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Are social media accounts necessary for your business?

Social Media Facebook

Social Media FacebookNow we all know that one of the most important aspects of business is how exposed you are to the public, we also know that it can sometimes be difficult to increase your exposure through contemporary methods. The introduction of social media has made increasing your company’s exposure infinitely easier, especially for new or smaller companies.

Social media gives your company an online presence that is easy to find and interact with. Customers can easily contact you through social media without having to know your email and phone number before hand, although all of this can be provided on your social media pages. This provides an excellent opportunity to build a positive reputation in the online marketplace by simply responding to those who interact with you in a helpful and friendly way. This is like advertising yourself without advertising yourself! The more you interact with your customers this way the more ‘human’ you appear to be, you are actually there not just another faceless corporation.

A large amount of the exposure you will receive from social media will be from people randomly stumbling across you. This is relatively easy to increase intentionally as well; the beauty of the social media platforms is that there are commonly these things called ‘trends’. Things like the recent election, holidays and news in general all provide excellent opportunities for you to increase your exposure online. Using popular hashtags and making posts relating to these trends will expose you to others who are interacting within these topics.

Social media is an invaluable tool for exposure at the moment and should be used by anyone looking to build themselves an online presence, especially if you want to reach out to new customers. Ignoring social media is a big mistake, so make your profiles today!

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