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Mojo Business

We commissioned an explainer video for Mojo Business.

Mojo Business have developed a tool designed to aid Human Resource teams in large corporations. The game outlines the importance of team communications. Whilst we took some existing assets from the clients’ website, our talented animation team created the script and storyboard to take the business from a complex offering to an easy-to-follow process. We also commissioned the voiceover work for the video, understanding that a voice would help viewers to remember the product.

We also commissioned 2 shorter videos that each highlighted a unique selling point from the business. These were cut as snippets from the longer explainer video; the explainer video was created with these snippets in mind, as the shorter length of these opened up paid advertising opportunities across social media networks and Google.

Further Animation examples from our talented animation team

Our animation team have produced high-quality videos for businesses of all sizes across a huge range of industries. We can create entire videos from scratch or work with elements that you may already have and combine them with our industry-leading expertise to create content which defies your highest expectations. Contact the team today on 0161 368 9100 to speak to an expert about your bespoke animation needs.