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AsOne Tackle The Via Farrata Mountain Climb!

AsOne Design Team

Climbing Your Highest Mountain

We’ve had a few adventures over the years but I think I can confidently say this last team activity has pushed a few people beyond their comfort zones!

Being supporters of all things active, Joel & I have to admit to being instigators of pushing boundaries. How acceptable is that when it comes to encouraging it in your staff? Well, I guess all we can say is, we will never ask anyone to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves, isn’t that a typical business ethic?


A few words from some of our team about our camping trip to the Lakes and the hair raising climb of the Via Farrata :

“I’ll have to admit I may have been a little cocky about the climb beforehand, I was really looking forward to it rather than being nervous but I ended up eating my words on a few occasions whilst we were up there! It was a really good experience (in hindsight) and it was really nice to see how we all pulled together to support each other”. – Sallie

“I had a fantastic weekend from start to finish, highlights include befriending Sallie’s dog, assembling a tent by throwing it in the air, attempting to show off my football skills to Toni (and instead falling on my backside), enjoying fish and chips for tea, drinking one too many beers and holding on for dear life during the Via Ferrata. I would happily do it all again!” – James

“OMG Fantastic weekend, Had a couple of Panic attacks on the Via Ferrata climb, but the team spirit got me through it to tell the tale.Loved it but too scary to ever do it again”. – Michelle

“Having not been with AsOne for long I found the weekend a really good opportunity to get to know the people I’ll be working with more, even if this bonding was taking place whilst dangling 1000ft above the ground! It was nice to spend time with the staff as we were cut off from the outside world (we had no signal ALL weekend!) and I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next adventure, I just hope I’m not as afraid for my life on the next one!” – Jonathan

“The weekend was great fun and it was good for everybody to come together for a camping trip. As for the Via Ferrata challenge I personally found it a lot better watching than doing the challenge myself! The challenge was testing and definitely brought me out of my comfort zone which I then couldn’t get out of. Basically in Michelle’s words I chickened out. Proud of Michelle for overcoming her fear on the day though and completing the challenge”. – Lauren

Final words from me….. I admit I often struggle to see what some people find difficult about pushing ones own limits but I’d like to think I can recognise it and will always try and offer support to overcome it but at times will have to accept I can’t always succeed!

Watch our video as the AsOne team adventures continue……