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£10 Advertising Test

Advertising Clicks

I released a blog post yesterday regarding my advertising test between Google Ads and Bing Ads, but ex-AsOne team member Ben, posed the question, “Wonder what kinda results you’d get between FB ads vs. Bing?”

So I have compared Facebook, Bing, Twitter and Google, all for £10, and have a few charts that you can view to see clearly how they stacked up against each other.

The Data

Medium  Spent  Avg. CPC Impressions Clicks Avg. CTR
Facebook  £10.00  £0.17 85,000 60 0.048%
Twitter  £10.00  £0.12 2,861 82 2.940%
Google Ads  £10.00  £0.28 1,766 36 2.040%
Bing Ads  £10.00  £0.09 5,943 110 1.851%
TOTAL  £40.00  £0.16 23892.5 72 1.72%


The Advertising Breakdown Graphs

Advertising Average Cost Per Click
Google Ads have the highest cost per click.
Advertising Average Click Through Rate
Twitter has the highest click through ratio.
Advertising Clicks
Bing received the most clicks.
Advertising Impressions
Facebook have by far the most impressions.


To summarise

Bing is beating Google for everything apart from click through rate, but this comes down to cost. If you pay a lot on Google, you will see results, but this tends to be for the big boys.

Facebook and Twitter ads are seen by a lot of people, but don’t really turn into visits.

Obviously the results would be different for every website, and each month, but this was just a quick test to show the major differences and that your thoughts that Google would bring the best results could be quite wrong. Although, it is still worthy of having a presence on Google, so don’t quickly move all of your money over to Bing. Create a marketing strategy, then trial and test it.