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AsOne scoop award at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards

Digital Entrepreneur AwardsEarlier this year you may remember us attending the Big Chip Awards in which we were successfully shortlisted for the ‘Best Application of Technology’ award. A fantastic night of champagne and entertainment it wasn’t to be our night as we left the Palace Hotel empty handed… but that wasn’t going to dampen our spirits.

Fast forward a couple of months and we were guests at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards after being shortlisted for two awards – ‘Most Creative Use of Technology’ and ‘Best Digital Agency’.

we’re heading in the right direction

This time there was to be a happy ending as we collected the ‘Most Creative Use of Technology’ award, which is no more than the team deserve. From winning the ‘Pride of Tameside’ award back in 2011, getting back to the glitz and glam of awards evening has been long over due and 2013 can be counted as a success after being shortlisted for three awards.

Although no the be-all-and-end-all, being shortlisted for these awards, whether we win or not, highlights the good work we do, the service we provide our clients, the determined team we have and knowledge that we’re heading in the right direction.