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Ampulla accommodates EU customers with new website

Ampulla, the UK’s biggest online packaging supplier, has now branched out overseas by providing interested EU customers with there own specialised website – www.ampulla.eu.

The website now supports customers from four of the largest European countries; France, Germany and Spain by displaying webpages in their respective languages.

A positive step

This is a positive move from Ampulla, and it’s international customer base, and is an action that accommodates people that don’t speak English as their first language, but who still want to shop with Ampulla.

The EU website is the exact copy of the UK version, albeit a few changes, with special attention encoded within the administration areas so that text on the website can be automatically altered when translated.

Both the UK and EU websites have had aesthetic updates to them so that all webpages look identical across the board.

We believe, as they do, that this is a positive move for Ampulla and we wish the best for the future.

Congratulations, Félicitations, Glückwünsche, Felicitaciones Ampulla!