all our marketing collateral, creating a visual thread that ties everything together.

Consistency in branding is not just about looking the same across different platforms; it’s about delivering a consistent experience to our clients. Our rebranding efforts extend to our services, where we’ve optimised our website for SEO. This means that when clients visit our website, they’ll find not only a visually appealing design but also a user-friendly and search engine-optimised experience. We’re not just about looking good; we’re about being effective and discoverable.

The AsOne Experience: Look and Feel

Our new branding isn’t just a change in appearance; it’s a transformation of the entire AsOne experience. The look and feel of our brand now reflect our core values of unity and excellence. When you interact with AsOne, you’ll experience a cohesive, integrated approach to your business needs. Our new branding represents our commitment to helping our clients seamlessly blend their business development, web development, design, and marketing efforts into one harmonious whole.

In conclusion, AsOne’s rebranding is more than just a fresh coat of paint; it’s a bold statement of our evolution. We’ve harnessed the power of unity, consistency, and integration to provide our clients with a more comprehensive and impactful experience. Our new logo, style guide, optimised website, and overall look and feel embody our mission: to work with our clients as one, and to deliver results that speak for themselves.