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AsOne helping youth development

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AsOne helping youth development
AsOne helping youth development

Every teenager at the end of High School will face the daunting task of choosing whether to continue with education or to go into the working world. It is not an easy choice to be made with many teenagers not having first hand experience of what a working life would entail for them. Many pupils are not fully aware of the options that are presented to them at the end of high school. However with a full understanding of the avenues open to young people they can make an objective decision on the course of their life which can include further education, vocational training or entering the workforce.

AsOne will be attending Alder Community High School on the 8th of February to help young people comprehend what life can be like outside of full time education. The concept is to help them understand the options that are available to them when their time at high school ends.

The students of Alder Community High School will sit a mock interview with the Director of AsOne, Tracey Rush. This will allow students to experience first hand what they can expect from an interview in a practical setting. This will help with their personal development and confidence when preparing themselves for both workplace interviews and for those which may be a necessity for college and university. Having an understanding of what to take to an interview or the questions which may be asked can help to alleviate pressure that many face when undertaking an interview for the first time. The interview will reflect the real life expectations of employers, helping pupils to develop the life skills that they will need when applying for their chosen careers.

When a student is preparing to leave school, they are told of all the way that college would benefit them. However, they are not fully informed in the ways in which an apprenticeship could be the best foot forward for their chosen careers.

At AsOne we have a passion for facilitating youth development, guiding them through training to achieve a rewarding and successful career in the Creative and Digital industry.