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AsOne Bake Off Final

This week was the final week of the AsOne Bake Off. We have seen some amazing bakes come through our doors over the last 9 weeks. Yesterday was the turn of Sherridan Rhodes to see if she could steal the top position from Kim.

Sherridan tried to make a vanilla, lemon and orange cheesecake. Tried being the main word to use. She made two over the weekend and both unfortunately did not set. That being said the flavour was still good and allowed Sherridan to gain 4th from last with 105/135.

Sherridan had this to say about her bake: ‘I usually love making cheesecake but this put me off making it for life. Someone really did not want me to get this right. Its was more like a melted ice cream than cheesecake. I contemplated baking a back up cake at 1am when I saw it has not set but I knew that 3rd time would not be a charm for me. Though it went down a lot better than expected as I thought I was going to come last! I guess if you moan enough about how bad it is people feel sorry for you!’

That means that Kim Pemberton is our AsOne Bake Off winner!

Congratulations to Kim who made a checkered malteser cake and wowed the AsOne team with the effort and skill she used to make the cake.


The final official leaderboard is:

1st – Kim Pemberton ‘Malteser Cake’ 126/135

2nd – Joel Rush ‘Brian cake’ 125/135

3rd – Tracey Rush ‘Butternut squash and Orange cake’ 112/135

4th – Alex Singleton ‘Marauders Map’ – 110/135

5th – Lauren Jones ‘Piggy Delights’ – 108/35

6th – Sherridan Rhodes ‘Cheesecake’ – 105/135

7th – Ana Basto ‘Moist Choc Cake’ – 104/135

8th – Danielle Dowling ‘Victoria Sponge Cake’ – 88/135

9th – Richard O’Brien ‘Cake Surprise’ – 87/135

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