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AsOne Bake Off ‘Brian’

AsOne Bake Off 'Brian' Day of the Dead Cake

There is now only two bakers left until we find out who the AsOne bake off champion is.

This Monday was the turn of Joel Rush who embraced Halloween and went with a day of the dead cake called Brian…

This cake impressed our team with it’s unique design. Joel baked a red velvet cake smothered in fresh cream cheese frosting and raspberry coulis. Joel’s cake was made to look like a skull in the spirit of the day of the dead. It was hauntingly good. The Cake was so good it even received positive feedback from a fellow competitor –  ‘Best tasting cake we’ve had in the competition so far’

Joel was scored on the following:

Presentation – Each person will vote on how well they believe the baker decorated their cake. This can be done with anything the baker chooses and with any theme.

Taste – Each person will vote on how good they believe the bakers cake tasted. This does not have to necessarily have to be a sweet bake.

Skill – Each person will score the baker on how much skill was required to execute the bake. For example if it is a box made cake this requires little skill, but if everything is homemade this will be classed as more skillful.

Joel had this to say about his bake: I realised that buying a cake is far easier and you could put vinegar in a cake and it still taste good. It’s been years since i made a cake but it might not be as long next time … who am i kidding, i’m off to the cake shop!

AsOne Bake Off 'Brian' Day of the Dead Cake

Joel scored the following:

Presentation – 43/45

Skill – 38/45

Taste – 44/45

Total – 125/135

1st – Kim Pemberton ‘Malteser Cake’ 126/135

2nd –Joel Rush ‘Brian’ cake 125/135

3rd – Tracey RushButternut squash and Orange cake’ 112/135

4th – Alex Singleton ‘Marauders Map’ – 110/135

5th – Lauren Jones ‘Piggy Delights’ – 108/35

6th – Ana Basto ‘Moist Choc Cake’ – 104/135

7th – Danielle Dowling ‘Victoria Sponge Cake’ – 88/135

8th – Richard O’Brien ‘Cake Surprise’ – 87/135

Next week is the turn of Sherridan Rhodes. Will she be able to beat Kim’s Malteser Cake with high score of a 126?

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