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AsOne Bake Off ‘Piggy Delights’

AsOne Bake Off ‘Piggy Delights’

Yesterday was the second week of the AsOne Bake Off and it was the turn of Lauren Jones to impress the AsOne team. As you may know from our previous blog Richard was the first person to take on the challenge.

Lauren being a novice baker really stepped up the competition for the rest of the AsOne team bringing in two delicious bakes, cake and bread.

Lauren baked her ‘Piggy Delights’ which were made by baking a fresh sponge and finely crumbling it into a bowl. She then mixed this with buttercream to create balls of cake. Which were then decorated with pink melted chocolates to create a pig look. She also made fairy cakes and her own bread to get into the spirit of last week’s Great British Bake Off bread week.

Lauren was scored on the following:

Presentation – Each person will vote on how well they believe the baker decorated their cake. This can be done with anything the baker chooses and with any theme.

Taste – Each person will vote on how good they believe the bakers cake tasted. This does not have to necessarily have to be a sweet bake.

Skill – Each person will score the baker on how much skill was required to make the bake. For example if it is a box made cake this requires not much skill but if everything is homemade this will be classed as using more skill.
Lauren as novice baker said that she found the experience quite stressful she had this today ‘I don’t really think baking is for me, I will leave it to the professionals. I think just eating the food will be a lot more enjoyable than actually making it again myself!’

AsOne Bake Off ‘Piggy Delights’
AsOne Bake Off ‘Piggy Delights’

Lauren scored the following:

Presentation: 39/45

Skill: 34/45

Taste: 35/45

Total: 108/135

Congratulations to Lauren for currently taking first place position in the AsOne Bake Off!

Next week there will be no baking unfortunately but don’t worry as we will be back with our competition on the 26th of September. Follow our Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest bakes.

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