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AsOne Bake Off ‘Malteser Cake’

We have seen and tasted some great cakes over the last 2 month but on Monday a new bar was set. Kim Pemberton wowed everyone with her Malteser cake. Kim definitely went for a cake which required skill and a lot of patience.

Kims cake featured a checkered centre which stumped some people as to how she managed the design. Kim explained that she baked 4 cakes, 2 chocolate and 2 vanilla sponge. They were then cut out into rings and she then put the cake back together with alternating rings of vanilla and chocolate cake. She then covered her cake in a chocolate ganache topped with Maltesers.

Kim was scored on the following:

Presentation – Each person will vote on how well they believe the baker decorated their cake. This can be done with anything the baker chooses and with any theme.

Taste – Each person will vote on how good they believe the bakers cake tasted. This does not have to necessarily have to be a sweet bake.

Skill – Each person will score the baker on how much skill was required to execute the bake. For example if it is a box made cake this requires little skill, but if everything is homemade this will be classed as more skilful.

Kim had this to say about her bake – ‘I am not a fan of baking as I am aware that I can probably buy a cake ready made for the fraction of the cost, my kitchen stays clean and it probably would taste better!!!  It helped on the day that my husband decided to spend the day with his mother and took the dog with him.  Therefore I could take my time (5 hours in total) to produce my masterpiece. I bought considerably more Maltesers than needed but I had to try a few just to be sure they were ok. I was happy with the result but you are never sure that it has worked until the cutting ceremony! The most stressful part was sitting the cake on my passenger seat of my car and driving into work, I had to avoid pot-holes, children and pets but the most embarrassing part was a learner driver pulling out in front of me and speeding off in front, I was going very slow which is not normally in my nature but the cake and I arrived safely for the judging. I was proud of the reaction I was getting from my colleagues and the score was amazing. I am very happy that my part is now over’


Kim scored the following:

Presentation – 43/45

Skill – 45/45

Taste – 38/45

Total – 126/135

This puts Kim in first place with an amazing 126/135! Meaning she knocks Tracey out of first place by a mile! Will any the last three baker’s be able to beat her score?

1st – Kim Pemberton ‘Malteser Cake’ 126/135

2nd – Tracey Rush ‘Butternut squash and Orange cake’ 112/135

3rd – Alex Singleton ‘Marauders Map’ – 110/135

4th – Lauren Jones ‘Piggy Delights’ – 108/35

5th – Ana Basto ‘Moist Choc Cake’ – 104/135

6th – Danielle Dowling ‘Victoria Sponge Cake’ – 88/135

7th – Richard O’Brien ‘Cake Surprise’ – 87/135

Join us next week as Joel Rush tries to beat Kim’s impressive score. Follow our Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest bakes.