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AsOne takes on London

Web Developer takes on London

Our AsOne web developer James Collins took on a local London office for a friendly game of football and came out on top against the Shoreditch office. Read James game report of the game and how he helped lead his team to victory.

Our Whitechapel team was made up of: Koran Murphy-Saffet, Tomi Ladi, Andrei Croitor, James Collins, David and Adam Groves (actually from the Shoreditch office)

Andrei guaranteed we would win before we had even kicked a ball and turns out he was right!

Destined for glory we started the first match, our Whitechapel team already known as the Whitechapel Massive (thanks to Andrei) were playing in an intimidating all black strip vs the White team (Shoreditch team). We made a great start with James getting the first goal of the tournament within minutes. After conceding a soft penalty while still adjusting to the rules we went on to win the match 7-1, striking fear into the rest of the opposition. A brilliant start, but it was still early days and a long way to go to reach the final.

The fixtures were set in our favour and as luck would have it we played the Red team (more Shoreditch people) immediately after they had just finished their first game. Hoping to take advantage of their fatigue we made a good start but a resilient comeback from the Reds meant our second game ended up 5-5. James picked up a slight injury towards the end of the game. Worried he would make it worse by playing had to be substituted for the rest of this game.

Our final game of the league group came against the Green team (City office) who had yet to win a game but they were getting better with each match. We played very well in this match reminiscent of Barcelona at their best,  with James scoring a hat trick including a cheeky back heel flick just like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeOhnaBARqA

We then had a 40 minute wait until the grand final where we would face the Reds after they made an impressive comeback from 5-1 down to win 6-5 in their final league game. There was a mixture of excitement and nerves in the air while we waited knowing we were one match away from endless bragging rights.

Finally we were ready for our final challenge and after a nervous start the game was 3-3 after 10 minutes. We pushed hard for victory, picking up a few bruises along the way but we managed to contain the Red team in their half of the pitch and score a few vital goals. The match was finely balanced with a  slender 6-4 lead with 5 minutes to go, luckily we managed to grab two vital goals and finish the game 8-4 with James scoring another hat trick.

So Andrei was right from the start and we dominated the tournament with James picking up 12 goals along the way.

Congratulations to our web developer James for representing the AsOne name and winning!

Web Developer takes on London