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Apprenticeships … who benefits, the young person or the employer?

It’s a fair question and I know from conversations I’ve had with other people, both from the world of commerce and the community in general, that apprenticeships are not universally viewed as altogether a good thing. My experiences have been positive enough for me to see the value in investing in our young people.

Across our sector, today’s apprenticeship schemes in my experience really can benefit both the young person and the employer. We at AsOne Design have proved this on a number of occasions over the years with the support of numerous providers. More recently thanks to our relationship with The Apprentice Academy in Manchester, who are one of the North West’s leading deliverers of apprenticeship facilitating, we will continue to embrace the opportunities that apprenticeships offer. These schemes help young people in their transition from education to employment and assist companies develop the vital talent that tomorrow’s businesses will require.

Recently I was invited to write a guest blog for The Apprentice Academy. In it I’ve tried to address both sides of the argument and if you would like to read my full article you can by clicking here.